Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday 26th October 2007. Bath, Barn and Bread

I was awoken by Jim with a mug of tea. He'd run a bath, so I followed him - with the addition of more hot water. Bliss. Wet and windy outside. We had a leisurely breakfast (cereal) and sat in the conservatory, watching the birds and putting the world to rights. Also discussed blogging and the things you couldn't really put in one.

I continued my blitz on the barn. By the end of the day, all the wood had been sorted. Jim did some work then came outside and we had a chain saw logging session, getting all the wood I'd stacked sawn up for Stanley. Brilliant. Jim had had a wander around the land and viewed the site where we intended to make a formal rose garden. It was totally waterlogged. Hmm, probably not ideal for roses, better for fish. Had a re-think and decided on a new site. Unfortunately, the area in question is knee deep in grass and, you've guessed it, more brambles. We're going to have a go at clearing it this weekend. Roses have already been purchased and need planting.

Tomorrow evening, we are going down to our 2nd closest neighbours, Hilary and Joe, for a meal. First proper invitation we've had from them. They're a lovely couple, Joe has just reached 60, while Hilary is quite a bit younger. (45) He makes films of some sort. Arty ones I think. Their house is big and modern, architect designed and overlooks the lake near us, Loch Graney. Stunning views. They have 4 lovely children and a gorgeous cocker spaniel bitch called Millie. We were invited to Joe's 60th but sadly were back in the UK at the time.

This afternoon we had a break and eat some of Jim's home made bread with our own blackcurrent jam. My daughter in law purchased one of those bread makers and didn't like the bread it made, so she gave it to us, together with a large recipe book. We have tried all sorts of recipes and all the bread has been fabulous. I can't see us every buying bread again whilst in Ireland.

This evening I made a tapestry Christmas tree ornament of a Christmas stocking. It's from a kit our neighbour Sandra gave me. I've hung it round a bottle of wine purchased to take to the meal tomorrow night. Then, as usual made one and a half pockets for the never ending Advent Calendar! I will finish it one day!

As it's not 2.45am, I think I'm off to bed.


Kat said...

what smashing fun reading about your daily goings on mum :-)

...although I'm dying to know what you 'can't' put into your blog, naturally!

(anything to do with your 'adventurous' night perchance?)

~chuckles~ really loving your blog xxx

BT said...

so glad you're enjoying my goings on. All a bit humdrum. Love,