Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Packing, Passports and Pills

Tomorrow morning we are off in the car to catch the ferry at Rosslare across to Pembroke. We have to leave here at 4am, so this is a quick mini blog before Jim packs the computer to take with us. Passports at the ready, a few clothes packed plus decorating gear for the house in the UK. It takes us about a day to make the journey when we drive, but we need the car in England as we're there for 3 weeks. Also it means we can pack it full of 'stuff' to bring over here. It's amazing what's gone into our Doblo on our various trips over. Last time it was our Welsh dresser!

Good news on my daughter's friend. She has woken up and is off the ventilator. Early days but looking more hopeful.

I now have a stinking headache so will cut this short. Will fill in any gaps when we're set up in Worthing.


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