Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tea At Lady Gregory Hotel, Gort - Grandchildren.

The Lady Gregory Hotel, Gort, County Galway, Ireland

I haven't had much to blog about lately. It's been all trying to get on top of the garden, which is growing weeds like wildfire.

However, yesterday afternoon I met up with the secretary of The Gort Show. Amanda took over just before last year's show as they were in a mess, due to the previous chairman! We have chatted on Facebook but not met before.

As I pulled into the car park at the front of the hotel, I could see a lone lady seemingly waiting - and she waved at me! Thankfully it was Amanda. We adjoined to the 'lounge' area, which was all comfy chairs and quiet. The bar was serving food but it was a bit noisy.

I had coffee with a piece of yummy dessert and Amanda tea with the same dessert. Gosh it was melt in the mouth delicious. We met up at about 2.30pm and left at 6pm! Can you believe that? Well I couldn't it. There was much to chat about and we went a second round of tea and I had a scone while Amanda went for a panini - which appeared complete with salad and chips! What a fun and relaxing afternoon it was.

Jim and I have now been volunteered to steward the children's stall at the show. I always love their exhibits so that suits me fine. It's on Sunday August 8th, so only a month away.

I went outside when I eventually got home and did some clearing of the roadside outside our gate. The road gets thinner during the Summer as the grass and sundry weeds/wild flowers encroach into it. I didn't come in until 11pm as it was dark!


I have sent my last one of the alphabet series to Teri and it's 'Z for Zonked Out'!!

This is me, dreaming of all the ATCs I have done in technicolour!

Teri also does 'Zentangles'. Now I have never tried these before and Teri hinted that she wanted me to do one for her, so I had a go:

I don't think it turned out too badly. Basically it's doodling with repetitive patterns. I have managed to squeeze Teri's name in it too. The above link is to a video of Milliande (whose group for women I have mentioned) doing a zentangle.. She's very good!

Do you remember Beth Meador, the blind artist who did a marvellous ATC of Buster? The above ATC is on its way to her as we speak. It's a plate of cakes and quite tactile, which I thought might help Beth identify it when she eventually loses her sight completely.

Yesterday I received an ATC from Patty in the USA. She's been a bit behind and the one she sent to me is Q for Quivet 'the yarn made from Musk Ox hair'. Well you live and learn:

Isn't he super?

It came inside a pretty 'herb' card:

I love the restfulness of this card.

It's my Granddaughter Lina's 13th birthday today.


She's having pizza hut tonight with the family and on Friday night, a sleepover with some girlie friends. I bet it'll be all giggling and squealing!

Here she is at her recent School Sports Day with her First Place certificate for the Shot Putt! How cool is that?

I was there when she was born and she was huge. I can't remember her weight now but I'm sure my daughter K will!!

As Lina has recently sent me an ATC I had to do one in return. Meet 'Percy Puffin, the Puffin with Attitude'! He's all soft and quilted. I put it inside her card and also sent money for membership to something on line she's into!


Jack's Grandad Ken (my first husband), gave Jack and Jason 100 party poppers! They popped them all in one go!

Jason's photos so a bit small! One about to pop.


Doesn't he look pretty??? LOL.

And finally:

Jack all party poppered out!!

What a great thing to do with your Dad! AND they cleared it all up too.


Kitty is now mountaineering all around the house!

Isn't she gorgeous?

BAD Buster

Buster has been leading us a merry dance. A few days ago he stayed out all night and still didn't return the next day. I went off hunting for him! I discovered he had been playing with Max the lab that morning so I knew he was still alive! I drove back home and as Jim and I were standing talking, he hobbled up to us, barely able to walk. I think he had gone off hunting with Micheal's foxhound/beagle and he just isn't used to it.

He basically stayed in his bed for 3 days, licking his feet and joints.

Then blow me if yesterday he went off again and didn't come back until 4.30am! Not only that but then he wouldn't settle and Jim was up and down for the rest of the night. I, of course, don't hear him as I don't wear my hearing aid in bed! What a crazy dog. Of course he's sleeping soundly now. Grrrr.


Sandy loves lying in the sunshine by my patio doors. What a life.

