Saturday, March 27, 2010

Suffolk Visit Part 2

What a great face

More Colchester Zoo

This post is a bit long and photo heavy - less to read though!

Don't you just love Meerkats? I can't resist their worried little faces and 'look out' alerts - I think the one in the centre has the funniest expression!

This otter was chatting to me through the glass.
So that's where Jack came from.

Ebony and Ivory Wallabies
Or maybe Jack is a marsupial!
In the pet's corner. What a scraggy chicken!

This piglet was a bit shy

Sam and I both loved the donkey.
We all fed Tania the elephant. Her trunk felt weird when you popped the food in.

We all took a turn at feeding the giraffes. Their tongues are so long.

A proud looking vulture with gorgeous feathers.
Kitty and Sam. Kitty was so good all day.

A different species of monkey - the Jack variety.

Phew, it was a long day but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

On Wednesday, it was my surprise for Mother's Day. We drove to Ipswich while Sam's Mum Rene looked after Jack and Kitty. I realised we were going to see 'Riverdance, the Final Tour' at The Regent Theatre, Ipswich. I have never seen it and was thrilled to be doing so at last.

We had a lovely buffet Chinese meal for lunch, then it was the big show. We all loved it, the music is uplifting and the dancing spectacular. A perfect choice and our seats were the best in the house, centre dress circle. I couldn't have asked for a better present. As we didn't have that much time, I didn't take may photos, but here are some of those I did take:

The Regent Theatre, an old cinema.
One of the many lovely old buildings in Ipswich.

A fabulous church tower.

I loved the brickwork and tower on this building.

I bet the view from those windows is spectacular. Fabulous weather vane too.

On the return journey we had another 'show' with a gorgeous sunset.

And there's another day to go yet!!


DK Leather said...

fabulous to see! Looking forward to the next day :D

Loved the giraffes especially, and of course the sunset :D xxx

Leatherdykeuk said...

Glad the day went so well.

Wasn't watching 'Riverdance' a bit like a busman's holiday?

Peggy said...

The Zoo is always a great family day out and judging from the photos everyone enjoyed it.You also had a great Mother's day treat!

Jason said...

Great to see the the zoo pics. Good Ipswich pics, the sunset came out well. So glad you liked the show, me too, I was talking about it today. We must do it again.


PAK ART said...

The zoo has some wonderful fun things for the kids don't they. That Kitty is adorable - I saw her "pink" pic in the last photo.

jinksy said...

The first giraffe shot is a masterpiece...

Heather said...

Wonderful pics Gina - the giraffes and otter are my favourites. I love those old buildings too.

BT said...

Thanks for the comments. I've emailed you all. xxx