Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Beautiful Evening

It was a busy day yesterday in the sunshine. All the flowers are popping out almost as you look at them. I did some digging on the allotment and - best of all - Jim and I moved a huge pile of wood. This was left over from the barn demolishing - and was at the bottom of the Fairy Hill. It took some doing but looks so much better now.

As dusk came, I went down to the orchard and lit a bonfire there. It had been there a long time and the contents were fairly dry, so it lit well and carried on burning well into the late evening. The embers glowed fiercely like a volcano's lava and the sky was as clear as I've seen it. I lay down on some left over newspapers and just savoured the moment. Jim brought me out a coffee and after a while, Buster joined me. He seemed to appreciate the special mood too and lay down a little way from me, in front of the glowing embers.

I watched the sky for a while and saw 2 satellites pass overhead - I could only just spot them moving eerily across the fairy lit sky. The only think missing was a shooting star but I didn't mind.

In the distance I could hear the lapwing calling - he always sings in the evening. I hope he stays in the area, it's the first time we've seen one here. He is performing his courtship routine, which involves flying fast, close to the ground, his wings making a 'thrumming' sound, like a low throbbing engine. Then he makes his well know 'pee-wit' cry and flies fast up in the air. It's amazing to watch.

I just wanted to share a rather magical moment with you all, just me, Buster, the warmth of the fire, the stars and the birds making a marvellous Spring soup of sounds and smells.


Jason said...

sounds fab. Man can create greatness, but nothing compares to the natural world.


Bea said...

I was there with you, in spirit. I love our bonfires. I love watching the night sky. I would have brought a bottle of wine, though, coffee is nice but wine by the fire is delightful. :)Bea

Leatherdykeuk said...

Possibly your best post ever. Beautiful.

Heather said...

Thankyou for sharing your magic moments with us Gina. There is nothing like savouring being at one with nature - it's free too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a delightful evening. I wish I could have been there. It sounds so romantic with the Lapwing doing its display.

Charlene said...

Lovely blog, Gina. I like the idea of Spring Soup. I had never thought of spring quite like that before. Thanks.

BT said...

You're so right Jason. xx

Bless, Bea. I would have loved that. Red wine and big glasses!

Oh thank you Rachel.

That's true Heather, 'the best things in life are free'.

It was rather special Lisa. The lapwing was about again this evening.

Hello Charlene and thank you for your lovely comment.

BT said...

Your blog didn't show up Charlene.

DK Leather said...

the perfect post; beautiful, evocative, thought provoking. Magic.

Thanks for sharing it mum xxx

Anonymous said...

A very magical post! It's moments like the ones you describe that I look up at the sky and realize through blogging I have new friends thousands of miles away under the same sky. The bird's ritual must have been fascinating and I bet Buster got the last sip of coffee!!!

BT said...

Thank you K, a lovely comment.

Hello Mildred, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Buster's not too keen on coffee although he does like tea!! I was in a play once (Irish funnily enough) called 'Same Old Moon'. Basically it said what you have said. It's the same old moon shines on us wherever in this world we are. xxx

Deborah said...

Sounds like a lovely evening.