Sunday, May 9, 2010

From Worthing to Norfolk, Sunday May 2nd 2010

On the Sunday of our UK stay, we drove all the way up to Norfolk to visit our friends Ivor and Maureen. My son Jason and his family, Sam, Jack and Kitty were there for the day too. We arrived just as dinner was being served. What timing.

Jason and Sam had decided not to tell Jack that I was coming but told him there would be a surprise. His little face was a picture when I arrived. He said 'What are you doing here?' then 'It's a good thing you arrived now or you would have missed your pudding'. He obviously had the pudding on his mind! Later on he said to me 'That was the best surprise ever'. Aw, bless.

We all sat round the table and enjoyed a Sunday roast dinner. Then there was lots of playing with the children, a look around the garden and general chatting and catching up. Here are a few photos of our day:

Kitty now crawling all over the place.

Jack shows off his stickle brick rocket. I'm pulling a strange face!
Jack was laughing because all my rockets fell apart!

I was proud of this one - until it fell apart too....
Kitty decided to eat Jason's mobile phone!

Jason looks on as Kitty stands for quite a while. I tried to get her to walk to me but in the end she bent down to the floor. I don't think it'll be long before she's walking.
Me - my hair isn't quite that red!

Another funny one of me! Jack gave me some sweets.

Jack and Jim had great fun building monsters with the stickle bricks too. It was all too soon time to go but we had a lovely day. We headed off back to Worthing about 7pm and arrived back rather exhausted! Monday was packing the car day and we really packed it full this time - having bought a dishwasher during our stay.

It's good to visit but so nice to be back home!

I have taken lots of flower photos so look out for the next blog.


Bea said...

First of all the header is gorgeous. Great sky color but the composition is spot on.
Jack is so funny. I can almost hear him giggling and the look on your face. lolol got me going. :)Bea

DJ Kirkby said...

Sucj great photos. I'd forgotten about stickle bricks! You're always so busy, I feel tired reading your posts sometimes :)

Jason said...

Some lovely picks, great that Jim got that one of Kitty standing for so long. She sits on the step now and when you say "come here" she gets up and dives at you.

Lovel one of Kitty looking up. Was a lovely visit, thank you both for making such an effort with the trip etc. Jack really enjoyed his suprise.

Hope the planes are ok this week. xx

Mim said...

looks like a lovely trip - that Kitty is just too cute

BT said...

Thanks Bea, DJK, and Mim, I've emailed you.

It was lovely to see you all Jason. Jim took some good photos - I'll put them on FB when I have a minute. Love Kitty diving at you!

I hope the ash stays away on Thursday. Touch and go at the moment. Hugs xxx

steven said...

bt - family is so lovely! i'm glad that you celebrate them. steven

DK Leather said...

fabby post mum, SO pleased you took such lovely photos :D Kitty and Jack are growing sooo fast!

Super xxx

Heather said...

Love your new header Gina. Jack is growing up so fast - you must see a big difference in all the children each time you see them. Such a long way there and back in a day - no wonder you were tired. Beautiful family photos and lots of lovely memories for you.

BT said...

Thenk you steven, I am indeed lucky.

So glad you liked the post K. Time just flies by sadly.

Hello Heather. Glad you like my header. I like to change it regularly now. Jack and Kitty seem to grow too much each time I see them. I can't believe Jack is at school.