Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another UK Trip. Garden Update...

Kitty Green aged 16 months

Quick Flit to the UK

I took a quick and unexpected trip to the UK. It was 'Grandparents School Dinner' day and I didn't want to miss it. This was at Jack's school and all five of us Grandparents came and had dinner with Jack. I arrived late at night and Jack hadn't seen me as he'd gone off to school early. When he came to collect us all, he rushed up to me and flung his arms round me. It was lovely.

We had to wait our turn at the table then collect our tray and go up to the serving hatch for the food. It was a roast dinner which was very 'school dinner' but the pudding was fabulous. Sticky sponge with syrup underneath with custard. Wow. I managed to get one of the other 'Grandparents' to take a photo of us all:

L - R Ivor, Maureen, Ken, Jack, Rene and Me. I think Jack had the largest complement of Grandparents! He had 2 Nans, 2 Grandads and 1 Gran!

Back at the house, with all of us together for a change, I took some family photos:

My son Jason, centre, his Grandad Ivor in the yellow shirt and his Dad Ken in the red one. Such great colours! Jason's the only one who's managed to keep most of his hair!

Here we are again with me on the end and Sam, Kitty and Maureen on the floor. Jack was still at school and Jason took the photo.

This time with Jason, as Sam took this one!

Kitty is just adorable and such a happy little girl most of the time. She doesn't talk much but understands an awful lot!

I think this is probably my favourite of the stay. She just threw back her head and laughed, with a real 'ha ha ha'. Wonderful.

I loved the shadows on the floor. Jason and Kitty are there too.

On the Saturday morning, Sam and I took Jack for a swimming lesson then he had a party! It was fancy dress and Jack made an impressive skeleton:

I loved the way his nose poked out of the mask.

The children had a magician/entertainer and Jack loved it:

After the party we headed home and played 'beds' on the floor. I was heading off at 5.45 so it was quite a quiet game before I left.

Jack and Kitty first lay on cushions.

Then we made a better bed!

Jack cuddling Kitty

Then he gave her a kiss. Aaaah.

I brought home Kitty's cold which is a bit of a pain. Hopefully it will be gone in a day or two.
House and Garden

Jim had been very busy in the kitchen while I was away.

He finished the section behind the boiler, built those shelves and varnished them. Doesn't it look good?

There is still some work to do on the opposite wall but that's about it for the kitchen/diner.

In the garden, the new wall has been planted up:

There are 2 conifers, some herbs, cyclamen and pansies plus some heathers and 2 roses.

I have done some work on the parking area, which was a bit of a mess.

I have moved the blocks now and most of the stones.

I have edged the bed with stones and will carry on as and when I get time.

Toadstools and Coriander Seeds

I took a few photos of toadstools in Suffolk.

This one was tiny.

This strange creature was on a tree where we parked our car for the party.

I must go for a walk in the woods. There are always loads of toadstools at this time of year.

Lastly, Jim collected the seeds from our coriander plants and marvelled at the patterns they made in the tray:

Aren't they fun?

On the Crafts front I'm making 2 rag dolls. Photos when they're completed.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have had quite a good time. The Grands are so cute. You are lucky to be able to be around them so much even though you live apart. Your new planting is going to be gorgeous when it fills in. I hope you don't hurt your back moving all of those stones. Be careful. Jim has done a great job on the kitchen.

DK Leather said...

oh how wonderful! Loved the pictures, love the blog. Kitchen looks smashing!
Busy busy xxx

BT said...

I did have a great time Lisa and yes, the Grands are fabulous. It's only an hour by plane so I am lucky. I think our backs are getting used to moving great boulders! I'm so pleased with the kitchen.

Hi K. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Isn't the kitchen super? A great improvement.

Anonymous said...

Kitty and Jack are growing so fast. I think I remember that Kitty is named for your Mum, right? She is so pretty. Love Jack's skeleton outfit. Wonderful to see photos of everyone enjoying lunch with Jack. Jim did a grand job on the kitchen. How very nice it looks and I love the stone wall with the plants. Hope your cold gets better soon. Love, Mildred

Stampmaiden said...

Gina, I'm always amazed at all the action going on in your neck of the woods. Great pics too! My favorite being the wild pattern made by the coriander seeds. How great!

BT said...

Mildred, your memory is amazing! Yes, Kitty was named after my mother. I am up early because my nose was running so much! It's turned into a bit of a stinker. I'm glad you enjoyed the post and like the kitchen improvements and the garden wall.

Linda, great to see you. Glad you like the coriander patterns - I thought someone like you just might! ~hugs~ to you and Mildred (above)

Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely shots. What a super wall you have.

Heather said...

Lovely family pics Gina - school dinners have definitely improved since my day! Kitty is adorable. Jim has done a fantastic job on your kitchen and the garden wall is settling in beautifully. Love the fungi and seeds.

Jason said...

You took some real crackers this time. Im sure various of these will end up in frames. I just love the Kitty one.

What a fine Gran you are flying from Ireland for Jacks lunch. He is lucky. Thanks.

The kitchen and wall look great.


Bea said...

What WONDERFUL pictures of all of you grands! I love the one of you napping with the grandkids, on the floor. Tried to trick them, huh? lol I think I have that t-shirt.
Wonder shots of the mushrooms. Wonder what that white thing was, it seemed to be dripping liquid or water, too.
Wow, the kitchen looks so warm and inviting. What a lot of work you two have done on your place. I see Jim's jam jars behind the boiler.
Yummmmmmm :)Bea

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely family photos Gina. Those coriander seeds are amazing - I think jim ought to set them in concrete in a special little area - they would make amazing paving.

Pam's English Garden said...

Gina, The children are growing so fast! The mushroom pics are amazing. Oh, and I love your header photo. Pam

priti.lisa said...

Kitty and Jack are the sweetest children...ooo...I want to sqeeze them :o)
It is so gray and rainy here...but that is Ireland too...I think it is not the weather that depresses me as much as our culture.
It just seems simpler and happier where you are, Gina. I very much enjoyed my visit, and I am glad you are well!

BT said...

Thanks Rachel, I love our wall!

Thank you Heather, the garden is slowly beginning to look like something!

Hi Jason. I am a fine Gran with fabulous Grandchildren! Worth the effort I say. Glad you like the kitchen and the photos - I love the one of Kitty too.

He Weaver, what a great idea - I'll tell Jim!

Pam, good to see you. Yes they are growing up. I can't believe how fast. That means we're getting older too! Glad you like the mushroom pics and the header - time I changed that one!

Hi Lisa, you sound a bit down. Ireland is all doom and gloom at the moment because of the money situation. Still, it hasn't affected us much - unless we try to sell up of course.

marianne said...

Precious pictures of a wonderful visit!!!
And what a treat to come back and finnnnnd a lovely surprise made by your hubby!
He is worth his weight in gold!
(so are you dear)

have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I adore your planted wall, very lovely and artistic. I'd love to have that bordering my meditation garden, but alas, the earth in south Jersey is quite unlike Ireland. We have much sand and very few stones. I shall try though.