Thursday, January 7, 2010

BT's Office/Studio/Playroom 7th January 2010

Blue Skies over Lough Graney

The sun is streaming through my double doors as I sit here typing. It's still ridiculously cold outside and seems to have been white forever. It's all frost, ice and sparkle. Better than the UK where they are up to their necks in snow.

My Office/Studio

I have been gradually moving things into my office and it's beginning to look a bit more 'Gina-like'. Jim put a long piece of wood up on one wall so I can hang things from it, which is much better. I have more shelving to come from the UK but can manage with boxes for now. I tried to do a photo joiner all along the desk wall but it's a bit of a jumble. I'll put it on anyway and you can try and work it out!

The CD holder on the left seems to have come adrift!

I have put up some curtains. They were in the kitchen diner over the doors but are no longer needed in there, so they will do for now. Buster had to get in the act as usual!

The opposite wall. There will be shelves here eventually.

More boxes and the start of the shelves.

Lots of 'stuff' on the shelves.

More 'stuff'!!

The door, steps, CD rack (miraculously mended), book case and my chair.

Finally, I took this photo from the door. The whole room looks so much smaller now it is full of my things, but it makes it cosy.

We've just taken Buster for a walk to the lake, which is now almost completely frozen over. It's quite amazing. On the way back, we saw the little tribe of children walking up over Martin's hill (in front of our cottage) with Millie and one of the dogs from the Dillons house in tow. Of course, Buster went and joined them! We decided to call in and see Hilary and Joe (Millie's mum and dad) as Jim wanted to find out what the road situation was/is. We had a cup of tea, Christmas Cake (marvellous - made by Hilary's mum) and a good chat, catching up on the local gossip, of which there was plenty.

It was just going dark as we walked up the hill to ours and there was no sign of Buster. Millie and the children had arrived back at theirs while we were still there. Buster still hasn't arrived home and now we're worried that he's gone out on the ice. I'm sure he'll turn up soon. Good news, he's just turned - and wouldn't tell us where he's been.

Ice Photos

I took Buster for a long walk through the wood and down to the lake a few days ago. I took so many photos it is taking me ages to sort them out and adjust them where necessary. Here are a few of them:

I took this to show how far the ice has ventured across Lough Graney. The dark section is water, the rest is ice. This was taken on the 3rd January and now it's almost totally frozen over.

Where the water level has gone down, the ice has stayed on the rock.

The fence to nowhere.

Frozen lake reflections.

Lough Graney to Flagmount

An icy waterfall in the shallows.

A rock hat...
Wind and ice on Lough Graney

Ice patterns

I do hope you've enjoyed the photos. I took many more and some I hope to put on Etsy when I get my printer up and running properly.

Jim's cooking his home made chicken curry for dinner. Delicious.

Keep warm everyone.


Bea said...

Love your studio! How wonderful to see all your supplies back out and waiting for you to do marvelous things with them. I see your new rug you made on the floor, it looks great. Wonderful ice pictures. Some of those especially the last one would make an interesting thread study. :)Bea

Heather said...

You must be so pleased to have your studio up and running - it looks great. Wonderful photos - love the ice patterns and am surprised there is so little snow. We are supposed to be getting even more this weekend. I've had enough already!!

Peggy said...

Great photos of the ice and snow, it could be many years before you get any again as it was around 1963 that we had any type of comparable weather before!

Nikki said...

Lovely photos. The recent icy piccies have been beautiful. I love the Buster header :)
Would you like some snow sent over? It is a winter here a bit like the one the year before I moved here, but I think you were here then!
I love the colour of your study walls. Is that a true likeness and if so do you remember the paint colour name? It is so warm looking.
Glad it's all coming together at last.

BT said...

I've emailed you Bea.

Hello Heather, it's lovely to be in my own room again. I did volunteer to share it with Jim but he declined, thankfully! He is in a little section of the roof eaves but it's warm there. Eventually he will make our old bedroom into his office but it needs quite a lot of work before he can venture in there.

We have had little snow since the first lot. Mostly it has been heavy frosts and very low temperatures, resulting in thick ice everywhere, which is so dangerous. We saw the UK forecast and it looks bad for Monday and Tuesday too, then we are supposed to go to the UK, so we may have to cancel. Keep well wrapped up won't you?

