Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Misty Morning in Doorus, County Clare

The header photo was one I took this morning. I awoke early and saw the sun was just peeping through the mist, so decided to get dressed and go straight outside, camera in hand of course. This is the view from my studio:

One day we'll get all our piles of stone moved!

Round in the front garden, the sun was just shining on our ornamental grass:

I went through the gates:

Which were covered in webs, and looked out over to Lough Graney - which was shrouded in mist too:

It's over there somewhere!

Round to the back garden and the dahlias look as though they've been tied up:

The sun was just starting to creep onto the lawn:

There were cobwebs everywhere, it was like a magical kingdom:

Can you see them all on the meadow?

A cobweb cat's cradle.

And a cobweb cocoon.

Followed by a cobweb chorus. The alliteration is purely coincidental.

Flagmount had disappeared - no, I can just see the very top of the hill.

I almost trod on this beautifully frosted dandelion clock.

On the hillside opposite, the mist was clearing just a little. In the foreground you can see the gorse is dressed entirely in cobwebs.

On the ground, the sun was melting the frost on the grass and cobwebs. Please click on this photo to enlarge it - it's lovely close up.

Here is a closer look at the gorse. There must be hundreds of webs on there!

Back near the house, the holly looked striking with its dark green leaves, red berries and cobweb:

Outside the sleeping shed, the red dogwood leaves look stunning:

That is an old plough in front of it - hidden by long grass and a pair of my old wellingtons, once red but now faded to almost white.

The cold nights and sunny days have turned the leaves red on the liquidamber too:

Phew, I took over 100 photos, so it was hard to whittle them down to these. I hope you have enjoyed my early morning garden tour. I came back with very wet feet (I'd headed off in my slippers) and trousers!

We went out tonight - I'll tell you about that next time..


Anonymous said...

How spectacular these pictures are Gina! Those webs are amazing and I love the frosted dandelion - the detail is incredible. We are beginning to see a little color in our leaves but we have not yet had frost here. I hope you'll share more of these photos from your morning shoot. Sending you love from Georgia.

BT said...

Hi Mildred, thank you so much. I've sent you an email.

Leatherdykeuk said...

What fantastic pictures!

Lynne said...

Lovely photos, they just typify autumn. What a beautiful header!

BT said...

Thank you Rachel and Lynne. They are very 'Autumnal' aren't they?

Jason said...

Lovely pictures, looks a great morning. x

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh...nice way to start the day here in the USA.

Heather said...

I'm so glad you headed straight out with your camera Gina, or we might not have seen those gorgeous pictures - a little further into the morning and those wonderful effects would have gone. The beautiful scenery, mist, water droplets and webs create a land of mystery, and the autumn colours are stunning. Fantastic post.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can see why you were drawn to this area to live. It is a beautiful magical place. Great photos.

DayPhoto said...

I kept expecting you to show me a fairy or and gnome.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Amazing - we get cobwebs here like that but it is a case of just going out at the right second as the sun and the dew and the frost are all showing at their best. The farmer has just stood on the bottom step in the hall and looked at them all - thinks they are marvellous Gina.

BT said...

Thanks Jason, it was.

Aw, thanks Barbara.

Wow Heather, thank you so much. What a wonderful comment. I'm all aglow!

Yes, it is beautiful Lisa. Some days more than others of course.

Hello there DayPhoto, ha, ha, I do have a 'Fairy Hill' as it happens with some hidden fairies. I should have put one on for you.

Hi Pat, I'm so glad the farmer liked my photos too. It is difficult to hit just the right moment isn't it? I was lucky yesterday. xxx

KathyB. said...

Your pictures of the mist and your place are just beautiful, and bring to mind many a tale "from the mist".

BT said...

Hello Kathy, good to see you. I'm glad you enjoyed my misty photos. It's just dull and cloudy today!

Deborah said...

Lovely photographs! Looks almost like an enchanted world.

DK Leather said...

beautiful pictures, what a lovely magical wintry wonderland!

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Gina, I so much enjoyed this misty morning tour through your garden. Thank you for taking us along. Pam x

Mim said...

This is a treat of a morning walk - and isn't it amazing how many spiders really are out there? we usually can't see them except in the foggy mornings - the dew just exposes them all.
Gorgeous photos