Sunday, October 21, 2007

More gardening and rugby

Oh dear, it's 3.25am and I really should be in bed. Hey ho, nothing unusual there. A good day. Enjoyed a lovely hot bath this morning to try and get the thorns out of my hands! Did some Irish Independent crossword in the bath. Soggy paper!

Out into the garden. Am currently trying to clear a host of brambles from our wood and the area alongside the arboretum, not yet tackled. I have now made about 3 mountains of rubbish which I shall have to dispose of somehow. It seems in Ireland they substitute Halloween for Guy Fawkes night, so I shall have to take the opportunity of having a bonfire on the 31st. It's illegal here, but I think you can get away with it occasionally! In the brambles I found a lovely leylandi type tree and a holly bush! So many brambles tore my hands to bits, in spite of the black Marigold 'extra strong' gloves.

Jim had cut down 2 trees yesterday - they were overhanging the 'road' going down to our neighbours. It's our road so really up to us to do the job. Today he played lumberjack and chain sawed them up. I assisted here and there.
Walked down to our neighbours for coffee. We are quite close to them but only see each other for tea/coffee about once or twice a week. They have loads of cats...... Jovial time had by the 4 of us.
Back to the brambles. Jim headed off to buy a paper (no deliveries here in the wilds) and some yummies to eat whilst watching the rugby.

We actually had 2 games of rugby to watch. Jim's niece has 4 sons and they all play rugby league, the northern version of rugby. The 2nd oldest son, Sam Burgess, is now an international player and he had a game against New Zealand at 6. He is a real super star in rugby league and the commentators kept going on about him and how young he is, etc (he's 18). He is hoping to be picked for the rugby league world cup which is next year. It's funn y to see someone you know so well on the tv. It was a great game and Sam played brilliantly, earning him man of the match, even though his team lost. We were very proud. He plays for Bradford Bulls and if you put Sam Burgess into google you'll get loads of stuff about him. He is also an absolutely delightful lad.
So then it was the England v S Africa game, final of the rugby union world cup. What a letdown. It was really disappointing, even though we didn't expect England to win, the whole game was simply dull. Ah well, the food was great.

I did some knitting during the evening. I'm busy making a permanent advent callender for my grandson Jack. Phew, it's taking some doing. I've had to knit the backing, 24 'pockets' and am in the process of making the 24 things to go in them. So far I have about 13. Knit, knit, knit........
Bedtime now... 3.45am.....

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