Sunday, January 31, 2010

Many Moons and New Quilt and Sofa

I promised some photos of our new settee, which is now installed happily in our sun room. The red wall is a bit startling - it was supposed to be darker than it appears, but I am used to it now.
Buster managed to get his head in as usual!

The colours aren't as accurate in this one, but you can see the idea! The tapestry cushion I did years ago. The red walls need another coat or two and the edges finishing off.

I think maybe we'll have to wear dark glasses by the time the room is finished! Mind you, only 2 of the walls are red, the other 2 are pale terracotta.

This is the curtain material! Nice and subtle.

This is the tapestry 1970s bed cover that Jim bought from ebay. This is one side:

This shows both sides and the fringe.

This is the more blue side. It's lovely and warm too. We have to turn it down at night or we cook.

We also bought an Amish quilt but I've wrapped it up and forgot to take a photo. It is stunning in white and green and will be for our large bedroom.

Today I have carried on clearing the top of the orchard as it's been quite clear although a bit cold. I tried to light my bonfire tonight but it never really got going. Then it started to rain, but I stuck it out and managed to produce a lot of smoke! After a while, the clouds disappeared and there was an enormous moon and thousands of starts in the clear night sky.

Moon Shots - no not the moon landings....

I did try and take some photos of the moon, but hand holding my camera with only moonlight didn't work very well. However, I was quite pleased with some of them.

This was when the moon was just behind the trees and I love the effect. Sadly the 'face' on the moon doesn't show on any of the photos.

Although the moon has a lot of glare in this one, you can see the hill of Flagmount and the lights along the road.

On several of the shots, I seem to have a blue moon! This one has a slight pink one attached to the 'real' moon. It's a mystery!

See what I mean? Just one more and this was taken over the roof of the barn:

And there's the little blue moon rolling down the roof.

Rug Disaster

I washed one of my rag rugs. We had it on our bedroom floor and it was quite grubby, what with Buster wandering in and out and us too. Sadly, it sort of fell apart! I didn't cut the material wide enough and so it wasn't quite secure Not all of it came out so I was going to repair it, but as I pulled out the loose bits, other bits came too, so I ended up with this:

I scooped it all up and put it in a carrier bag. As I held it up it made wonderful shapes and wiggly patterns, so I couldn't bring myself to throw it away! I need to make a papier mache head I think.

I am now making the rug base into a green rug for our new bedroom! It's quite large, so it will take me quite some time. I don't have enough of one particular green to do a proper pattern so it will be pretty random.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. It's my daughter in law Sam's birthday today (Sunday 31st) and I wish her a fabulous day. She's just the best, I'm very lucky and I don't think I'm too terrifying a Mother in law!!

Here she is:

Happy Birthday Sam. xxxx A mere baby of 31. I am very nearly twice her age. Groan.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Oh! I love the red room (red rum?) and the moon looks superb. What a shame about the rug, though!

priti.lisa said...

Hi Gina! I just spent about 40 minutes catching up on your blog posts. I always enjoy your stoyies and pictures so much. You have a very full and fun life it seems. I love Bea and her ATC's.
I have a red living room, that is very cozy in the winter. One of my walls is done in broken down wine crates that I piece-mealed together. I think when I try to sell my house, they will tell me to get out gallons of white paint, lol. Happy Birthday to your DIL and RIP to your rug!
XoX, Lisa

Golden West said...

When I saw the picture of the rug, I thought you were going to say one of the pets had gotten a hold of it... I, too, have had my share of misadventures with shrinking and shredding!

Your pansy pillow is a beauty!

Bea said...

What fun, little moons. That's quite a camera you got there. Maybe the moon had a moon at one time and you are seeing the ghost image. hmmmmmmmm
Love the color of the walls.
What a shame about the rug. I bet you were heartbroken when you saw what happened. I like the idea for the pieces that can't be mended back in.
I bet it's so nice to get things back in order in the house and get it fixed up so nicely.

Heather said...

Your new sofa against the red wall looks so cosy and I love the pansy cushion. The colourful blanket reminds me of the lovely Welsh woollen ones. I was going to get the best moon photo ever the other evening - it was rising just as we were driving home and looked really spectacular, but by the time I got the camera out it had gone behind a cloud. Your photos are great - I might try again tonight. Happy Birthday to Sam.

Renee said...

Happy birthday Sam. Love the pictures BT.


Sam said...

