Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Rockery in Progress. Moths. 8th June 2010

The New Rockery

The new rockery is being built where we used to have the grotto. When the barn was demolished the grotto was filled up with stone! First, I had to remove the stones and pile them up above the area where I was about to work. This took some time, as you can imagine.

I barrowed some of the stones to where the wall is being built and the rest were piled behind me in the photo. Buster is resting of course!

I had this pile of boulders to go at!!

On the left is the rockery site. Here the first stones have been laid. Below is a better photo:

You can see the line of the bottom stones better in this photo. They took some moving, I can tell you!

Now the 2nd row is also on but then we had a rainy day and also my back was aching, so I had to let it rest a while. When there is more progress, I will take further photos. It will be good to get this area, which was basically a heap of stones, sorted out at last.


Just a few flower photos. Jim took some of the clematis, which seem to have enormous flowers this year:

The ever reliable Nelly Moser

The President.

I love this deep scarlet of this one.

The blue iris are now fully out. They are such delicate flowers.

This weigela was a really scraggy thing but this year it is beautiful. The blooms are like apple blossom.

The first rose - utter perfection.

Jim took this of me admiring the lupins. They really are amazing this year.

This red one is so striking, especially against the dark leaves of the sambucus.

Jim also took this of the rather unusual cloud formation. Oh look, there I am working away!

Wild Life

The moths and butterflies continue to appear. We had a peacock in the garden yesterday. It was a bit scruffy but still a pleasure to see:

I picked up a ball of sting and noticed this very strange creature:

It is a moth - I don't think I've ever seen one so well camouflaged. It's called a Buff-Tip and looks like a broken twig. How clever is that?

This is the back. Amazing.

Then we saw this incredible moth in the porch.

Look at that amazing colour pink. It is another Hawkmoth, this time an Elephant Hawkmoth.

Here it is from the top.

Here it is taken from the side. Forgive Jim's dirty nails - he had been working!

We popped this magnificent creature onto one of the hanging baskets and it crawled onto a leaf quite happily.


I have just made my 'V' for Variety and here is the result:

Violets, vases, viola, violin and viburnum - what a busy card. It is heading off to Marianne in Sweden. I hope she likes it. Only 4 more to go now.


Lynn said...

Got here via facebook! Wow! Is that rock formation in the banner your home? How beautiful. And such hard work you are doing!!! Impressive. All the flowers are awesome, as are the moths. I love your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs from me.

Leatherdykeuk said...

I love rockeries. No opportunity for stone hee, though. Wow! at all the flowers. *lupin love*

BT said...

Hi Lynn, Indeed the banner is just as we walk out of our front door. Lucky, aren't we? I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. My hair was a present from my Daddy! xxx

Thanks Rachel. We have more stone than we can ever use!

Jason said...

Stone me. Nice rockery. Bet that will be lovely. Amazing moths!


Bea said...

OH MY, those moths are amazing and what wonderful photos you got of them. OOooooooooh, that rose is absolutely gorgeous.
I do not know how you do it, moving all those rocks. No wonder your back hurts. It's going to be beautiful when you have finished, though. :)Bea

The Weaver of Grass said...

What a splendid rockery Gina - and how your flowers are way ahead of ours - our lupins are not yet in bud here. A real taste of summer.

Heather said...

Glorious pics of flowers and moths - they are stunning. Your rocks and boulders are just what I need to blend our waterfall section in with the rest of our rockery. If you have a few left over, chuck them over here please! Love the ATC.

Melissa said...

What a ton of work you have yet to do, but everything is going to look so lovely! My clematis did well this year, too. And you remind me that I have lupine seeds from a neighbor of my mother. Love that Buff-Tip. Isn't Mother Nature clever?

Deborah said...

Amazing photos! I always enjoy them!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That stone work would break a horses back. Be careful BT. You don't want any permanent damage. Lift with your legs. Those moths are fab. I would love to see them up close and personal. WOW.

Bella Sinclair said...

My gosh, I've never seen such beautiful and unusual moths! And you have so many different kinds there too. Wonderful!

Ohhh, those heavy stones. My back hurts just thinking about them. Please do be careful.

And V for variety! Hahahaha, that's a great one!

kj said...

what a lovely post in every way, gina. those lupines are stunning stunning!

so this is where you found your heart rock. now i will always think of you when i see and touch mine and i will know there is a connection that sustains.

thank you for your very sweet comments.

and i am very impressed that you are moving all those heavy rocks around. you'll earn your dinner doing that!

with love

Diane said...

You have an interesting blog. Nice to see one from Ireland! I found yours on blotanical, by the way.

Cheers from Canada.

BT said...

Very good Jason!! Moths are super aren't they?

Hi Bea, I've emailed you.

Thank you Weaver. Our lupins do seem early this year. Mind you, it has been warm and sunny - or it was! We almost finished the rockery today but my back seems ok now!

Thank you Heather, I'll ask Mr Ryanair if he minds taking a few bouders on the plane when I next head to the UK!!

I think the work is never ending Melissa! But we enjoy doing it and creating something from nothing. Gardening is a never ending job. Mother Nature is indeed a marvel. I could't believe that buff tip's camouflage.

Thank you Deborah.

Don't worry Lisa, I try not to overdo the lifting of rocks and also lift from my legs when I can. I hate it when I have a bad back. Aren't the moths wonderful?

Thanks Bella, I've emailed you.

Thanks so much kj, I have emailed you too.

Good to meet you Diane and I'm glad that you've enjoyed my blog.

marianne said...

Wow what beautiful pictures!
I love those Moths! That one looks like a broken twig.
Bet your garden looks like paradise again!
A lot of work...............
Wow thew violet card! Lucky me.

Have a nice day.... don't work to hard don't forget to stop to smell the roses :)

DK Leather said...

beautiful post! That elephant hawk moth is the one on the end of my 'trail' on my ankle, the kids picked it years ago because it was the only British 'pink' moth! LOL LOVE the twig one, that's amazing.

Beautiful lupins too, Rachel will have loved those :D

Ace rockery!

BT said...

Hi Marianne, I'm glad you liked the moths. Isn't that 'twig' one amazing? I'm pleased you like your V for Variety too. Oh, we rest plenty too.

Hi K, I knew you'd like the moths! I've never seen an Elephant hawk moth before. It is very pink indeed! Glad you enjoyed and the lupins of course. They are super this year.