Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday Trip Around the Garden Flowers

The Deenery - one of our beds. This is opposite our front door.


Before the main garden photos, I have some ATCs I'd like to put on here. I have done my Q for quince which is on its way to Teri in Wisconsin:

I took a photograph of the quince bush in our garden and printed it on ordinary paper, then printed a quince fruit from the Internet and cut it out to stick in the corner. Then I coated it in gel medium to preserve the picture.

R is for Random Ribbons and this one is heading to Lynn in California:

I am trying to do 2 ATCs each time I do a letter, so the following 2 are for swaps if anyone would like one of them:

Another photo of the quince pasted onto the ATC card with a quince fruit on the top right.

More random ribbons - some of them different from the first ATC.

I also made another ATC with a quotation from Cher:

'Anyone who's a great kisser I'm always interested in'. What a romantic couple. This is also for swap.

The Deenery Garden

OK, lots of photos for you. Enjoy:

Apple Blossom

Ever reliable honesty on the allotment.

Glorious broom on The Fairy Hill

Little pink Azalea and a close up:

Cherry blossom

More blossom.

A new leaf - how glossy it looks.

Perennial alyssum - such a fantastic rockery plant.

A miniature azalea - planted this year.

A delicate pink phlox with the promise of many more flowers.

Do click on any of the photos if you have time.

The Purple Acer in the front looks wonderful in the sunshine.

Jim and I have been working very hard in the back garden. We're still trying to sort out the builder's rubble and mess! I can see the new lawn taking shape and today I was shifting large rocks to make an edge for one of the arboretum beds - which we are extending. I'll take photos when it all looks a bit better.

I haven't posted any of my tulip photos as I have quite a few, so I'll save them for a post on their own. We really do have some lovely ones this year. Right, time for bed said Zebedee....


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The rock garden in the first photo is beautiful. You are lucky to have rocks to work with. They lend such character to a garden. Your ATCs are beauties too.

Anonymous said...

How lovely everything looks. I was out til after dark tonight in the garden and thought of you and Jim and how you often work til after dark - sometimes with your bonfire. Can't wait to see your tulips and I enjoyed your ATC's too.

Bea said...

The garden looks beautiful and so do your ATCs. You've been very busy. :)Bea

Jason said...

The garden looks like is has changed so much. Its looking lovely.


Leatherdykeuk said...

So beautiful!

Anonymous said...
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DK Leather said...

wow lots of lovely garden growth, looking smashing!

Meanwhile my flight was cancelled today, so Spain is postponed. Hopefully going on 22nd instead. x

Teri C said...

Beautiful and such lush flowers and gardens WOWZERS!!!

Lynn said...

Thank you for that ATC that is so ME!!!! Much appreciated. And I love the flowers in your gardens. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

Your garden is looking really beautiful Gina - the apple blossom is gorgeous. We've just planted an acer but it will be ages before it grows as big as yours. Great ATCs too.

Dianne said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I enjoy looking at your gardens and so many beautiful photos.

BT said...

Thank you Lisa. We have far too many rocks here!

Hello Mildred. I was having a bonfire last night and thought of you and John. Tulips coming up...

Thank you Bea. xxx

Thanks Jason, we've been hard at work!

Thank you Rachel, we do try.

Sad about your flight K, but you'll get there eventually. xx

Aw, thanks Teri.

I knew you'd like it Lynn! Thanks for the compliment.

Hello Heather, our acer was a wedding present so it's now been in this garden 4 years I think and was already in a pot for a while. Once they 'take off' there's no stopping them.

Thanks Dianne. I just love this time of year.

Bella Sinclair said...

All your hard work is paying off big time! My goodness, the Deenery is gorgeous! When the phlox all bloom, it will be on fire, just like all the other gorgeous flowers you have there. WOW!

And oh my goodness, I cannot get this big ol' smile off my face. The photos of all the little ones from your trips. Awwww, they are so very precious and beautiful. It was also wonderful to see great photos of you enjoying your time with the kids.

Great ATCs! I have to agree with Cher! :D

Deborah said...

So lovely! I really enjoy your work and your flowers!