Friday, January 18, 2008

More Weaving, Bad Back's Back, Jan 17, 2008

Yesterday I slept in after 6am bed. Jim was up and busy. He put a light in the little lobby between our kitchen door and the shower room the other side of the lobby. It was always a really dark hole and has made the world of difference. I can see the shelves in the lobby where I store toilet rolls, kitchen towels, cat food and other extraneous bits and bobs. Marvellous. However, he was a bit pooped afterwards and headed back to bed. I went outside and gathered up wood from the orchard then started clearing some of last years weeds. It was just getting dark when I disturbed something very loud, large and buzzy. Maybe a hornet. I ran like the wind and managed to get away from it! I did go back and collect the wheelbarrow full of wood but then headed back to the barn.

Barrowed another pile of logs from up by the gate, then inside to warm up. Jim had made some wondrous asparagus soup, which we had with his home made bread. Fabulous. Later in the evening I cut up a load of fruit which we had between us. Fresh and tasty.

I had a go at the loom again and have done about 6" of weaving. I am using wool but will have a go at my usual materials next, re-cycled things, more my style.

Today 2 books I had ordered from Amazon came. One of them is a bit battered which I'm a bit cross about as it's a new book. Both are on Artist Trading Cards, an art form which I know my daughter's wife Rachel does. You make these little cards, the size of a playing card and swap them with other artists. Can't wait to have a go.

Jim's back is playing up again and he's spent much of the day on the settee sleeping, having gone back to the painkillers. He's obviously been doing too much too soon.

I went out to get some more logs, in spite of the pouring rain! Put on my waterproof coat and took 2 loads into the barn and one load into the house. Sawed up some more small wood then felt decidedly poorly and came inside. Jim put me to bed, where I slept until 9.30pm. I still feel a bit odd. Had the remaining asparagus soup and some hummus and pitta bread. I hope I haven't caught something.

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Leatherdykeuk said...

I'll happily swap cards with you :)