Well that's about it for now. I'm going to have another go outside and hope the rain isn't too bad.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love that Z for sonked - I would recognise you anywhere!
I like the idea of the road getting thinner in Summer as the naughty wildflowers pinch bits.
That tea sounds delicious.

Deborah said...

Lovely hotel. Sounds like a wonderful place to have tea.

Mildred said...

Good Day! Happy Birthday to Lina and thanks for all the pics of the grands. They are all precious. How wonderful to meet for tea and have such a lovely afternoon. I enjoyed the ATC's very much also. We are having very hot temps and it makes working in the yard nearly impossible - you take care. Tell Buster to behave himself. He should learn to relax like Sandy!

Leatherdykeuk said...

What a busy time you're having!

Jason said...

Oh sounds a lovely meeting in Gort. Very nice.

Glad you liked the Jack popping party, was good fun.

Happy Birthday Lina. x

As you (Rachel) would say, bad dog, no biscuit.


We are all zonked after a very busy day, I need a lesser job! xx

Heather said...

Those ATCs are all great. Happy Birthday to Lina - lovely pics of Jack and Kitty too. Could Buster be in love?! Don't work too hard and can we have some rain please - our garden is turning into a dust bowl.

Bea said...

Buster,Buster, Buster you are living the WILD life, right now. He's out hanging with the boys, huh?
Happy Birthday Lina!
What a great thing for Jack to be able to do, what fun!!!!! I love it.
The afternoon tea at the hotel sounds wonderful. :)Bea

DK Leather said...

whoo hoo I do remember indeedy, a whopping 10lbs and 1/2 oz! Mad...

LOVE the recounting of your day out. SO looking forward to seeing you soon momma xxx

BT said...

Hello Weaver, I'm glad you like my Z for Zonked!! It does look like me! The road is getting seriously wider now with the addition of some new gravel on the top too! Oh the tea was wonderfully calorific!

Thanks Deborah, it was.

Hello lovely Mildred. I'm sure K will pass on the message to Lina. She's had a great day.

I'm glad you like the ATCs. I hate working in very hot temperatures. I'm grateful that Ireland rarely gets any! Oh Buster is a lost cause I think. xxx

We are indeed Rachel.

Jason of the lesser job!! You do need one. Win the lottery, go on. Glad you enjoyed the blog post. We shall have tea in the Lady Gregory some time!

Hello Heather, Buster isn't in love, he just loves following scents and doesn't realise how far he's gone I think. Such a bad dog. We complained that we hadn't any rain and now we have too much, please help yourself!!

Bea, you're back you Boston Belle you!! Have you brought the 'drawl' back with you? Buster is such a bad dog but we love him all the same! I'd have loved to have popped 100 party poppers at 5 years of age! What fun!

Today was Jack's sports day too - Jason and Sam said he enjoyed himself.

Hugs to you Bea.

Hiya DK, 10lbs and half an ounce, that's BIG!! Actually I thought she was heavier than that! I'm glad you enjoyed my day out. I hope Lina's card arrives tomorrow.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The zen you made for Teriis marvelous. I had to hunt for her name. I really like the header picture. Buster looks like he is with a good friend and they are watching you. It appears that you have been very busy. Happy Birthday Lina. I have a Granddaughter that is the same age.

BT said...

Thanks for the lovely comments Lisa. I liked that one of Buster and the cow! I've seen some of the zentangles on line and there are some incredible ones about. Teri's are marvellous. Aren't Granddaughters great?

Bella Sinclair said...

I love catching up with you! There's always so much going on! That well is a major project, I must say. Good thing you came to the rescue! And I love, love, love all those ATCs. Zonked Out really made me giggle. She looks so peaceful and happy, dreaming of wonderful things, no doubt. Aaaah, and the grandkids! I love looking at their photos, Gina. They are a super bunch. Always happy.

Oh, Buster. Hehehehehe

Thank you so much for your sweet and lovely comment. I hope you much success with your gorgeous garden this summer. It looks like it's already giving you a bounty of delicious fruits and veggies! Keep creating, and have a fantastically fun summer!