Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let's Get Weaving Tuesday, 16th Jan 2008

Not much to report really, except that my little table weaving loom arrived today. I haven't been able to get at my wool to try it out yet, but will have a forage tomorrow. More rain's been falling, just for a change. I did manage to get out to the orchard yesterday and carry on with the clearing there. I sawed off 4 branches from an old willow tree that's in the way. It got very cold and poured with rain, so I went back and got into bed to warm up. Jim was tired and had already had a couple of hours. What a pair we are.

Had blood taken by the nurse in the morning for a check on my cholesterol and other things (3 vials taken). Did my ironing this afternoon. Cleaned out the conservatory which badly needed it. Jim's been sorting out his office upstairs and it's much better for him now. His back is much improved thankfully.

Watched Holby City tonight. Not too exciting. I've made Internet friends with a lesbian from Australia who's partner of many years has just left her so she's all boo hooey!

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