Lovely pictures. Thanks for the birthday wishes, you are just the best too and I always think of you as my mum not mother in law. I am very lucky to have ended up with you, i shudder to think who I could have had. Oh and by the way I'm not 31 I am 21 + 10. Good god I am getting old! XXX

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful messages. My mum loves collecting pigs and likes odd things. I think we see more than just pretty and love the quirky.
My dad comes from Ireland. County Tyrone, if I have spelt it right?
I am half irish and half yorkshire, no hope for me,lol!

All the best and blessings!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Hope you are having an amazing day!


Jason said...

Ahe we had a red room like that, you soon get used to the murder scene. lol.

So now your wondering around under the moon, oh no! Looks amazing. I thought someone had a light on outside yesterday as we had a similiar one.

Happy birthday wife, Sam, etc. She is a great wife and mother. xx


BT said...

I'm glad you like the red Rach (Red Rachel? lol). I didn't mind about the rug - now it cn be something else!!

Hello Lisa, gosh, I call that 'above and beyond the call of duty'. I'm so glad you enjoyed my posts and photos though. Bea is great, isn't she?

I love your crate wall, I saw it a while back. Jim wouldn't like anything so adventurous! If you do sell, people will love or hate it! Thanks so much for visiting.

Hello Golden, thanks for dropping in. I've had little pieces of rug fall out before, but this was just too much to repair. I'm glad you like the pansy cushion.

Aren't my little moons funny, Bea? I've no idea where they've come from. A trick of the lens probably.

I'm glad you like my red room. I wasn't too upset about the rug. I like the idea of re-cycling the material and re-using the base. My green and brown rug is progressing slowly. It's something I can do while watching tv.

It's been mad tidying and moving things around time! We have had to move all the stuff from the top of Jim's new office (which was mostly mine) to the opposite end of the cottage, where his old office was. We've christened this room the 'tank' room as the emersion heater is up there now! Then of course we've had to move Jim's stuff..... to his room. Trek trek, up ladder, down again, trek trek, up ladder.. You get the idea. I can store my overspill material in the tank room, which is close to my room and free up a bit of space in here.

Hi Heather, our new bed cover is a Welsh tapesty one. Well spotted! Very 1970s isn't it?

I'm glad you liked my moon photos. The day before the moon only appeared for a short while here, so I had the same disappointment as you did. I hope she shines for you again tonight.

Thanks Renee, huge hugs to you.

Hi Sam, so glad your pennies arrived and the non Christmas card!! Your birthday card and a little parcel are on their way. Jim took them for a ride then forgot to post them so they'll be a bit late. Love you loads and thank you for the lovely comment. xxxx

BT said...

Hello Julie-ann, lovely to see you. You are right with County Tyrone. So many people have Irish ancestors. My husband is from Wakefield and I'm originally from London! My mother was born in Halifax. It's a small world.

Hi J, yes, it's a bit like living in an abattoir!! I think your moon is probably the same as ours, not just similar!! lol. I hope you enjoyed Sam's birthday too. xx

Stampmaiden said...

Oh Gina, what great moon shots! One of them is eerily delightful. Very very nice! Sorry about your raggy rug. These things happen but thankfully you have the heart and mind of an artist so it won't be going to waste.

Rima said...

Hey again Gina, apologies for communicating via blog comments.. but I do think my emails to you must be disappearing into spam?
I got yours thank you... but did my reply get thru?
Perhaps you could use another address? What a mystery!
X Rima

BT said...

Hello Linda, I'm glad you like the moon shots. As you say, about the rug, these things happen, don't they. I've found a piece of chicken wire as the base for the head for it's new life as hair!!

Love to you, Gina

Oh Rima, it is indeed a mystery, isn't it? I don't understand. No, it's not in the junk mail. I'll try again!!

Carol said...

There is an award over at mine for you :-)

C x

Anonymous said...

Hello Gina, I am sorry to be so late posting a comment. We've been busy with dr. appointments. I love your sofa - it is charming and the walls are lovely and warm. Your pillow is stunning with the sofa fabric. It must feel good to be doing the fun decorating now after all the months of suffering through all the building renovation. That cover for the bed is very pretty. You took some wonderful pictures of the moon. Thanks so much for sharing your "new" home - I love seeing all of your pretty items. John has been diagnosed with another is called "stiff person syndrome" and is a devastating neurological condition. Our home is for sale now and my brother is helping me to look for a home easier for John to get around in. I'll keep you posted. Please give my regards to Jim and give the pets a hug from "Aunt" Mildred!