Monday, March 22, 2010

ATCs, Cards and Part 1 UK Visit, Jack and Kitty


Our group of 10 ATC-ers is still busy working its way through the alphabet for the second time. I have got a bit behind with mine but am trying to catch up. We aim to do one letter a week. Did I show you my 'I' for International?

I have just done 'J' for 'Jumping':

This Jumping Cat is for Lolo and is wending its way to America as we speak!

I have received some lovely ones too:

This is I for Indigo Blue Bunting and is from Lolo. Isn't it gorgeous?

It came in this pretty blue and white card.

This lovely card came from a friend I met when we were both pregnant. Her daughter Tania is 9 days older than my youngest, Ben. Chris also enclosed a photo of Tania and Ben when they were very small!

Ben is in the front. Tania is now in Australia working and Ben is running his bar in Puerto Banus, Marbella. Who would have thought it to look at them? Chris is coming over some time in May and hopefully will be able to come and see us. So many visitors.

Bea's Blind 5 Week Challenge


Bea, from Dog in the Hole Studio has set a challenge for anyone who would like to join in. I was away for the first week but have joined belatedly. Here are my first 2 pieces of work. I did 2 pieces instead of one in case I messed one up! Bea sets the next 'clue' each Monday and we are to post our work on the following Friday. Let's pretend this is last Friday!

I cut 2 pieces of muslin 9" x 7" and covered them with a gel medium. On the top one, I then stuck some paper from a parcel I had in the garden for several months, which had taken on some lovely colours, onto the gel medium. Then I covered it all with more medium. When it had dried it felt lovely, the whole piece feeling like fabric.

The one below, I used just one piece of paper from the same bundle then filled in the spaces with a 'wet wipe' I had used for mopping up paint. It had something sparkly on it too. I have received today's instructions, which are on Bea's blog, and will post the results on Friday. Properly!

UK Visit Part One

I arrived in Suffolk last Monday. Jack had complained that there was a Mother's Day but not a Big Brother's Day, so we made Tuesday Big Brother's Day and Jack opted to go to Colchester Zoo. It's a lovely big zoo and we headed off quite early in the morning.

I bought Jack a camera so he could take some photos of his special day!

Kitty is now almost 10 months old. She enjoyed her day too. She'll be demanding a 'Little Sister's Day' soon!

We tried to see things we had missed on our last visit, which included the sea lions. There was a tunnel underneath the water of their pool and the view was wonderful. I took loads of photos of them:

The pale blue strip going from left to right is the tunnel. The sea lions came and showed themselves to us when their trainer arrived:
The keeper held a football the other side of the glass and the sea lion pointed to it.

This is my favourite photo taken from the tunnel. They were all rolling about and seemed to be having such fun.

This one was keeping an eye on me.

We then wandered along to see the Oran Utang - he looked very fed up but I was assured they can't smile so always look like that!

He turned around and his back was covered in bits of straw:

Outside they had a lovely big play area and the lady Oran Utang was having a great game hiding underneath a sack:

The females have much shorter hair. She did eventually drop the sack, but soon picked it up and put it over her head again. Maybe she's shy!

Jack was enjoying watching her.

Inside the zoo are the ruins of an old church:
Jack had a go on the play equipment. He's almost 5 now. Unbelievable. I think that's enough for today.

Happy Monday everyone.


Lynn said...

What a lot of wonderful here. First of all the banner took my breath away. Awesome photo!

The cards and kids are wonderful, and that smile on the baby in pink is precious beyond words.

Life looks good where you are. Enjoy.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such fun with family. Your project looks intersting.

BT said...

Thanks Lynn and Lisa. I've emailed you both.

DK Leather said...

oh gosh, what totally fantastic pictures of Jack and Kitty! :D

I really loved seeing those xxx

Jason said...

We all really enjoyed your visit. Lovely pictures of Jack and Kitty. The one of Kitty is my wallpaper. xx

Leatherdykeuk said...

Splendid, as ever.

BT said...

Thanks K, Jason and Rachel. I've emailed.

Heather said...

Great ATCs Gina - both your designs are super. Love the look of your muslin/paper/fabric and can't wait to see what happens to it next. Jack and Kitty are growing up so fast - lovely photos.

BT said...

Hi Heather. Thanks for your comments re the ATCs. I have some more instructions re the paper/material so will work on that when I can. Pictures Friday. xx

Melissa said...

Hi, there! I am participating in Bea's challenge, too. You all are making me wish I painted some fabric. It looks so great. And it looks like Jack had a great Big Brother's Day, too!

soulbrush said...

love the stuff you are doing for bea's project, and love those kids faces!

KathyB. said...

Kitty and Jack are so cute! I would pinch little Katie's cheeks ever so gently if I were to meet her, and tell her what a cutie she is. That Jack sounds like a very smart and thoughtful boy, Brother's Day indeed.

I very much like the blue bunting art card and your cat art card BT !

I love your new header, where was that picture taken?

Bella Sinclair said...

Thank heaven for little girls AND little boys! They keep us so young. Beautiful photos, Gina! I especially enjoyed those sculptures at the zoo that Jack crawled in. Adorable! Looks like you had a splendid trip. Even took in a fantastic show!

Oh, wow, those ATCs looks like a lot of fun! You guys keep cranking out new ideas. It's fun to watch it develop. :)