Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daughter and Granddaughter's Visit: Ennis.

I know I've only just done a post, but if I leave this too long, I'll forget the details, woolly head that I am. My daughter K and her youngest Lina (aged 12) visited us for far too short a time last week, from Wednesday afternoon until Friday morning. Still, we packed a lot in! Having met them at the airport and hugged and squished each other, we set off to Ennis to do a bit of shopping and generally show them round.

I didn't take many photos but K, over the 3 days, took over 300! I'll get her twitter link if you'd like to see them all. This is a doorway in one of the Ennis churches. There was also an amazing sculpture of a hand - I don't remember having seen it before:

We wandered the streets and peered in shop windows. I love the shoe shops in Ennis, they have some really unusual ones.

Jim and I hadn't had any breakfast or lunch and decided, in Lina's honour, to take them to Supermac's! This is the Irish version of MacDonald's but with nicer chips. We all ate heartily and felt much better afterwards. Jim and I often make up silly songs and we always sing 'Super-Macs, Super-Macs' to the tune from the 'A Team' TV series!! It wasn't long before K and Lina were singing along too.

We walked across the new footbridge over the river and I tried to take a photo of Lina:

She's at that 'I don't want my photo taken' stage!! The lady walking her dog had a marvellous stick with her. It was completely covered in hair bands!

Isn't that such fun?

Jim then decided to make Lina have her photo taken!

I think Lina won!

I did manage rather a good shot of Jim though:

Here is K clowning around with the lifebelt by the bridge. It's so small, I think it must be for Leprechauns!

I couldn't resist a couple of photos of the Abbey spire. It's so striking against the blue sky. I think many of K's and my photos will be the same.

A closer shot. All the bottom of the abbey is clothed in scaffolding so I had to be selective here.

Next to the abbey, on the pavement, is this lovely old post box:

Yes of course they're green in Ireland!

Just near to the post box was an arch and above it, I spotted this little piece of Spring:

Jim was worried about the car over running the parking ticket but I wanted to take K to the museum in Ennis. Jim said he'd go and move the car and go to Tesco to get some supplies and to our surprise, Lina went with him. I think she was going to make sure Grandad Jim bought some goodies for us all!

K and I spent some time in the museum, K taking loads of photos. I just took this one of a lovely stained glass window:

We headed to the museum shop as K wanted to buy an 'Ennis' fridge magnet to add to her collection - when Jim rang to say they'd finished shopping and within a few minutes they came into the shop. Off we went home, enjoying the drive in the sunshine. K snapped a photo of the Court House with my camera as Jim drove by:

We gave Lina and K a tour of the house (K has been before pre-extension) and some of the land outside. Jim rustled up a meal and after a wash and brush up, (and a little catch up sleep for Lina), we headed off to 'Peppers Bar' at about 9.50pm. Wednesdays is always music night there, and Jim and I thought it would be a good opportunity for our guests to sample some Irish music. It was quite crowded but we managed to find seats and thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. We stayed until midnight then it was home and not too long before we fell into bed.

Part 2 tomorrow. The first half day was lovely.


DK Leather said...

~big smiles~ That day was indeed super smashing. It was such a lovely sunny day too, we were very lucky!

http://tinyurl.com/yfd3g8f is the Flickr photo set for anyone interested for our Ireland visit with you both! :D

Love and miss you already! xxx

DK Leather said...

~laughs~ just revisited your photos. That one of me is so funny, I look most odd! Especially love though the 'Irish Water Safety' sign on the teeny weeny life belt, that made me laugh all over again!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and I know you all must miss each other already! Jim looks especially happy and the weather seems delightful. I'm sure the music was superb. Thanks for sharing your family.

Bea said...

What great pictures and how much fun was it that they came over to visit you guys! Lina, Lina, Lina..... I think we did see a picture of her when you went to visit K, didn't we? :)Bea

Jason said...

Looks a great trip, lovely hand!

The Irish music night sounds great. I loved that.


Leatherdykeuk said...

I've just waded through the flicker set too :)
How lovely!

Peggy said...

Hi, re the post box.The old post boxes some of which like yours survive around the country were originally put in place by England and have the relevant Monarchs coat of arms.I have seen a couple with VR for Victoria on them! We then just painted them green rather than remove them.I dont know if anyone even notices anymore.

Heather said...

I really enjoyed my 'trip' to Ennis Gina - thanks for taking us along with you. Lovely pics as usual - that sculpted hand is wonderful. You certainly fitted a lot in.

BT said...

We were lucky with the weather, weren't we K? Thanks for putting your Flicker link up. That one of you is funny and it also says 'Ennis Council' on it as a reminder!

Thanks Mildred, have emailed you.

Bea, I did manage to catch one or two good photos of Lina! She is so pretty, talk about hiding your light under a bushel.

Thanks for that PO information Peggy. I had guessed as much as it seems to say ERV11 (Edward 7th?) on this one. They're lovely and I'm glad some still survive.

It was fun Jason. You and Sam will have to go next time.

It is a real feat to wade through all K's photos Rachel!! I managed it too.

Thanks Heather, super hand isn't it? We did fit a lot in!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a fun day. That hand sculpture is awesome.

priti.lisa said...

Hi Gina,
you really captured some beautiful images...I was catching up on your blog and I see you are doing bea's project. Now she wants you to cut it up??? Oh my. I was going to follow along, but I am not a very great seamstress. Cut it apart and sew it back together???
I can't wait to see everyone's result...you are a brave one :D

BT said...

Thanks Lisa, I thought so too.

Hi Lisa. Phew, I've just been trying the Bea piece. It's not easy! All will be revealed on Friday.

Mim said...

Lovely pictures and looks like a wonderful time with your family

PAK ART said...

These are such beautiful photos. I don't know when, but I want to do a watercolor of that church. It is so beautiful.

BT said...

Thanks Mim and Patty. I'd love to see a painting of the abbey Patty.

Cottage Rose said...

What wonderful photos,,,Ennis looks like a lovely place,, all the old beautiful buildings,,, I really enjoyed seeing all the fun you all were having. have a great weekend,