Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bit of a Mixture

A cobweb on a frosty, misty morning.

Who'd have thought we'd ever be wanting rain in Ireland? It's been dry for weeks and the garden needs some rain. It is supposed to be coming this weekend and for a change I'll be grateful.

On the radio people have been asked not to light bonfires as everything is tinder dry. We noticed that a lot of our gorse has died with the cold Winter and that burns like crazy. There is also a lot of dead grass around.

I have almost finished my patch of nettles/convolvulus by the pond/soak away. I've been quite tired but maybe that's days of swinging the mattock.

The other morning I woke up early and it was very misty outside, plus there had been a ground frost! I rushed out with my camera but most of the photos I took were a bit of a disappointment. I did get a few decent ones though.

This is the view from our gate towards the lake! It looks rather spooky.

Look at that white grass in front of The Deenery!

This cobweb reminded me of a hammock.

While this one needs a bit of repair.

A double cobweb - one behind the other.

I love this photo of all the webs on the gorse. It looks ghostly.

Finally a web with a spider already busy in the centre. Do click on it to see more clearly.

I can't remember the name of this bush but it is head to toe in blossom. I took this on the way back to the cottage. Buster clearly thought it was far too early for all this activity:

He followed me around the meadow but sat down at every opportunity.

This joiner is of Flagmount in the mist.

I took 197 photos! I tried to be quite selective for you.

I am tired now so it's off to bed for me.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wonderful photos. Those spider webs aren't found around her until fall. We too need rain. It is so dry which is unusual for this time of year.

DK Leather said...

beautiful pictures momma :D xxx

Stampmaiden said...

Your pictures are always awesome. The spider webs look so thick almost as if they were made of twine! Lovely. Ah Buster. What a loyal fellow.

Leatherdykeuk said...

love the joiner.

Mim said...

They are wonderful pictures!!!

BT said...

Thank you Lisa. We get webs all year but it's not often we have a late frost so they show up. No rain yet today.

Thanks K.

Thank you Linda. The webs do look incredibly thick, don't they and aren't they just works of art. Silly Buster falling asleep!

Thanks Rachel.

I do my best Mim!

Bea said...

Aren't spider webs amazing? You have some great shots there. And, yes, sometimes you have to take a TON of pictures to get the handful that are just breath taking, like you did. :)Bea

Heather said...

Two of my Australian bloggy friends have been complaining about all their rain while we in the UK have had lovely weather for weeks and want rain. What a turn around! Your photos are wonderful - I love the cobwebs and that was quite a frost you had. Buster looks as if he had a heavy night on the tiles!

OffalyGoodLife said...

I've been warned many times about praying for rain in Ireland, but the tadpoles in the garden pond are beginning to look a bit worried. Some rain this evening, so we'll have to see how much has actually fallen tomorrow.

soulbrush said...

OMG i absolutely adore webs, and these are such good pics. they are so hard to capture, wow wow, and love the header too, i always gasp at the beauty which surrounds you.

BT said...

Spiders webs are incredible Bea. Buster charges through them without a thought, then they have to be built all over again!

Hello Heather, I think the weather's gone all topsy turvy. We did have some rain yesterday so everything's a bit fresher now. The sun's shining again though. Mustn't complain. Buster has a new pal Max, and they play until they are exhausted!

Hiya OffalyGL! We got some rain yesterday thankfully. I am also nervous about praying for rain here! We might het a summer like last year.

Thank you Joss. I took hundreds of photos and many of them were out of focus. Still, I did manage a few good ones. Thanks for the compliment. I hope you're feeling more chipper. xxx

Jason said...

Webtastic. Dry Ireland, marvellous!


BT said...

Ha ha Jason! We had some rain on Saturday, but very little. Dry Ireland indeed.