Saturday, June 26, 2010

ATCs and Freestyle Knitting. 26 June 2010

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We have reached 'Y' in our ABC of Artist Trading Cards and I have received a simply super and clever card from Joss in London.

She is so inventive.

I had trouble with the 'Y' so ended up doing Yellow, but I do like the result!

Joss also sent a pretty little Lily of the Valley card, which wouldn't photograph well as it was so bright outside and a super 'fishy' piece of paper:

I know I'll find some use for this.

The other ATC I received was from a lady called Beth Meador. I belong to a community of women only artists of all sorts, called Milliande Art Community for Women. Beth put out a plea for help with a project she would like to do before the Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) leaves her completely blind. She is hoping to send ATCs all over the world to spread happiness and awareness of her condition.

I readily joined her quest and have just received the most marvellous ATC which is of Buster. She saw a photo of him on my page at Milliande and copied it.

Isn't it wonderful? I have no idea how she does it, having so little sight left.

Here is a link to the Milliande Art Community for Woman if you are interested (and a woman)!

Retinitis Pigmentosa refers to a group of inherited diseases causing retinal degeneration. If you would like to know more about it, which is, after all, Beth's goal, please have a look here:

I am of course going to send Beth one too. She is trying to send one to someone in each of the States in the USA and then from all around the world. Beth has a page on the Milliande Community where she explains it all in her own words.

Freeform Knitting

The above art community has various sections with different interests such as ATCs, Photography and one on Knitting and sewing. I was interested in a section on Freeform Knitting - now this sounded like my kind of thing!

Basically, it's playing with knitting. You knit a bit, cast off a few stitches if you like, turn the work round, swap needles, anything goes. There are some books on it apparently. Anyway, I decided to have a go. I really enjoyed just knitting away, making holes, changing colour and took it with me to Suffolk. When I finally looked at my 'piece' it looked rather like a knitted woolen hat!! I put it on my head and Jim nearly fell over laughing.

Well, you just have to see it, don't you? So today we had a photo session. Jim took several of me full length but I look like a rather overfed whale, so I cropped them to just my head! Are you ready for this? The one at the top was just a taster for you.

I think the little peak at the front just finishes it off!!!

From the side! It even has a flap down the back to stop you getting sunburned! The red bit was a rectangle I had already knitted so I just incorporated it.

The other side - it's no better, is it!

I really think it needs a couple of ribbons where my hands are!

What - you want one?? LOL. I couldn't reproduce this if I wanted to. It's odd how it turned out that shape. I'm going to wash it on a hot wash when I eventually have enough water to use my washing machine again.

In the Garden

Can you believe we have a water shortage in Ireland? It's been a struggle to keep the plants alive. We keep looking at the weather forecast hoping for rain. Last year we were awash with the stuff. I was weeding and bramble clearing by our 'stream' today. It's like a desert. It's funny how the weeds seem to grow no matter what the weather.

Spotted Orchid

Every year a huge spotted orchid comes up in our meadow. We have to protect it with wire or the hares eat all the flowers off it. Jim took some photos of it recently, so I'll leave you with a pretty image:

Isn't it amazing? There is another one close by, but the hares got to that before we could protect it.

A close up. The flowers are just starting to fade. We do also get a few individual orchids dotted around the meadow. I love them.

Buster followed Jim up the meadow and was most interested in what was going on. Then he got bored:

He then rolled over and lay on his back but decorum prevents me from posting that photo.

Our delphiniums have been a picture this year. Here is a close up of one of them:

They are all different shades of blue, some darker than this and some quite pale.

Finally, a perfect rose:


aimee said...

i adore that hat! it reminds me of a crazy quilt - that is the coolest! so nice to see a piece of knitting that breaks patterns and boundaries - and you look darling in it!

Bea said...

LOLOLOL, OK, snort, lololol you look like you are in some PBS special from the 1800s. Like the winsome milk maid. lololol You wear that around the house and there won't be any work done in the garden. Seriously, what fun you had with your knitting. Strangly, it reminds me of your beautiful bags. And, oh my gosh that flower in your field is gorgeous. Is it spreading at all?
So, you finally put the dog to work as a watch dog. Oh yeah, the bunnies are going to be afraid of him. lololsnort :)Bea

BT said...

Oh aimee, it's not supposed to be a hat, it just turned out sort of hat shaped! I can't imagine I'll ever wear it! lol. It was fun though.

Hello Bea, I knew I'd make you laugh!! It reminded me of a mob cap from the 1800s too! Isn't it funny? I think the orchid does get more 'heads' on it each year and now we have the 2nd one too. Guard dog? You have to be joking!! xxxxx

Leatherdykeuk said...

Some splendid ATCs there, and I love the flowers, as ever.

soulbrush said...

yahoooo my little atc looks so good there. thanks for showing it. and thanks for visiting my blog. i am battling but will eventually succeed (fingers crossed). love the knittred hat and the cute lady wearing it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your knitting project does look like a Granny hat. I like all the colors in it. That orchid is to die for. Just marvelous. I have never seen such a thing. I would be too excited to sleep if I was beside it. Buster just doesn't know what he was missing. Love the ATC. I can't wait to get it. I hope you get some rain. We too are needing rain. I have been dragging the hose around the garden trying to keep things watered. That rose is just perfect.

Jason said...

Lol, thanks fo that. The hats coming on great, it looks like you should be drinkinh from a dirty tea cup and have hairy legs and smell of dog. lol


Heather said...

Love the hat - you'll be glad of it come wintertime. Lovely ATCs, especially the one featuring Buster. What a remarkable lady Beth Meador is. The spotted orchids are glorious, as are your delphiniums. I have given up trying to grow them as they end up as slug/snail fodder. The rose is perfection.

DK Leather said...

~laughs~ what a FANTASTIC bit of knitting, I love it! It's a work of art indeed.

Beautiful flowers, smashing ATCs (hope ours turn up soon!).

Love and miss you as always momma xxx

BT said...

Thanks Rachel.

Good to see you soul. You will get there - or else!! Your ATC does look great, doesn't it?

Thanks Lisa! I think - it is funny the way the piece developed into a sort of 'hat' shape!! Indeed our orchid is spectacular. It's the only one I've seen like it. My son gets bee orchids in his garden and they're cute. I'm glad you like the ATC, I tried to do it a bit different for you. As our well is dry we can't even use a watering can!! It's supposed to rain tomorrow. I'll have to do a rain dance to encourage it.

lol Jason. 'Thanks for that'??
I do drink from a dirty mug and smell of dog. I try and avoid the hairy legs! lololol.

BT said...

Oh I shall never wear it Heather! I'll use it in some crazy art piece! I'm going to hot wash it to see if it will felt - although some of it's acrylic. The ATCs are great - especially the one of Buster I agree. I have never been successful with delphiniums before these. I am thrilled with them.

Thanks K, I knew you'd find it funny!! See above for what I'm going to do with it. I can't wait for your ATCs either - maybe they'll come tomorrow. Your card is on its way. Hope your course is going well.