Monday, October 22, 2007

Day out to Ennis, Rain, Rain and More Rain

I decided to go to Ennis, the largest 'local' town to us, on my own so that Jim could catch up on his work. It's poured with rain most of the day, so I would have been inside and 'in his hair'. My hoover needed a new belt and we took it to a repair shop 2 or 3 weeks ago. It wasn't ready last week ('a box got lost in the post'), so I'm hoping it will be today. Also I ran out of red wool for the much talked about Advent Callender for Jack and the lady in the only wool retail shop in Ennis assured me they would have some more in by now.

I could hardly see through the rain on the drive there, wipers on double swish - a good day to go shopping? Started at Lidl as they had some small shrubs on offer today. Bought 9, was charged for 11, but did get my 12 euros back for the 2 extra! Also bought an umbrella, which seemed a good plan under the circumstances! However, juggling plants and umprella whilst trying to load the car didn't really work.

Took a bit of a circuitous route round to the hoover shop. Guess what? It was closed. AAAAH! I can't believe how much trouble we have had getting a new belt for my super Electrolux Vitesse upright. Must have cost almost as much as the hoover in petrol going to and from Ennis to try and get said belt. Now another trip will have to be made....

Success on the wool front, as the little shop had indeed had a delivery of the red wool. The lady in the shop is very chatty and I'm just about getting to understand her strong Irish accent. Most of the shop keepers and assistants are very friendly in Ireland. Bit of a change from the UK. We used to go to our local Lidl in Worthing for a good session of ritual abuse! 'What do yer want that for' and other such helpful comments.

Walked up to the banks and managed to change some English pounds into euros, crap rate though. Popped into 'Supermacs' for a cappuccino and chips with cheese. Can't beat it! The Irish equivalent of MacDonalds only nicer. Did much window shopping. Ennis is known as the fashion capital of Ireland. Indeed the shops have wonderful displays of clothes. Rather expensive but so different from anything in England. The shoe shops are pretty stunning too, especially for children.

A final trip round to Aldi and Tesco! Aldi had vast boxes of bird seed and fat balls on offer. As we spend so much time watching our birds and their antics, I bought both. Happy birds they will be. Quick whiz round Tescos, then back home. It seemed to take ages, was dark by then and again, tipping it down!

Jim's off to Dublin for the day tomorrow for an meeting, so I'll have a day on my own again. Hope the rain's stopped so I can plant some of the little shrubs. What an exciting life I lead!

Managing to write this while Jim takes time out from working to watch 'Dragon's Den'. Back to the knitting needles.........

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