Hello Peggy, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. That's the best that can be said about this weather, it gives me good photos. It's so slippery underfoot everywhere. I hate that.

We always thought Ireland had very mild winters!!

Hello Nikki, I'm so glad you've enjoyed the icy photos. I want some nice green now. The year before you I was in Sheffield and the gritters went on strike and chaos reigned. It was crazy.

The paint in the photo is a pretty good likeness, maybe it's lightened a bit by the flash. It's B & Qs own range called colours, silk emulsion for interior walls and ceilings and the colour is corn silk. The pots are oblong and see through, so you can get a good idea of the colour through the pot. It is certainly a warm colour but not one of those 'mucky' yellows, as I would call them, verging on the mustard.

Lovely to hear from you. Happy New Year. xxxxx

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I bet it will be difficult to pry you out of your room when you get everything all set up with your shelves in. It looks marvelous. I am glad Buster didn't make you wait too long for his return. Don't you wish he could tell you all the gossip he hears??

BT said...

Hi Lisa. I'm glad Buster made a prompt return too. I was a little worried about the ice and he is quite heavy - and stupid! We did think of fitting Buster up with a little camera 'Bustercam' so that we could see where he went and who he met!! It would be fun, wouldn't it?

I love my studio. It will be even better when I get the rest of my shelving. I'm a lucky girl!

Stampmaiden said...

How wonderful that you have a place to call your very own! I can tell you are going to have loads of fun in there, Buster too. LOL!!! Love the ice pics. Beautiful contrast with the sun. As always it's so nice to visit with you.

Ann said...

Love the ice pictures, it's amazing how ice creates these patterns!
Looks like you are going to have a fab craft room, I love my craft room and spend most of the day there. My bags are for storage, though I do make simple shopping bags too. I've wanted to have a go at bags like yours but daren't start another hobby, I have too many already!

Jason said...

The studio looks great. The lake looks very pretty, but too cold for me...Brrrrr..

We saw some of those mad folks breaking the ice and swimming in Hyde Park on the news this morning, insane!

Scotland had neally -22 last night, colder than your freezer! The home counties had -17! We had an almost tropical -7! Jack and I played in the snow again. I skipped off work as he had wanted to go out, had a great time.

I think next week looks very dodgy, I wouldnt travel, but whatever you think. xx

Ester Kiely said...

Love those icy photos! Some great inspiration for artwork there!

BT said...

Hi Linda, lovely to see you. I am enjoying my room so much. I'm glad you like my ice photos too. I took some more today! Love to you and have a good weekend.

Hello Ann, thanks for visiting. I know what you mean about starting yet another hobby. I weave, take far too many photos, knit, papier mache and goodness knows what else! I really should stick to one thing too!

Hi Jason, Jim and I were just discussing next week and have reached the same conclusion. Given the forecast for Monday and Tuesday, it would seem quite crazy.
We're also worried about leaving this place without heating while it's so cold.

Glad you liked the photos anyway. It's -8 out there now but feels much colder. -22 is just madness. Poor things. I'm glad you had some time off with Jack and I hope you took some photos.

Thank you Ester, that's what I thought!

Arija said...

You must be so happy to have your room already workable.
I have nothing but hols-ups for mine, one of the team of two builders is in hospital so all is suspended.

Absolutely beautiful ice shots. i love it with all those stress fractures.

BT said...

Arija, how lovely to see you. I'm so happy in my room, it's just wonderful. The sun's shining on me right now! Mind you, it needs to as it was minus 9 last night. It feels really cold today. I must pop over and see you. xxx

Rita Thakkar said...

Lovely and Great photos! want to see of same kind more and more!

studio lolo said...

Gina, what a gorgeous place you live in, cold or not!
I've always wanted to go to ireland, especially the back roads and pubs ;)

I'm so glad Buster turned up! So many animals drown in the frozen waters when the ice gives way.
keep him on a short leash for the winter ;)

No worries about my atc. Don't forget to scan it so you can post it though. I want to see my ant!

Stay warm m'dear!