Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Wonderful Gift. Jim's Baskets.

I received a most lovely gift through the post a few days ago. Julie-Ann Bowden, an artist living in the UK, does the most gorgeous paintings of angels. She did one for Renee before she died. I had asked her to do a commission for me but due to ill health she hadn't been able to complete it. My fabulous painting is to make up for my disappointment.

I just love love it and it went up on the wall straight away. Here it is from a distance showing the placing on the wall. It is called 'In Preparation'.

Julie's blog is well worth a look. Go and see her gallery of artwork.

Jim's Baskets

Jim went to Galway for a 2 day basket weaving course. He thoroughly enjoyed himself as there were only 2 of them plus the tutor and he made 2 baskets. Here is the fruit basket he made:

A Fruit Basket.

It makes a fine hat the other way up!!

I had asked for a waste paper basket for my room and Jim made this one. I love it.

I just love the way he's done the top.

And the bottom. I think I'll have to set him up in business!

While I've been in my studio the cats love to spend time in there with me:

Sandy is on the chair but he's in the shade:

What a contented Sandy cat.

BlackJack prefers to keep watch for enemies!

I worked on the garden over the weekend and on making a rag doll for Christmas for a certain little girl. It's coming on rather well.

I'm really tired now as I didn't sleep well last night, so it's off to bed for me soon, but not before I have to tell you about John and Mildred.


John and Mildred Nalley

I received an email from Mildred in the USA today. She had some bad news about her husband John. An MRI scan has revealed a mass on his temporal lobe. Some healing thoughts for John please, or prayers if you believe in a God.

Night night.


Bea said...

Beautiful baskets, Jim. WELL DONE.
Love the beautiful little painting too. Love seeing the kitties. And, of course, I shall put him in my meditation and prayer time. :)Bea

marianne said...

The cat look so content. Is it colder, that they are inside?
That the good thing about autumn all the animals are inside.

I love your fire place!

Jason said...

Lovely picture and fab baskets!

Sorry to hear about your friends. My thougths go out to them.


Leatherdykeuk said...

What a lovely painting!
Splendid baskets.

I'm sorry about your friend.

Arija said...

So lovely to have a friend send you a painting, I had that pleasure recently as well.

Those baskets are a delight, I wish I could send the prof to a basket weaving workshop. I just love well made baskets.

Enjoy your week my dear.

Heather said...

Beautiful painting Gina and I love Jim's baskets - he's a star pupil. The cats look very happy in your studio and I will certainly say a prayer for John and Mildred.

BT said...

Thank you Bea, you loved it all!!

Hi Marianne, they are content, that's for sure. They often spend time inside, especially BlackJack who just likes to be where we are. Sandy is more of an outside cat. They're just lazy!

Thanks Jason. Not good for the Nalleys.

I'm glad you like the painting Rachel. Super baskets, aren't they?

Hi Arija, lovely to see you, didn't Jim do well? It's fabulous to get unexpected presents, isn't it?

Hello Heather. Super baskets, he's so talented! I found it too hard on my hands when I tried basket weaving. Sandy is back on his chair now! I must come over and see you!

DK Leather said...

ooh I have basket envy! ~grin~

Lovely pictures, and that painting is magical, lucky you!

Love to you both, and furry friends xxx

NB sending all I can to your friends too x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Is there no end to that man's talents I ask.

I am sending my thoughts to John and Mildred too.

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased the painting got to you. Looks so wonderful above your fire place. I can sigh a relief now the angels are with you. They we're taking a longer flight than expected. They arrived in good tidings!
Loads of love!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The painting is marvelous. You are lucky that Jim is making baskets. They are great. I will send healing thoughts and prayers for your friend.

priti.lisa said...

Gina! How I have missed visiting you! I just can't seem to keep up.
I am reading away...your post are like peanuts, I won't be happy til I've devoured them all :D

Julie is a gifted, generous sensitive spirit.
I am lucky to own 2 of her paintings. You are blessed.

And, of course, your friend will have extra prayer.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Gina and friends/family for all your love and kindness during this difficult time.

Mim said...

Definitely prayers and thoughts of that angel painting.

Jim's basket's are wonderful - love that round one - it's gorgeous. How clever of him to learn to do this

Deborah said...

Lovely baskets and kitties. So sorry about your friends.

BT said...

Good baskets aren't they K? Glad you're enjoying Edinburgh, I loved it.

Hi Weaver, oh yes, there is an end to them!! He can't dance....

Julie, your card from me should be with you very soon. I sooo love my painting. It must have been a stormy crossing over the Irish sea!!

Hi Lisa, I shall have to get Jim turning out baskets to sell! Make us rich...

Oh Lisa, you are lucky to have 2 of Julie's paintings. I know just how you feel about trying to visit everyone. It's just impossible. Don't worry and I'm happy to see you when you have time. xxxx

Thinking of you and John Mildred. xx

Hi Mim, yes, Jim is talented. He's a natural basket maker I think. I found it too hard on my hands.

Hi Deborah, thanks for your kind thoughts.

PAK ART said...

Jim is quite talented at basket weaving - I really think those are nice! Your cats are beautiful laying in the sunshine. What I wouldn't give to have a studio...some day!

Stampmaiden said...

Gina, what beautiful baskets you have! That Jim is so talented.
The painting is so pretty. Love the colors and images.
Love seeing pics of the felines. Mine enjoy hanging out with me in my art space as well.
So sorry to hear about your friend's hubby. I will keep them in my prayers.

BT said...

Thanks Patty and Linda. I do appreciate my space Patty. Hope all's well with you Linda. xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've done basket weaving and it's very hard on my hands. Sadly, didn't continue, but I'm so impressed with the work of others.
These are great! Also, that angel painting, did I read it right -- you did that one? It's incredible! Good thoughts for your friends. I'm your newest Follower. The thought of living in an Irish cottage is lovely! It's a magical place.