Monday, July 19, 2010

Moths and Stuff - 19th July 2010


Jim and I have become interested in all the moths that seem to gather either in our porch or on the white wall of the cottage. We have tried hard to identify them but it's quite a difficult task. If anyone out there's an expert and can help - don't keep this information to yourselves!

Now I have blogged some of these before, including the one above, the buff tip moth. It looks just like a twig and is one of my favourites so far.

This is the very pretty Elephant Hawk moth.

Followed by the almost impossible to photograph Humming Bird Hawk moth!

This beauty is called The Drinker moth. Aren't the antennae amazing? It has a little snout rather like a hedgehog.

I think this smaller moth is a four spotted Footman

And this is probably another Footman - maybe the same.

I had to give this up last night as the internet was so slow - probably because of the horrendous rainstorm we had.

This fetching chap is a Burnished Brass. When its wings are open is has shiny brass like wings. It also has that amazing crest on its thorax.

OK, this one's is a little moth eaten (LOL), but you get the idea.

An amazing green moth - aptly called the Large Emerald.

Another aptly named moth - the Large Yellow Underwing.

What a beauty. It goes by the name of a Scalloped Oak.

Today, the incredible moth below was on our window - you have to admire this one even if you don't like moths much:

This is a Poplar Hawk-moth. My mother was terrified of moths and butterflies if in an enclosed area particularly. She'd have hated this blog post!

A Tiger Moth rests on the floor. This was a rather faded specimen. Here is another one with folded wings:

This is an Ermine moth, but we're not sure whether it's a Buff or a White one! Look at those wonderful antennae.

As yet nameless! He has a lovely furry velvety head.

You must be mothed out by now. The others we have photos of are all a little blurred.


What a wonderful haul of food from our allotment. The raspberries seem to have gone on forever and we have frozen some. Today Jim has brought in some broad beans too.

New Camera

I am now the proud owner of a Canon PowerShot SX210 1S. Some of the moth photos were taken with it and all the following. It's really light, fits in my pocket and will be much easier for travelling, plus is has a 14 times zoom and all the other features I need. Hoorah!

Jim took Buster for a walk yesterday and took a few photos.

What a great pom pom of a wild flower.

The macro seems to work quite well.

Buster, minus front feet, on the fishing stand.

Trotting along, nose to the ground as usual, with Flagmount in the background.

Lovely rusty old tools we've found in the garden.

Sandy found a new home! 'Fragile' it says.

He is so cute!


I've spent the last few days (between showers) re-making the road the other side of our gates. Having removed all the grass and weeds, it seems twice the width now. I had to fill in with stones and clay and top the road off with gravel. It looks very smart now. I finally finished it this afternoon.

I hope everyone is managing to enjoy some sunshine and had a good weekend. It's a long post today but I haven't been blogging for a while!


Teri C said...

Wow Gina, those moths are amazing. I never knew there was so many and so pretty.

Congrats on the new camera. Mine is a pocket one also and it lives in my purse cuz you never know when that 'perfect' picture will come along.

Bea said...

Well, one moth after another made me say OOOOOOOOOOOOooooohhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahh loooook at that one! Some of them are so unusual and some of them are so gorgeous. Way to go with the new camera. You are going to love it! Great pictures so far. Don't tell me you actually read the instruction book!
The woodchuck ate my eggplants. sigh I suppose he/she had a family to feed but so did I. Oh well. :)Bea

Stampmaiden said...

Gina, what a super interesting post! I really enjoyed the moth photos. Great shots!
Of course it's always fun to see how Buster and Sandy are doing and the many blooms you have. I have to say that my favorite pic has got to be your banner photo! Not sure when you put that one up but it made me smile and laugh away!

DK Leather said...

wow, you could have made this post just for me! ~grin~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the moths, just as you knew I would. There were even one or two new on me! :D

Super re the new camera, envy!

Good to see you blogging again, I've missed you whilst you've been quiet xxx

BT said...

Thanks Teri and Bea, I've emailed you. Thanks Linda, emailed your reply too.

Hi K, ha ha, how did I know you'd love it? lol. It's just so hard to blog when there's so much to do! I do try! See you sooon!

ADrian said...

Only in Ireland could they have a moth named "the drinker!"

Mim said...

I'm not a moth fan but they are lovely pictures. I am also terrified of butterflies and moths - silly isn't it?

Gonna go look up that camera as I need one

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What a large variety of Moths you have. I have seen a humming bird moth once when we lived in California. I never knew they existed before then. Love your dog. he has such long legs he almost doesnt fit in the photos. lol We have had lovely warm weather lately. not to hot so we have been enjoying being outside.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have such a beautiful array of moths. You could fill an entire sketchbook of just moths. Good to see Buster and Sandy looking quite handsome and enjoying the summer.

Mildred said...

So very nice to hear from you Gina. These moth photos are amazing. I have never seen such a wide variety. The one looked like it had a white furry collar on its cape!!!
The vegetables from your and Jim's garden look delicious.
Always a joy to see Buster and Sandy looks rather proud of his new fragile home!
Congrats on the camera. You certainly are off to a great start with it.
Sending you a big wave across the miles!

Lynn said...

Long,yes...but oh so worth taking the time to see and enjoy...I cannot get over the wide variety of absolutely beautiful and interesting moths you have there...and Sandy is precious!!!!
dH and I both love dog and calf too!!!

BT said...

Very good Adrian!!

Mim, I'm sorry, from my Mum's reactions I know how you feel! I think the camera is ideal for me. It's a point and bang for those who want it and you can do manual for a bit extra. The zoom is x 14 too. I recommend it. It fits in the pocket too.

Hi Cris, we do have so many moths, I was amazed. And some of them so attractive too. I love the weather when it's warm but not warm so it knocks you out. Buster is lovely.

Thank you Lisa. If I could paint I would paint them! Glad you enjoyed the animals.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Your photographs are such a pleasure...I read Bea's post and I found you...what a delight! You are amazing. Imagine and Live in peace, mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Jason said...

Wow, what a moth collection. The quality looks great re. How are you both finding the camera?

The produce looks ready for a show. Fantastic.


Leatherdykeuk said...

What a fantastic post. I know virtually nothing about moths until now.

Have emailed Jim via your account about the kind offer to spot the mistakes in AUC.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Hello Gina, what amazing photos all so colorful and varied patterns. Just incredible !
I'm off to have a little read of your older posts, and do so hope I can stop by and visit with you often.
You live in one of the most beautiful country's in the world...but then you already know that ;)

BT said...

Hello Mildred, great to see you again. The white one with the furry collar is the Ermine moth. Ermine is the fur of a small animal and is used for peers and lords' cape collars, so you were right. ~waving back at you and John~ xx

Hiya Lynn, I'm glad you enjoyed the moth post. And Sandy and Buster, who has been very bad recently and run off. He's back now thank goodness.

Hello Mary-Helen, I have read your comments on Bea's posts too! I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit - I must pop over to yours too.

Hello son1. Many many moths indeed! Many others not identified too! The camera is bliss to use, so easy. Jim keeps pinching it! I'm looking forward to having it at yours. I think our produce is the best yet this year.

Hello Rachel, gosh, did I teach you something? That's rare!! Jim is ready and willing to do AUC. xxx

Hi Jo, lovely to meet new faces. I will pop over to you soon. I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos and I hope you like some of my other posts too - and come back!