Monday, May 31, 2010

Garden and Catch Up... 31st May 2010

A Blue Cornflower

Phew! I was up until the early hours. Then Buster decided to keep scratching at the door. Jim was shouting at him so I'm up again! I've sent Jim back to bed..... Animals, who'd have them?


I have now reached 'U' in our ATC/ABC Group and here is the result:

U is for Underwear

This is off to Joss in London. Teri did 'Undies' too.

I have also made 2 more ATCs for swapping. Please leave a comment on the ATC blog if you'd like either of the ones below:

Roses Cross Stitch (no, I didn't do it)!

Textured Papers

Garden Progress

The weather has been a little more changeable but the garden is coming along apace. Remember the lawn 'extension' that Jim did? The grass is growing....

You can still see the brown earth but it's coming along. Do click on any of the photos to get a closer view.

The latest project is another attempt to sort out the back yard just beyond the new extension. It is all just covered in stone and sundry bits of rubbish from the builders. We have decided to build a wall between the house and the road which leads down to our neighbours' house. We made good progress the first day:

The taller section on the left is the remainder of the old wall. We had to do some large stone shifting and Jim's back needed a rest after this. Here he is about to start work:

And here is the wall taken from the house:

We made a good start I felt.

The aquilegia bed has been a huge success. I can see it through my double doors as I type.

We also have several acers in the same bed.

One of the acers in the same bed.

The largest of the arboretum beds is coming on fast - especially the lupins:

The Judas Tree is still flowering too. You can see one of the living willow fences in the background.

They are looking wonderful this year. Jim grew them from seed.

A perfect lupin flower.

Opposite this bed is the new extended bed and the rhododendron is in full bloom:

They are such showy flowers.

I took these photos yesterday morning. I walked past the bottom of the fairy hill where I spotted this daisy. This one's for you Teri:

The laburnum tree is now in full bloom too. It hasn't as many flowers as last year but they're still pretty impressive:

I walked up the gravel path and on my right is the back of the bed you can see in the header photo. Jim has put an arch up for height:

It's a bit hard to spot but is on the right of the photo. As you can see, the cats followed me about! There are some gorgeous white lupins in this bed:

It had rained overnight and some of the leaves held droplets of water:

Pity about the hole in one section!

On the other side of the bed, the thrift is now fully out:

My son Jason bought me the pink one. It has lovely bronze leaves.

As I turn round, I'm greeted by this cheerful sight:

Chives in flower with fern behind.

In the same bed is this startling orange geum and in the top bed, another one, this time red:

In complete contrast, the Lady's Mantle is just about to flower. It, too, is holding some of the overnight rain:

Finally, just for Rachel, a close up of the white cornflower, which I know she loves:

I think they look like Catherine Wheels in this shot. This is the name of a firework for anyone who hasn't heard of it.


Arija said...

My goodness, you have gone in for gardening on the grand scale and very successfully too! Great showing of lovely cottage plants and I am already loving your stone wall.

Anonymous said...

I've said many times, you are surrounded with such beautiful blooms. It truly is magical to see all that you and Jim have created on your property. Thanks for sharing.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Oh! Virtually all my favourite flowers in one post! I'm envious!

An excellent start to the wall indeed!

BT said...

Thanks Arija, with 5 acres, we don't have much choice!!

Aw, Mildred, thank you for coming to see it (if only you could).

I was thinking of you as I did it Rachel!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks lovely, so much in boom. Lupine is one of my favorite plants. It is too hot and humid here for them to do very good. The tree with those big yellow racems is a gorgeous tree. I don't think I have ever seen it before.

Cottage Rose said...

Wow! your garden's are so gorgeous,,, your green thumb is really working over love your rock wall, going to be great.... have wonderful week.


BT said...

Hi Lisa, the lupins are stunning this year. I just love them. Pity you can't grow them in your climate. The Laburnum tree is beautiful, isn't it? It's seeds are poisonous though.

Hi Cottage Rose, thanks for dropping by. I've sent you an email.

Jason said...

All coming along very nicely. The wall looks fun (but tuff).Reminds me of Rod's. :-)


Heather said...

You should have let Buster in for a cuddle, then all of you could have got back to sleep!! Great ATCs - I like your undies and the textured papers. Wonderful pics of the garden - it looks better every time we see it.

BT said...

Hi Jason, The wall is wide as we are going to fill the top half with soil and plant things in it. Should be fun.

Hello Heather. That's what we're trying to avoid with Buster. I'm sure that's what he wanted! The garden's coming along, isn't it? So much to do though. Lovely rain tonight then a few fine days with luck.

DK Leather said...

lovely entry, beautiful pictures. Gosh aren't you brill building a wall! :D xxx

Bella Sinclair said...

May I set up camp and live in your garden? How I'd love to be surrounded by all these gorgeous species! And the photos of the dolmen were incredible! What a sight.

Love your ATCs. I had to laugh in delight at your Underwear! :D

BT said...

Thank you K. We are going to have a wall building day later this week - hopefully make good progress.

Hello Bella, so good to see you. You can camp in my garden any time you like! I'm so glad you've enjoyed the photos and the Dolmen ones. It's a very special place. I thought you'd like the Underwear!!

Bea said...

I just love your flower shots. You do realize that you are getting better and better at these. You could print some of these off and frame them up and give them as gifts. Beautiful. Why, you could send them across the ocean to say...........WISCONSIN......lolol.

BT said...

Ha ha Bea. I don't think I know anyone who lives in Wisconsin do I? lololol. Thank you for the compliment. I feel sometimes I'm getting worse!

Deborah said...

Spectacular flowers! So many lovely blooms!

BT said...

Thank you Deborah. This is just the best time of year for flowers-everything looks so fresh.

soulbrush said...

alwyas a breath of fresh air coming to visit your blog. sorry haven't been around for ages, just not feeling up to blogging right now.

BT said...

Hi soul, I@m sorry you're still down. Am thinking of you. I hope the flowers cheered you up for a while. xxx