Friday, October 22, 2010

Mostly Dotee Dolls and Artist Trading Cards

Dotee Doll Swap

Have you heard of a Dotee Doll? I hadn't before I was invited to take part in a swap to make two!

A lady called Dot in Australia invented these little dolls to spread happiness around the world and they've really taken off. They are really just little stuffed bodies with a head, a hook to hang them from and a 'tail' of some sort hanging from the bottom. The body can be between 3 and 6" long I think. I really enjoyed making these, they're quite easy and basically apart from the rules above, you can do what you like! Anyway, here are my two:



Her hair is made of feathers and she has a little hat on!

The back. I am posting these 2 dolls to a lady in Ireland from the A group of women artists and crafters of all sorts. It's a great site to belong to. The ATCs are also for a Milliande swap.

If you google Dotee Dolls there are lots of photos and a link to Dot's blog too.

ATC Swap

The challenge was to make at least 2 ATCs as Christmas Ornaments to hang on a tree. I made 6 so I get a few different ones back for my tree. I made mine double sided too:

That's all 6, both sides! I think they'll look ok on a tree and have lots of sparkle to catch the light.

They are being posted to Canada to the lady who is organising the swap.

Other News

Jim and I have been laying vinyl wood look tiles on the snug floor. It had a terrible old carpet in there which I hated. It's almost done. We did have some trouble trying to stick the tiles down but seem to have got the hang of it now. We have to paint the ceiling and walls now then it's finished. Oh, and buy a large rug for the centre of the room. Photos when it's done.

Nothing much else to report. I'm off to Suffolk, UK again next week for a few days. Jack and Kitty here I come.....


Leatherdykeuk said...

What super dolls and ATCs. You rock, lady!

BT said...

Well thank you kindly Rachel. xx

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have been so creative BT. I love the dolls. I made a couple of heads for dolls several years ago and didn't ever make the bodies. This might, I say MIGHT, give me the inspiration to give those poor heads a body. I don't know what I was thinking back then. Ha.. Love the ATCs too. They will sparkle on a tree. Have fun in the UK.

BT said...

Hi Lisa. So glad you like my crafty bits. I made my head and body all in one as it was easier. Just cut out a simple pattern first. Go on, give your head a home!! 'I ain't got nobody'....... I'm not off until next Weds but I will have fun I know it.

Lynn said...

Those are adorable dolls, I do love all the vintage looking buttons on them! And the beads that look like legs.I want to add arm beads too!
But of course they aren't mine to do that to.
Nice Xmas tags as well!
Have a lovely trip.

marianne said...

Great dolls. I love the one with the cat!!!!
And what a nice idea with those ATC hangers!
I don't feel like X mas yet maybe that's why I am always late with sending my cards and making stuff.....

Have a nice day dear ♥

Mildred said...

The dolls are cute as can be and the ATC's are so festive and cheerful. Hope you have a lovely visit with the little ones.

BT said...

Hi Lynn, I know what you mean about adding arms! But none of them seem to have arms so I didn't! Glad you liked them.

Hello Marianne, glad you like the dolls and ATCs. I'm not Christmassy yet but there was a time limit on the swap so I had to force myself! I hope all's well with you.

Thank you Mildred. Not off until Wednesday so maybe another post yet. Cute dolls aren't they?

Barbara said...

How cute are those little Dotty dolls?! I'm going to google that, and enjoy more. Adorable!

DK Leather said...

wow! Love the xmas tree ornaments idea with the cards... but oooh oooh oooh pretty please can I have a dotee doll as a xmas present/tree decoration? ~cheesy grin~ I think they're absolutely wonderful! :-)

Heather said...

Love the little dolls and ATCs - have a great trip to Suffolk.

BT said...

Have fun Barbara, I warn you - they can be addictive!!

Thanks K, glad you like the ATCs. I might just consider your request. I might have been going to make one anyway!!

Thanks Heather, I thought you'd like them!

Deborah said...

Lovely ATCs and wonderful little dolls! I've never heard of Dotee Dolls before but what a great idea!

BT said...

Thank you Deborah, so glad you like my new little dolls.

Mim said...

love the dolls - they are so YOU. and I also love the idea of ATC's as ornaments - what a great idea

BT said...

Thank you Mim - I think!! I thought ATCs for Xmas trees was a good plan too!

priti.lisa said...

Busy, busy Gina!
Love the dolls and the ornaments!
Ho Bloody Ho...that made me laugh! I love the UK humor...everything is just funnier with a proper accent :D)