Friday, October 26, 2007

What No Brambles? Thursday, 25 Oct 2007

I thought I'd have a change today and give my back a rest, so I gave the bramble patch a miss. Jim headed off early to Ennis to carry out the jobs I'd failed to complete so miserably last week.
I decided it was time to give our old barn an overhaul. We store Stanley's 'food' in there. Odd branches get cut and chucked in there in a heap. Then chain sawed up into managable pieces. This process had left us knee deep in sawdust and an untidy mess of branches. We also keep all our rubbish in the barn in various receptacles for re-cycling. It's definitely time for a trip to Scarriff. You see, we don't have dustbin men here. We're far too off the beaten track. So we have to take our rubbish to the nearest tip, in our case this is in Scarriff, a lovely little town that deserves a write up of its own. You have to buy vouchers for any non re-cycleable rubbish, 3 black bin liners full for 12 euros. But Ireland is excellent with its re-cycling programme. We can take most plastic, glass, tins and tin containers, anything metal, cardboard and paper, batteries. Of course we compost all our green waste.

So, back to the barn! I moved all the stuff to go to the tip to the upper area of the barn, organised the containers (now empty) and shoved the heap of wood over to one side to allow the lawn mower a storage space. Much better. Then I swept up the sawdust into bags ready to take up to the veg plot, where our compost goes. Finally, I spent the next few hours until gone 7, hand sawing the smaller bits of wood and stacking the long 'trunks' left ready for a chain sawing session. Stanley has been particularly hungry lately, so needs a constant supply of food. None of this, naturally, did my 'tennis elbow' any good at all.

Jim returned from Ennis WITH the hoover AND the red wool. Hurrah! He also brought one of those chinese meals in a bag from Tesco. We had it in front of the tv tonight. Lovely. Oh, and 2 bars of chocolate. I have to admit to already having eaten half the bar of mine.... This evening of course I cracked on with knitting the 'pockets' for the advent calendar, now I have the wool at last. Watched an excellent film, 'Boxcar Bertha', starring Barbara Hershey and David Carradine (he of 'Grasshopper' fame). It was based on Bertha's true autobiography of her life, much of which was spent travelling up and down on the newly built railways. Worth a look if you chance upon the film.

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