Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Rain, Sat Jan 12th, 2008

We had a funny old night and didn't go to bed until almost this morning, thus it was a late start to the day. Jim was feeling much better and brought me breakfast in bed, which was delightfully unexpected. Also a card saying 'thank you for looking after me'. Aaah.

Worked inside as it was so cold and wet out. Jim put the new knobs on the door and adjusted the ball catch. I spring cleaned the kitchen. A bit early but hey, it had to be done. I still have the floor to wash but apart from that, it's much better. Brought some more wood down in the wheelbarrow to the kitchen and put 2 loads in the barn to dry.

Watched Casualty and 'The One and Only' on tv, then pootled a bit on scrabulous. Jim's back inevitably hurt by the evening and he has slept most of it, having taken a strong painkiller. He made a lovely dinner first though. Roast pork (in the microwave), roast potatoes (also in the micro) and cauliflower with sauce.

So that's about it really. Short and sweet. I go to Suffolk on Friday and return Tuesday. Have lots of Jack cuddles. I've missed him so much.

It's absolutely tipping it down at the moment (12 midnight) and windy to boot! No change there then.

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