Sunday, October 24, 2010

Horses, Flowers and Sky.....

The Deenery Front Garden, taken today.


I went to post a letter a couple of days ago and on the mountain road was a field with a few horses in it. I stopped and made friends with them. They were funny, if I was in the car, they'd come right up to the gate but as soon as I got out, they backed off.

Look at that lovely blue sky.

These two look as though they're having a chat!

Four in a row.

the one nearest had a beautiful colour nose.

It was clearly a good joke!

Go on - tell us another one!

The Deenery

When I arrived at the post office it was shut for lunch! I always forget that, so I drove back to Killanena and up the long lane which goes high above Lough Graney so that I could photograph The Deenery in the sunshine:

Can you spot it? If you come straight down from the centre of the furthest right hand bit of overhanging tree, you hit us! Not the big one to the right of us. You may have to click on it to see.

There we are!

This is a joiner I took from the top of the hill. A chap called Joe lives in the house you can see on the far right. What views over Lough Graney and Flagmount he has. Do click on it and see whether you can still spot The Deenery!

The red roofed building is a derelict farm. The lake looked like glass that day. The striped brown section at the bottom left is the bog, where locals used to cut peat for burning on the fire. We have rights to a piece of it apparently.


Today I had an afternoon outside as it was so lovely. Inside we are still working on the snug and making progress.

This is some of the area I have been working on lately, weeding it then putting gravel down.

I am now working my way up the hill to the parking area, which has mostly been done already. That boulder needs moving!

The cosmos keep on blooming and even some sweet peas.

The liquidamber is looking magnificent.

Round to the back again and the roses carry on valiantly.

I think this pink double hollyhock looks like a powder puff my mother used to have.

Throughout the day, the sky made beautiful pictures.

I do love the clouds. By teatime the sky had tinges of bright red over Lough Graney, it looked gorgeous. The new header photo was taken then.

Our ginkgo biloba has turned a fabulous yellow.

This little holly is covered in berries. Can you see the silver bandage on it? The builders snapped it in two with the digger and Jim 'mended' it. We didn't think it would survive, but it seems just fine. More cosmos are flowering behind it.

There is even a lupin still left.

This is a 'joiner' photo I took looking out over Lough Graney from our gate. The clouds were a beautiful colour.

Of course I took far too many photos of the garden today with all the flowers. I'm just loving the fact that we still have so many. Pansies, dianthus, polyanthus, pansies, cosmos, sweet peas and even the tender busy lizzies are still in flower.

I hope every one's enjoying the weekend. Tomorrow we are going to watch a hurling match. Killanena have got to the finals so we are off to see them WIN! Last time they made it this far and we watched them, they lost so it must be their turn now.


Anonymous said...

You live in the most beautiful area I know of and you take the most fantastic photos Gina! Oh the views are just lovely. That horse telling the joke is the funniest thing I've seen in a while!!! Your still have so many colorful flowers. I think the hollyhock is my favorite and how sweet that it reminds you of your Mum. All of your and Jim's hard work is visible in the photos - your home and garden are so pretty.

Shirley said...

Great post. Your garden is still looking beautiful and, of course, I loved the photos of the horses!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the tour of your lovely garden. I love horses, so this was a treat.

Lynn said...

Really fun horse shots!!! Funny at the end!
Lovely garden flowers. Always surprised to see how many flowers you have that look like ones here in California. The lupine especially.

Leatherdykeuk said...

How utterly fabulous. And still you have a lupin! I had none this year. Thanks, slugs.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have to echo Mildred. Your little corner of the world is just beautiful. Your garden is so green and lush.The splash of color from the last of the flowers makes it seem so lively. The horses think so too no doubt. What handsome beasts they are.

Heather said...

Beautiful photos Gina and fantastic skies. Your garden still looks wonderful even this late in the year and thats an amazing hollyhock - mine always seem to get rust. I'm just off outside to plant some sweet williams. What did you say to make that horse laugh so much?!

DK Leather said...

omgosh what a fabulous picture post, SO many super ones I'm stuck to comment! Oh except, I *remember* that powder puff, wow!

Fabby xxx

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh-- this is the second tour of Ireland I've taken in blog-land today, and it makes me want to hop a plane!

Willow said...

I love all the beautiful pictures. I could not stop laughing at the one with the horse. It really looks like he is laughing.


DayPhoto said...

Thank you for the lovely tour!


aims said...

You do live in a piece of paradise!

I'm amazed that you still have such beautiful flowers. We woke to a sea of white. Cold white.

It's always a long long winter here.

BT said...

Mildred, I've emailed you.

Hi Shirley, thank you so much. The horses are lovely aren't they?

Hello gardenwalk..... I'm so glad you too enjoyed my garden and the horses.

Hello Lynn, it is odd that we have so many flowers the same when we live so far apart! The lupins have usually long finished but this one was very slow to get started so has flowered very late.

Thanks Rachel. That lupin had a bad start and was quite slug eaten so it's taken ages to flower!

Thank you so much Lisa. It is certainly pretty around here. We had a frost last night so some of the flowers suffered but many are still carrying on valiantly!

Hi Heather. Thanks for the compliments about the garden. One of our hollyhocks, a gorgeous red one, had some awful disease on the leaves which just ruined it. I don't photograph that one of course! It was an old joke that made the horse laugh!

Hi K, so glad you enoyed it. Fancy you remembering the pink powder puff. It used to sit in a cut glass bowl.

You do that Barbara, but I'd wait until Spring if I were you! Ireland in Winter is just wet!

Hello Willow, great to see you. I couldn't believe when the horse made that face - then did it again! He was probably telling me to go away!

My pleasure DayPhoto.

I've emailed you aims. Thanks for droppng by.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wonderful photos. I loved seeing your place from afar. How it sits there. What's around it & how green it is. Loved the horses too. You should see our Liquid Ambar tree. It's a giant and starting to turn colors.It will be spectacular.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh we, in Oregon, have many of the same plants you have there too.

BT said...

Hi Cris

Lovely to see you. I'm glad you liked the distant photos, you can get an idea of where we 'sit' as it were. You must take some photos of your Liquid Amber tree in its full glory. Interesting that you have lots of 'our' plants too. I thought they'd be much more exotic!

Bella Sinclair said...

Whenever I see your garden, I feel like I'm actually breathing fresh, crisp air. Oh goodness, that hollyhock is gorgeous! And your cosmos are so lovely and full!