Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Well Drilled Today. Garden Photos.

The Deenery taken from The Fairy Hill.

Sorry it's small, you'll have to click on it to enlarge if you'd like to see more detail.

Well Well Well

A little chap called Oliver, a water diviner, came a week ago and said our well was empty! Fat lot of use that is. However, he said it wasn't anywhere near deep enough, so he 'divined' a new spot for the chaps to drill. We were expecting a long wait, but lo and behold, on Monday morning we had a phone call from the chaps with the drill and they were on their way. One drove a lorry and the other the drill rig on an even larger lorry.

Now that sounds all very simple, doesn't it? The drill rig got stuck on the way up our little lane! It hooked itself on a tree and couldn't go up or down. After much worrying and head scratching, they sawed down some of the tree while Jim attacked some of the bank and finally managed to get it up into our yard. Oh, they also slashed one of the tyres as they took the bend up to our drive. Jim did tell the chap to swing wide to the left - and he didn't!

Ah well, after a lot of shuffling of lorries, the rig was left in position and off they went, with a promise to return this morning to drill.

The drill rig as seen from the front door.

All in position. My cup off coffee on the car! Can you see the bits of tree stuck to the rig?

As each 20' section is drilled, one of these liners is tapped down inside.

These are some of the drills. Each one joins on to the next so they can drill deep. They look a bit nuclear in this shot.

X marks the spot! This is where they will drill.


Just a few garden photos - I'll finish the well story tomorrow.

A white dianthus after the rain. I love white flowers.

A wild rose on the allotment.

The vegetable plot - full up!

Peas galore, onions and broad beans.

The next bed along is for fruit:

We've had lots of strawberries and cream. Delicious.

Back in the garden, the foxgloves are still putting on a show:

The wild ones also look lovely together with grasses and other wild flowers.

There is a mass of blue on the Fairy Hill - the campanula is in flower:

The honeysuckle is showing its sunny flowers all over the garden.

Sandy found something in this little cave on the Fairy Hill.

I must to bed as it's 3am!


Lynn said...

Your kitty photo got my heart!
What a lot of work to drill a well. Loved the story and all the excitement. Hope the water is flowing freely now. And do hope you did not have to wake too early in the morn.

jinksy said...

3am? Goodness! Here's me getting up at 4.45am ! Talk about a short night! Loved your flower photos, especially the foxglove...

Leatherdykeuk said...

Wow! How exciting!

The allotment area looks fabulous.

Jason said...

Allotment looks great. Drilling looks exciting. Hope a new well solves all your water problems. x

Heather said...

What excitement with the drill, etc. My pond edging pales into insignificance by comparison. Hope it all goes well for you. (No pun intended!). The garden photos are glorious - that wild rose is an amazing colour. Your veg garden is looking good and I love Sandy among the ferns.

Arija said...

Your garden is a delight and I would dearly love to join you for some of those luscious strawberries.
Hope they hit good water for you not too far down.
Here there are all sorts of restrictions against tapping the ground water but that obviously is not a problem in Ireland.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What luck. I hope they do a good job for you. Your flowers and veggies look wonderful.

Deborah said...

Your garden looks great! What a sweet kitty.

BT said...

Sandy is so cute Lynn. I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

Hiya Jinksy, Gosh, up at 4.45am. That's the middle of the night! Glad you liked the photos too.

Thanks Rachel, Jim's worked hard on the allotment this year.

Me too Jason, me too! The allotment does look good, doesn't it?

Thank you Heather, I'm glad you enjoyed the post and photos. Part 2 coming up!

Hello Arija, we have to get the water tested I think but that's about it! Then you connect up and switch on!

Thanks Lisa. It's all very dramatic, isn't it?

Thanks Deborah. Sandy is cute, we have another cat called BlackJack.

DK Leather said...

wow, so glad I've had the chance to catch up at last! Lovely pictures, beautiful allotment, and the strawberries... yum!!

Good luck with the well :D xxx