Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tree Felling and more Brambles

Well, now to today. I set my alarm for 10.30, got out of bed at 12 mid-day. Oh dear. Another beautiful sunny day, although the grass still glistened with the melted frost from the cold, clear night. I am slowly but surely reducing the size of the bramble/stinging nettle patch. Unfortunatley, my tennis elbow (well, bramble elbow) was playing up and my back ached, so I remedied that with 2 ibruprofin!

I've now uncovered 4 leylandi type trees and every time I brush past them, the scent is just amazing. Much better than anything a chemist can offer. Jim did some work on the computer then came out to play! I heard much sawing going on in the orchard. My help was requested as J was sawing down a very large branch of an ash tree. Its removal will open up that part of the orchard as it was hanging horizontally to the ground. J just wanted me to be there in case he chopped his hand off or some such. The midges were biting, which was unpleasant, but I carried on manfully. J sawed almost through the large branch, the wood cracked and splintered but didn't fall down. I pulled on a rope to try and help, the rope broke and I landed unceremoniously on my bottom - and it hurt. J sawed a bit more and it descended slowly, the crown resting on a large old apple tree opposite. J then decided to have a go with a piece of wood through the rope and pulled - the wood broke and he landed on his bottom! I decided we're not too professional at this job. However, eventually the bough crashed to the ground.

J then proceeded to saw it up for Stanley and I returned to the brambles. Darkness descends incredibly quickly now, and by 6.50 I could hardly see anything, so gave up and went inside. Everything aches now. I'm getting too old for all this physical stuff.

A cup of tea was called for, dinner and a bit of tv. Feeling somewhat revived, here I am. I'm not sure whether my aching fingers will be able to knit tonight, but I'll have a go.
Till tomorrow then...

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