Friday, May 7, 2010

UK Trip at Last

Well, here I am again, all behind and in a tizzy. I am behind in my ATCs and my blogging. One week away and life descends into chaos!

UK Trip

Having said that, I had a lovely time and loved catching up with Sonny and Poppy in Sussex. Sonny is just delightful. He pulls really funny faces and we hit it off extremely well. He is now 9 months old - amazing. Here are a couple of photos of Sonny at bedtime:

Don't you wish you could do that?

On the Thursday, Jim had a meeting in town, so I took our car to be serviced, have a new exhaust system, new shock absorbers, etc etc. Then I walked into town and spent most of the day there! I have ordered 2 pairs of glasses for Specsavers of course and Jenny and Sonny met me in town, where we had a delightful lunch in a pavement cafe.

Jenny walked back home and I had my hair cut - just a trim but it looks much better. I cut it the last time and made a bit of a mess of the layers.

I bought Sonny a paddling pool/ball pit and some balls to go in it. It was a real hit! When Poppy came, they played in it together:

Sonny didn't take his eyes off Poppy - Ali watches. We had to buy about 11 packs of balls to fill it.

We spent some time in the garden in Worthing and it was lovely to see the two sister, Ali and Jenny, with their offspring:

Sonny trying to eat Poppy!
Sonny kept picking weeds and trying to eat them. Every time he almost got one into his mouth, Jenny whipped it away from him!

We all went for a lovely walk along 'The Gallops' in Worthing, Sussex. Poppy likes to walk but goes in every direction but the one you want her to!

Poppy, Jim, Ali, Sonny and Jenny
Poppy found a stick and is carrying her doll. Jim and Ali are chatting.

There were some rather super clouds - a row of poodles?

We walked up to the play area and Poppy enjoyed the slide, while Sonny wasn't too sure of the swing.

Sonny wasn't too sure...

We really enjoyed the walk and the fresh air. On the way back to the car, we spotted something moving in the long grass:

He/she also had a friend:
2 bunnies. They stayed quite a while and didn't seem bothered by us.

The Arum lilies were at their best.

We called at Russell and Caz's home, as I had only seen it from the outside. I loved the tiles that made up the front path:

Inside and the front room has been decorated and has a new suite, made to measure. Russell loves the 'day bed' part of it. Caz made us some chocolate muffins, which were gorgeous. It's a lovely little house, just right as a starter home.

Sonny loves jumping in his bouncer. I videod him in it but I wish I'd kept my mouth shut!!

I hope it works!

Phew, that's enough for today. I'll finish tomorrow with a bit of luck. It's the General Election in the UK so Jim and I are watching it.


Jason said...

Ahh looks a great trip. The video worked, its excellent. Liked Russ and Caz's minton? tiles. The kids look ready for school!

Look a great time. xx

Leatherdykeuk said...

What a super trip. I love arums. Ours are a bit behind those.

Heather said...

Love the header pic Gina and great family shots. The poodle clouds are fun.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a beautiful family. Glad you had such good time with them. I do wish I was more limber. Can't imagine doing this any more. I would break. Ha..

Bea said...

I loved the video! Loved watching him bounce but got to hear your voice which was a treat.
Great pictures as always. What a nice trip you all had. :)Bea

DK Leather said...

Oh wow what a super post, loved the video including hearing your happy voice! :D

The tiles and the arum are yummy, thanks for sharing your trip!

Deborah said...

I really enjoyed the photos and video. What a lovely family you have! It was nice to hear your voice.

Cottage Rose said...

OH what great photos,, Sonny and Poppy are so adorable...and that video of Sonny,,,lol he is really loving that thank you for sharing your trip with us... have a wonderful weekend.


BT said...

It was indeed Jason. Isn't the video fun! Ha ha, they're only little!

Thanks Rachel. They are lovely when they go all red too.

Hello Heather. Glad you like my header and those clouds!

Hello Lisa. Thank you. I wish I could do more now but the bones and muscles ache!

Thanks Bea, oh oh, I have a rather weird voice I think! Just like my Mum's and K has the same!!

Thank you K. I have another day to post about - the quick whizz up to Norfolk!

Thank you Deborah. I didn't think of people commenting on my voice!

Hi Alaura, lovely of you to call in. I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures and the video - it was fun, wasn't it? I took about 3 of him but that was the best. xx

Anonymous said...

The grandchildren are so sweet and growing and changing so much. What a lovely visit you all had. My first time ever hearing your voice and it's as warm and charming as I had imagined. Happy Mother's Day dear friend.

BT said...

Thank you Mildred, that's very sweet of you. xxx