Saturday, March 27, 2010

Suffolk Visit, Last Day. Brandon Country Park.

Jack in Brandon Country Park

On our last day together, Sam decided to let Jack stay at home from nursery so we could have a full day. We decided to go to the Brandon Country Park, as neither Sam nor I had ever been there before. It was a lovely day, although the weather forecast had been poor. We took a picnic and found the place quite easily. I used to live in Thetford, Norfolk and Brandon isn't that far away from there.

The cafe in the park was open so we started with a coffee! Then Jack had a play on the adventure playground and we had our picnic. The bushes around us were a magnet for the first Brimstone butterflies I have seen this year. They are a gorgeous yellow and quite big, but didn't stay still long enough for a photo.

Jack enjoyed the park area:

We decided to go for a walk through the woods. There are various length walks and we picked the 'red route', which was supposed to take 30 minutes, but with the pushchair and me taking photos and Jack playing, it took us quite a bit longer.

Jack was in charge of spotting the red topped posts for us to follow.

Picnic time.
Kitty, Jack and me pausing for a photo.
Look at the lovely wood and the carpet of leaves on the ground. Jack was running ahead to find the next red post.

Brandon has an RAF base nearby and every now and then some fast, noisy jets went overhead. I tried to photograph them, but because of the trees and their speed, this is the best I came up with:
We came upon this wonderful house - it is now a nursing home. Sam and I decided we'd quite like to live there. It has a lake in front of it.

Jack by the pond, lifebelt reflected.

There were a lot of bull rushes left from last year.

We stopped while Jack had a tree climb:
Jack shooting me while I shot him!!

Jack posed by a wiggly wood sculpture.

We were soon back to the car park after a really lovely, fun walk. Then it was back home and time for me to pack my case, have some tea then Sam ran me to the airport for the trip home.

Thanks Sam, Jason, Jack and Kitty for a lovely few days.


Lynn said...

Nothing tops being with grandchildren! I KNOW!!! Love this little guys joy in running and play with his grandma. Sweet family you have there. Hope none of you had to move to the nursing home anytime soon.

PAK ART said...

What a wonderful day with the kids. You look like you had an awesome time. I love your new header - the reflection in the water is really beautiful.

Stampmaiden said...

Oh those trees are magnificent. And Gina, do you really want to live in that home rather than at the lovely Deanery? I could stay on your land forever. It's so magical. Great pics and what a wonderful time you all had.

Jason said...

Looks a lovely day, some great pics. Must go there myself.


Leatherdykeuk said...

What a splendid day!

Heather said...

What a lovely final day for your trip Gina - great pics as usual, even if you didn't get the Brimstones.

BT said...

Thank you everyone. It was a lovely trip. Now I have to blog on my daughter and granddaughters' trip to Ireland! It's a busy life.

soulbrush said...

what absolute natural beauty, love the photo of you and your kiddies. aaaaaaw.

BT said...

Thanks soul. More grey showing now!