Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Last Day. Clumber Park in the rain.

The Gateway to Clumber Park on a dark, dull day.

On my final whole day at K's, we had planned to go to Clumber Park, see the hotel where Kirsty and Kerry are getting married and go for a good walk. Ah well, the best laid plans... First of all, we had a bit of a sleep in as we'd gone to bed so early in the morning! Then Luisa decided she was going to make us silver dollar pancakes with bacon and maple syrup - but had to go out and buy some of the ingredients!

They were duly made and consumed with much 'oooing' and 'aahing' on my part. Low calorie of course! We eventually headed off in Sue's car (she lives in the 'annex' over the road) as it is a 7 seater. We were meeting Kirsty and Kerry at the hotel. Kerry didn't want to leave home early either as she's an Arsenal fan and was watching the match - they lost 3 - 0 to Stoke!! I shouted 'Come on Stoke City' as she walked into the hotel. How cruel am I? Just outside, I took this photo of Rachel (LeatherdykeUK - she has a marvellous blog called When the Dogs Bite) and is a published author of 'An Ungodly Child', link on Rachel's blog.

Sadly it is slightly out of focus, but I still love it.

It was pouring down by then, so the walk was cancelled, but we all sat around a large table, chatting away and had drinks and biscuits. I went and inspected the room where the wedding is to be held and it's lovely.

Here we all are again:

K, Aimee, Kyle, Kirsty and Kerry, Rachel the hat, Lu (head on table), Tony and Lina at the front.

Clumber Park is a beautiful place, now owned by the National Trust. When Ben was younger, we used to go there with our bikes and use the cycle paths. There is a huge lake where we used to feed the ducks, geese and swans. On one traumatic occasion, a swan stole Ben's ice cream and he's never quite recovered.

Little Aimee had a wonderful hat for Christmas, with 'hair' on it like a Mohecan. I had to try it on - but I have a large head and lots of hair. Now this will make you laugh:

I then poked my hair inside it:

What a crazy photo!

Oldest Grandchild Kirsty said that she had a spot and pointed it out to me:

But I still couldn't see it! She is a beautiful girl and I'm glad that she has found happiness with Kerry.

After about an hour at the hotel, we headed to Kirsty and Kerrys' home as they had forgotten to bring my Christmas present!! It is a lovely gardener's bag with trowel, fork and trimmer inside plus string, labels and other bits and bobs. Absolutely perfect.

They also have a dog. Well, he's more like a small horse really. Here is 'Cooper' the Great Dane:

He is as soft as a puppy and just wants to play! His tail is like a whip and knocks things off the shelves!

Off we went then back to K's and I watched 'Dancing on Ice', which I love. Sadly the handsome Jeremy from Holby City was voted out - but he was rubbish!

In the morning it was goodbye to Rachel, Luisa and Lina and K ran me to the airport. I rather liked this signpost showing lots of places around the world, including Dublin:

I am determined not to leave it so long before I visit again - but my next UK trip will be to see Jason, Sam, Jack and Kitty. Thanks for a great time and for looking after me so well K, Lu and Rachel.

In Ireland

Jim has been busy while I've been away. He has painted most of the sun room. Now the red we bought has taken about 7 coats so far! It's much brighter than we expected but it is growing on me. Photos soon. Today he has gone to Galway to buy wood for the large storage cupboard he is going to make in the lobby where I previously had my computer. We really need it as we have little kitchen storage space.

So many jobs to do as always.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I am madly inlove, Gina - with Cooper. Sounds like a fun few days - wouldn't mind the recipe for those low calories pancakes!!

Heather said...

Your holiday sounds as hectic as your normal daily routine but most enjoyable anyway! Perhaps you could rest a bit on the way home ready to crack on with all the jobs waiting for you. The word verification is 'resto' - very apt!

DK Leather said...

how really lovely to read, and relive all those fabby memories. LOL those pancakes were most definitely *not* low calorie either!

A lovely visit, we loved having you and hope you do return in the Summer for some pretty walks :D xxx

Leatherdykeuk said...

Aha! Glad Jim put himself to work while you were away. I bet you were pleased :0

Bea said...

Ahhhh to be home again with all your wonderful memories of your trip. I think K is right a trip in summer should be the next time, then you can get those wonderful walks in if you are going to keep eating those pancakes. :)Bea

BT said...

Isn't he adorable Pat? I could have brought him home too! As my daughter says, they are definitely NOT low calorie, but you knew that really!

It was in a way Heather!! But when you don't have many days, you have to fill them! No resto for the wicked, isn't that what they say? lol.

He he DK. Not low calorie? Oh NO! I was miss led! (or mizzled as I said in a play once)! You have to bring Lina over in her holiday too.

I was very pleased Rachel. It's a shame the paint took so many coats though.

BT said...

lol, Bea. Luisa is such a good cook! But they're all bad things! She's Italian American. A trip in Summer is definitely called for!!

Nikki said...

Sorry to have missed you, so close too!!!
Can't believe how much like K her children look!!
Glad you had a great time in Chesvegas, Clumber Park, hmm, I have never been there!

BT said...

I did think of you Nikki, but in the end we ran out of time. Next time. Anyway, you MUST come and visit us. xxx