Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jan 26th, Where Does the Time Go?

Well, I have been to the UK via Shannon airport to Stansted. My daughter in law Sam picked me up from the airport with Jack, the adorable Grandson. He is a real chatterbox now and never stopped talking all the way home. 'We picked you up from the aeroplane from Ireland'. 'You're coming to stay at my house'. 'We can play cars'. Etc, etc!! I had a fabulous time and felt more comfortable in the UK than I have in Ireland. Ah well. We went to Bury St Edmunds (is he dead then?) and had lunch in a great little cafe. Jack was a 'hungry hamster' as he puts it! We visited a lovely park in Clare. The village of Clare is so pretty. We had lunch there too! We're good at the lunches bit.

My son Jason worked most of the time but did make the effort to stay up with me the first night and we chatted until about 1.15am. Considering he usually goes to bed about 10pm, that was pretty late for him and he also had to be up to visit a client in the morning. It was a great chat though.

On the Sunday, Ivor and Maureen came over for Sunday lunch. Roast beef and all the trimmings. Wonderful. It was good to see them and they both looked well, considering Ivor is in his 80th year.

The time seemed to fly by. I looked with some envy at the houses for sale. I do wish sometimes that I lived nearer my family.

Each morning Jack and Sam brought me a cup of tea in bed and Jack and I played in the bed with 2 of his cars - it's amazing what you can play with a 2 year old, and how many times the cars crashed.

Jack and Sam ran me to the airport on Tuesday afternoon. Jack cried as he wanted to come into the building to put me on the plane. Sam asked him yesterday if he misses his Gran and he said 'I'm sad'.

Back to the rain in Ireland and a colder house than I've been in for the past few days. Stoking Stanley, sawing wood. I was in a lousy mood and it resulted in a row with Jim. All sorted out now I've been here a few days.

I went to the doctors on Thursday for the results of my blood tests. Kidneys ok, liver ok, bloods ok, thyroid ok, cholesterol bad! Not as bad as they had said in the UK, but still 6.2, so far too high. So it's the big anti fat diet now and I'm starving most of the time. I'm also trying to lose some weight before the trip to Australia.

The cats visited the vets today, BlackJack for his second vaccination and Sandy because he once again has ear mites. They were pretty bad, especially in one ear and the vet spent about half an hour cleaning the muck out then putting drops in. He has given us some drops so we can keep an eye on his ears and use them if necessary. Sandy was not pleased with the whole procedure and has sulked most of the evening. BlackJack was tired but otherwise fine.

Bought some new furniture from Lidl's on Thursday, 2 book shelves for Jim's office and a cupboard, plus 2 cloth type wardrobes for the room above our bedroom. They're not wonderful but the one we had was collapsing, and with 2, we'll be able to spread the load a bit.

That's about it really. I want to get some curtains made for our bedroom and start doing my ATCs as soon as I can.

I've uploaded some photos, duck feeding, Jack feeding, Daddy reading a story, 'Jack in the box' with Daddy, plus others. How gorgeous is he??

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