Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cholesteral, Huh! Jury Service? Weds, Jan 9th, 2008

Got up this morning and ready to go to the doctors clutching my letter about my cholesterol level of 7. It's a walk in system in the mornings and I waited 2 hours!! Ah well, it was warm and I read the breast cancer magazine cover to cover and was just into Good Housekeeping! It was the same doctor who had seen Jim so I think she was a bit confused to see me. She was quite reassuring and, given my lifestyle (apart from too much chocolate) she thought it might be hereditary. Also, when I had the blood test I wasn't asked to fast and I should do, so am in for a new blood sample to be taken next Tuesday to get proper analysed results, having fasted since 12 midnight the night before. Not even water! Mean or what? So we shall see. If it is high and doesn't go down, I can take a little pill a day to do the job. Sounds an excellent idea. Pass the chocolate please. Having said that, I have bought much fruit today and other thin making things as I want to lose weight before the Oz trip anyway.

I bought some Green Tea which was so disgusting it made me feel sick! Yuk. We did have an enjoyable dinner of jacket potatoes, smoked bbq salmon and salad. It was lovely. Unfortunately we did finish with a Xmas type pudding, never opened since Christmas. It's silly to throw it away so I had a small-ish portion. Can't starve all at once.

After the doctors I went to Aldi to get the usual supplies and some decent cat food. One item was sadly lacking in my endeavours, though, and that was money. Jim keeps most of it in his wallet and I only had a bit of small change. Neither Aldi nor Lidl take credit cards, so I prayed that Supersave did. Luckily, they saved the day. I did have a little till glitch in that one of my credit cards had expired, one I had no idea of the pin number but luckily the 3rd one worked. I was feeling quite stressed and had to have a coffee to recover!

It was freezing cold again and sleeted and rained on me, plus a biting wind. Horrid. I went to the library to find out info on women's groups, but it was closed. Typical. Tried the Family Resource Centre who are closed until either 14th or the 21st January, depending on which notice you read in the window. Irish or what?

I did pop into an art and craft shop which I hadn't noticed before and had a lovely chat with the lady in there. She had some woven baskets in the window and I asked if they were Peter Sheahan's. Indeed they were, the chap whose cottage we now live in. She was most interested in this as she used to live in Caher, quite near us. She also does framing which could prove useful in the future.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that I had a letter calling me up for jury service in Ennis, Ireland. I've only been here 5 minutes, yet I've been eligible in the UK for years but have never been called. Unfortunately it's when I am booked on a flight to go to the UK for a few days for a 60th birthday party and then a week afterwards we are off to Australia, so I've asked to be excused this time. I'd love to do it and hope they just push you down the list a bit then ask again.

When I eventually got home, Jim had brought down a barrow load of logs from by the top gate, but was still in a lot of pain. As the day progressed, he has regressed. He went upstairs to his little office but couldn't sit for any length of time and ended up laying on the floor then giving up and collapsing of the settee again. Oh woe.

Played a bit of scrabble on Facebook but didn't do too well. Crappy letters. BlackJack is on my knee purring adoringly but he does make it difficult to type, bashing my fingers with his head now and then. He is growing at last but still looks pretty small. Sandy, on the other hand, is huge!

Jim found a great website online today. A textile artist who also works with willow and re-cycled materials. A lovely gallery is on display and she has done some large works that hang from the ceiling like stalactites, which is something I've always wanted to do, but never had the space. Really worth a look.

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