Saturday, January 12, 2008

Freezing Weather, Trip to Limerick 11.1.08

Up to glorious sunshine but white over with frost. Jim up first to light Stanley. I was ready to go back down to the orchard when Jim reminded me we were off on a shopping trip to get more peat blocks for Stanley and some food for the cats and us too. So, he being unable to drive at the moment, I had to go too. It was quite a fun day after a sticky start and we ambled around the big new Tesco on the outskirts of Limerick. Lots of bargains to be had too, especially in the fruit and veg, so we gathered up plenty. Best bargain was asparagus and we bought enough to make soup!

Drove along in the rain to Woody's to buy some wood to finish off the surround to the new door. It was so expensive Jim decided to leave it and try and fashion the bits he needed from some wood he already has. We did buy 2 knobs for the door though. Very useful! Also stopped at our usual MacDonald's for a coffee and a muffin (low cal). Very warming.

A visit to the pet superstore yielded many reduced toys for the cats and 2 food bowls. Back home then, driving in the dark and rain was hard as I had my contact lenses in. Shopping unpacked and away. The cats loved their new toys and wore themselves out playing with them. The most unsuccessful one was some red feathers with 2 bells attached. Very soon we had red feathers all over the floor as it disintegrated. Sandy obviously thought he was plucking a chicken!

That's about it. An evening of keeping warm, food and computers. I hope tomorrow is fine so I can continue with my orchard clearing.

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