Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Of Brambles, dogs and Cheese Rolls

I didn't manage to get back on the computer yesterday as Jim was on it all evening. As expected, spent the afternoon in the garden, trying to finish off the bramble war. I did fairly well, but another couple of days to go yet. I took many photos as it was such a glorious day and I'll try and post some so you can get a better idea of our surroundings.. My little robin spent about 10 minutes shouting at me, then came down and helped himself to all the goodies I'd revealed whilst bramble clearing. He wants to make his mind up whether I'm friend or foe. Why is it all robins are 'he'. There must be some she ones or we'd run out of robins!

When I'm on my own I tend to eat rather strangely. I was well known for living on cheese rolls and magnums (or should that be Magni?). Yesterday it was a cheese roll and a scone with butter and one of our home made jams. Many cups of tea and coffee.

As for the dogs of the title. There is a motley bunch of dogs around here. They belong to one of the farmers and occasionally he lets them out and they chase deer around the countryside and make one hell of a racket in the process. Sometimes they appear in the garden. Not what I was expecting at all when I first came across them. Slim, sleek, young hunting dogs? Not a bit of it. A real rag tag and bobtail they are. One is so old it gets left behind. They are very friendly, fortunately, and wag their tails happily as they pass by. Yesterday was one of those occasions when they decided to pay me a visit! I managed to take a photo of them as they wandered off down our road to the neighbours cottage. I presume at night they just wander back home again!

Jim arrived home earlier than I had expected from Dublin, so I didn't have to fight to light Stanley. I'll
write separately about him. Or indeed cook dinner, as Jim does the cooking. I had saved one cheese roll in case he was late....

I was tired after my day's exertions, so had a long bath and read some more of 'Labyrinth' by Kate Mosse, no not the skinny one, this one has an 'e' at the end. Blissful bath it was too.
Dinner then an evening watching a bit of tv, Holby City (I love it) and then Spooks, which was superb. At the same time still trying to finish the advent calendar for Jack. Made a little black cat and a parcel. I think I have about 4 more 'pockets' to fill. I also bought some chocolate euros! He won't know what they are but I'm sure he'll love eating them! Oh, the wool I'd bought in Ennis was the wrong sort! The lady had given me 'chunky' when I wanted double knitting. So my trip to Ennis to pick up the hoover and get more wool was, in fact, a total failure! Best laid plans and all that.

Bed about 3am, read some more.

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