Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Frost Continues - More Photos

Part of The Deenery Garden on Saturday Morning

The cold snap as we call it, carries on relentlessly. We had minus 8, which to me is jolly cold, then steven goes and says he has minus 28! Now that is cold. Today we also had quite a strong, easterly wind which added the dreaded 'wind chill factor' to my misery.

I was up early yesterday as I knew it would be a good photo day. I took some in the garden - then the battery in Jim's camera (which I am using now) died and we haven't a spare for that one! Mind you, my feet and hands had frozen by then so I was pleased to come inside.

Yesterday's photos aren't my best, but I'm still getting used to driving the camera!

Alder nuts and catkins in the frost - above and below

A seashell and some leaves covered in frost

The sun lights up the frosty trees and bushes while Flagmount is still misty in the distance.

This is a joiner of lough Graney taken that frosty morning. Please click on it to enlarge it

Willow sticks

Rose bush leaves in the sunshine.

And a frozen red rose bud.

A cracked post

I love the 'fingers' on the left - they look rather spider-like.

Buster at the top of our lane hoping I'll take him for a walk! I did today but not yesterday.

I'll post our long walk tomorrow - I have many photos to sort out.

I hope everyone's had a good weekend - we have. Bye the way Living with Twisted Willow has started posting again if anyone would like to take a look. That's Jim, my husband!


DK Leather said...

ooh I LOVE the frozen rose and the cracked post! :D

BT said...

Thank you K, I knew you'd like the post!!

Renee said...

Oh my God BT the banner is awesome.

And by the way you should totally get Julie-Ann to make you one of the grandchildren.


marianne said...

Beautiful pics!
We share the same weather!

Stampmaiden said...

Oh what a beautiful banner you've put up. I love how Buster and nature go hand in hand. Very cool.
Looking forward to more of your lovely pics.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Sunshine over frost is just stunning

Jason said...

Brrr, striking frost pics, it's still white here too. More snow forcast!

Hope we get warmed up soon. xx

Rinkly Rimes said...

The rose bush leaves are absolutely perfect. But I love your other shots too. They look too cold to touch!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your frost photos are gorgeous. We must be in the same Arctic weather band. It is -13C (8F) this morning. Burrrrr. We made ourselves take Luna for a walk yesterday. Funny how they don't care what the temperature is. They just need to get out and walk. This keeps us going too. Try to keep warm.

Heather said...

Buster looks very handsome in the frosty grass on your new header photo, and the Deenery garden looks like Fairyland. Each one of your wintry photos is a gem. Jim left me a nice comment on my blog - my pics would be more interesting if I got outside earlier to take advantage of the low early morning light. Keep warm and stay away from people with germs!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes, BT I saw that Jim was visiting blogland again - shall pop over the see him.
That Buster looks such a sophisticated dog (yes, I know what you say about him, but he certainly looks as though he has real breeding!)

BT said...

Thanks Renee. I would love to get Julie-Ann to do a picture but Jim isn't so keen!

Thanks Marianne. It's cold again tonight!

Linda, it seems everyone likes Buster!! I'm glad you like the banner ad my photos too.

Thanks Rachel, I think so too.

Still cold here too J, though not much snow, just frost. Roll on Spring.

Hello Rinkly Rimes! What a fun name. I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos too. Do come again.

Hi Lisa, brrr, we haven't reached -13 yet!! Tooo cold. The dogs don't seem to mind the cold but Buster's not too keen on rain!!

Hello Heather, I saw your gorgeous ice photos too. They would look great in the sun! I'm glad you enjoy mine so much. Buster does look good in the frost, doesn't he?

Hello Weaver, well, Buster may have good breeding for all we know but his behaviour lets him down! He's such a pig where food is concerned. I had to stop him eating horse poo the other day!!

Bea said...

Beautiful pictures as usual. Did you get a new camera? I'm all caught up with your postings. LOVE the pictures of your kids when they were little. :)Bea

aims said...

I do love the look of frost on everything. It makes everything look rich - like it's covered with diamonds.

Since we see so much more snow and frost then you do - I think that I have made myself see the beauty of it over the years.

To me - there is nothing like walking through the snowy land with moonlight sparkling off of it - especially if it is sort of icy. Then the diamonds really sparkle.

Pam's English Garden said...

Did you say they weren't your best pics? Wow, they are beautiful. Did Santa bring you a new camera? Happy New Year, dear gardening friend. Pamela

BT said...

Bea - you're back, hoorah! I hope you had a great time and Happy New Year. You had lots to catch up on here, well done. I am using Jim's camera as mine has given up the ghost. It's a newer version of mine but practically the same. It just 'feels' different.

I should think you must get bored with snowy photos aims! But I agree about the cool night with moonlight making it all sparkle. Magical.

Happy New Year to you too Pamela. As I've explained to Bea, I'm using Jim's camera as mine has broken - it won't focus anymore. We'll have to share for a while, but I take most of the photos anyway. I'm happy that you liked them.


Ces said...

Happy New Year BT! Oh my, it's cold here tonight and looking at your photos gave me the chills. All beautiful photographs, very artistic in composition but I love the landscape. How beautiful is that! I love your new background. Very Irish!

BT said...

How lovely to see you Ces. I'm so glad you enjoyed my photos and new header. Buster in all his glory! So you're in the cold too? It seems never ending here, although the Winter sun is shining today. xxx