Saturday, January 5, 2008

Life Goes On Jan 5th 2008

Many birds on our table. Our Christmas Wreath. The berries should be pink but the covering of some of them has fallen off in the rain!

The bad back still rules our lives. Also the bad knee from falling on it (Jim's that is). I went to see the pharmacist today and got some extra strong painkillers which are working to a certain extent. At least they will control the pain until Monday, when I will take the patient to the doctors.
I am keeping the fire going, cat litter and ash emptying and have even cooked a pizza (badly) today! I also investigated a place on the way to Gort that sells firewood. Seems a good deal at 320 euros a lorryload and will save all the hassle of felling trees, chopping them and carting the stuff about. I will go and get some cash from Gort tomorrow and order a load.

I'm also enjoying the odd game of scrabulous on Facebook and reading the news of my contacts on there. I have made 3 friends through playing the game and we enjoy conversation while we play.

Today I received 2 belated Christmas presents from my daughter, both books. She has chosen well, one on the history of County Clare and one for the aged mobile traveller!! They both look excellent. Thanks K.

Our time keeping is even more upside down than usual with Jim not really sleeping and me sleeping at odd times too.

The birds are positively flocking to the table at the moment. I suppose it's because it's cold and the autumn food has about come to an end. I took some photos so will post some of them here, plus one or two other recent ones.

Sandra and Pete, our neighbours, cooked us a breakfast on Christmas morning. The one on the right is me. Jim with the trug full of vegetables for our Christmas Dinner. BlackJack and Sandy looking beautiful as usual.

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