Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buster was Missing - I made Beads.


Jim took Buster for a walk on Sunday teatime, after which Buster headed off - and didn't come back that night or Monday night. As you can imagine, we were frantic with worry. On Tuesday afternoon, I decided to take the car and go and look for him. I drove down the lane and stopped at our neighbours Joe and Hilary - and there was Buster huddled outside their door. Joe appeared and said he'd been there about an hour but 'didn't look good'. Too right he didn't. Of course I was so thrilled to see him - to be honest we thought he'd been taken or killed.

I tried to move him towards the car but he wouldn't take a step. He was incredibly thin - you would have thought he had been ill treated for weeks to look at him. I rang Jim and he came down. I lifted Buster bodily into the back and got in with him and we drove the short trip home. He did get out of the car and managed to walk inside. I don't think he'd eaten since Sunday and had obviously been running through all manner or undergrowth and brambles as he's covered in scratches. I guess he just followed a scent and got lost. He ate a whole tin of dog food and a bowl of dried food too. His stomach just swelled up! Then he crawled into his chair and slept. He's more or less been there ever since.

He stayed out overnight once before but not for this length of time. I hope he's learnt his lesson this time but somehow I doubt it. His pads are really swollen and he's licking his joints. Goodness knows how far he must have run. Here he is just after his return:

His tail was between his legs. Poor Buster. He has had lots of cuddles and food and has been out for the necessary just now.

I didn't mention it on my last blog post as I thought he'd soon reappear.


I think I've mentioned that I belong to an on line group called the Milliande Art Community for Women. In the textile group, there was a challenge to make some beads and one lady organised a swap - so, I make some and send them to her, as does everyone involved and she shares them out to everyone. Sounds fun! With a little help from Heather at 'Ragged Old Blogger' here are my efforts:

The last two are actually very small! So I've made 10 in all. I must say I've enjoyed making these and may make some in paper now - there are such lovely designs and things stick to it so well.


This is one of our latest poppies to flower. I've never seen anything quite like it!

Also this 'black' double poppy has just appeared. Isn't it just gorgeous?

The dahlia have also started to flower. This one is a cactus dahlia:

I think it's a rather delicate pink - and I'm a poet - but Jim growed it!

House Progress

With Jim's sister Val coming soon, we've made another effort at the inside of The Deenery. Having made a list (in a book) - we are trying to knock the kitchen/diner into shape.

Jim has tiled, I've painted and cleaned grout. Now Jim is going to box in the central heating pipes. Hoorah! It's all beginning to look better. I'll take photos when we're nearly there.

Happy Wednesday Everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gina, I'm so sorry about Buster being in such poor shape. You must have been worried sick. Thankfully you found him when you did. Maybe he won't try that again.
Your beads are spectacular - how very interesting they look and what fun to swap.
Love your poppies - especially the dark one.
Can't wait to see your latest project in the diner.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor Luna rarely gets off leash when we walk her because I know she would chase after deer. I would probably never see her again if she did. She isn't very street smart. I am certain she would die out in the woods someplace. You are lucky Buster always finds his way home.

Your beads are wonderful. I wouldn't know how to go about making such a thing. I will be curious to see what you get in return.

Nothing like a little company to kick you into gear to finish a project. Can't wait to see it all finished.

DK Leather said...

fantastic post momma.

SO relieved that Buster's home safe, poor silly thing!

AMAZING poppies, seeds please!! ~grin~

Don't work too hard on the house in too much hurry, we don't mind promise! :D xxx

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh poor Buster.. I hope he is doing fine now. I would have been beside myself to with worry. Loely flowers.

Stampmaiden said...

Oh that Buster! I'm glad there was a happy ending.
Your beads are beautiful. Love the colors and texture. Great job, Gina!
As always your flowers are absolutely gorgeous. The poppies are stunning. The black one is way beyond WOW!
Find time to rest.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Oh poor Buster!
Lovely beads, lovely poppies!

Jason said...

I reckon he just forgets where you live. Oh dear, atleast he is back. Mad dog.

Lovely flowers. xx

susan said...

I'm so glad Buster is home again! Our Jackie, Pinenut, has a few times disappeared for an hour or more during an off-lead walk into the hedgerows chasing rabbits. It is horrible wondering if he's gotten stuck in a burrow hole, & I can only imagine the pain of days of wondering where your pet is! Hope Buster is recovering well.
Gorgeous beads, & I love your dark poppy, but am the most in love with the red & white one- looks like raspberry ripple ice-cream! YUM!

BT said...

Hello Mildred. Thanks for your kind 'buster' thoughts! I'm glad you like my beads and the amazing flowers. Oh yes, the diner progresses!

Dogs are such a pain at times aren't they Lisa? Buster isn't road smart that's for sure. Glad you like my beads - I am excited to see what I get back too! There WILL be photos of the work done!

Hi K, will save seeds but can't be sure which is which as the petals fall off so fast!! Oh the house needs doing anyway so it's a good excuse when there's people coming!

Cris, Buster is much perkier today thankfully. Glad you like the flowers too.

Linda you are too kind - about Buster and my beads. I did enjoy making them. That black poppy is incredible isn't it?

Thanks Rachel, succinct and to the point as ever!!

Jason, you are probably right!!

Hello susan, thank you for your kind thoughts, it was a buster nighmare!! I agree with you about the poppy, it is like raspberry ripple!!

Heather said...

Glad Buster is home again, safe and sound. I love your beads, they are gorgeous - I didn't know I'd helped! Be warned - bead making is addictive. Your flower pics are so lovely and those poppies are amazing. Good luck with the home improvements.

Mim said...

Poor little Buster! How old is he now? My dog used to follow scents but always found his way home until he got really old, at which point he got confused about where home was. I hated it, and ended up not letting him off leash at all. (Still miss that doggy)

Your beads are gorgeous - how did you do them?

BT said...

Thanks Heather and Mim, I've emailed you both. xxxx

Deborah said...

I love your beads! i'm so glad you found Buster and hope he recovers soon.

Bea said...

Buster, Buster why do you do this? You have such a good home. Tisk, Tisk. Those poppies are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! :)Bea