Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jack's 5th Birthday, Camera Chaos

Jack, aged 5 years with a Ben 10 video.

I went to Suffolk in the very early hours of last Thursday morning and Sam picked me up, with Kitty of course. We did a bit of shopping before heading home.

Jack is now at school, so we went there at 3.30pm and he had football practice after school. The setting is just beautiful. The school building itself is lovely, they have a wooden play area and a gorgeous field for games. They are very lucky children.

We watched the ball games, which were highly amusing. The coaches didn't seem to realise that 5 year olds find instructions quite difficult. The children were numbered 1 to 9 on 2 teams but many of them hadn't a clue what number they were!! I'm sure they'll soon learn but it was great fun to watch and a beautiful day.

Sam and me with Kitty making a break for it!

All in a line defending the 'goal'! Jack is 5th from the right in black shorts and red t shirt.

These 2 photos were taken with Jason's phone so rather small. I borrowed Jim's camera as it's quite small and it behaved very badly. It worked sporadically and the photos I took at the football disappeared! AAAH! Please forgive the quality of my photos on this entry. Many of them are blurred! Ah well, I did manage to get some good little clips of video.

Here Jack was listening to his card from his Grandad Ken (Jason's Dad), which was a Scooby Doo one.

Friday 14th was Jack's actual birthday and he took cakes to school for his class and teacher. Sam made them and they were gorgeous. I had to test one for quality control!

After school, Jack opened his family presents and cards which had arrived through the post. He loves Lego, so it featured highly in his presents.

After dinner, he had a little cake - the main one being for the party on Sunday:

Sam with Jack's cake. Note the photo on the wall of Jason and Jack - one of mine!

On Saturday, we all went out in the morning and headed for 'Toys r Us' so that Jack could spend his birthday money. Wow, what a place that is. Jason took this one of me:

Me riding into Toys r Us - that little girl looked surprised!

Jason and I drove back home to watch the Chelsea v Portsmouth football match. Jason has long been a Chelsea fan. It was a rather tense affair but luckily Chelsea won and therefore won the 'double'. They came top of the premiership league and won the FA Cup. Quite an achievement.

Sunday was the big party day. We seemed to be preparing for it all day! Sam worked like a maniac and went and collected the 'bouncy castle' to take to the village hall, where the party was held. Grandad Ivor and Nanny Maureen came too. I made sure Jack and Kitty were clean and dressed for the party. Here is Jack in his 'Buzz Lightyear' outfit. The theme was super heroes:

I did my best to catch one of Kitty - this is the best I managed:

Isn't she growing?

I rather like this cheeky one of Jack.

The party was a great success. The Bouncy Castle was much used, the food enjoyed and the children well behaved - on the whole! No tears from Jack, which was excellent. Kitty watched the proceedings from the safety of her pushchair.

Jason sorting out 'pass the parcel'.

The children whacked the life out of a pinata and jumped all over it when it finally fell to the floor. Talk about 'Animal Farm'.

A few random shots:

A really cute little girl called Maya.

Smiling dribbling Kitty!

Finally, a short video clip of the children. The noise is deafening!

I had to leave very early on Monday morning. Many flights had been cancelled because of the ash cloud but luckily mine was still running and on time too, so it was back to Shannon to be met by Jim - after a tiring but fun break.


DK Leather said...

wonderful trip, so glad to share the photos :D and GOSH aren't they both growing!!

PAK ART said...

what a wonderful happy collection of pics. I couldn't get the videos up but that is probably my computer. Your grands are super cute!

Jason said...

I really enjoyed your visit, we had a tiring but great time. So rleieved you got back ok, amazing in the midst of the chaos.

Great write up, shame my pics are small, but you still got some nice ones and I love the videos. Brilliant record.


BT said...

It was fun K and I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. They are both so big now!

Hi Patty. I'm sorry you couldn't see the videos. Super cute indeed!

Hi Jason, it was a great visit wasn't it? Football too. What fun. I hope Jack's settled back into school ok.

Bea said...

Absolutely, LOVE, the video's!! Great pictures, what fun it must be to be FIVE! I'm so glad you were able to go and visit and be part of it. So, tell me did you get in the bouncy thing? :)Bea

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a fun day or days this was to watch. Such cute kids. And five year olds playing football? Is that soccer or regular football? My five year old grandson tried soccer.
His twin sister, ballet!

Yours are adorable. And I love the face on the little girl with glasses too. You on the pink horse is great as well.

Heather said...

Lovely family photos and everyone looking so happy. Glad Jack enjoyed his birthday - I bet everyone was exhausted by the end of it!

BT said...

Hiya Bea, no, sadly we didn't get to go on the Bouncy Castle! I have been on one in the past though at son Ben's party - it was a huge one and we loved it!! Such fun - I'd like one in the garden.

Hello Lynn. Well, they have to start training early on! They can't really play yet. It's English football but they haven't played a proper game yet - that will come much later.

Glad you enjoyed this post.

Heather, I brought back a cold from Jack and Kitty so I'm even more exhausted than the rest! It was great fun but hard work and so noisy too. Kitty is one on the 27th but not having a party as she won't notice anyway!

jim said...

Gorgeous children and great video's. What fun this all seems - glad you got home, that volcano is trouble!!!

BT said...

Thanks Jim, I'm glad I got home too!

Bella Sinclair said...

Heyyyy, fantastic trip! Happy birthday to Jack! All the little kiddies are so adorable!