Friday, July 2, 2010

Buster and Jake Tug of War. Well tomorrow.

Buster and Jake

Jake is a young and boisterous Labrador who has moved into a farm about a mile from us. Well, Buster keeps turning up with Jake and they seem to have a lot of fun together. Yesterday, my washing line broke and I took all the washing off it bar one pair of Jim's underpants. The reason I left them on the line was that a spider had laid her egg sac on them!! Well Buster and Jake thought they could play a great tug of war game with them! (Top 4 photos)

Then Jake took a fancy to a plant tray and so Buster wanted it too. Another game ensued! They are so funny together.

Today, however, Jim had given Buster a bone and I left him outside happily chewing away. Then I heard some snarling and barking, rushed outside and Jake had run off with half of the bone! Poor Buster.


I was watching the tennis of course! Oh dear, poor Andy Murray didn't make it. The scores don't reflect how close the games were. Nadal showed himself the true champion that he is when it mattered. I have no doubt that he will go on to win the Championship on Sunday. He also has the most amazing body!! lol. When he changed his shirt, all the ladies' cameras were snapping away! Next year Andy.

ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)

My daughter K wanted one of my ATCs, which I sent to her, so she promised to do one for me in return - her very first I think. This is the card the ATC came in:

Does she know me or what?? lol.

And here is the ATC - it has 2 sides:

This is the front called Cats' Eyes. Isn't that wonderful? It's beautifully arranged and I love the way bits poke off the base card.

This is the back:

A super pattern I thought. Thank you K, it's wonderful.

I had sent K a couple of blank ATCs to use and her youngest daughter Lina (12 on the 8th July) decided she would do one too.

Isn't it just super? Whenever I try and draw birds in flight they look very childish, but these look excellent. What a great idea. Thank you Lina. Now I must do one for you. xxx

They're both on my wall now of course.

I belong to the Milliande Art Community for Women as I think I've mentioned before and have made 3 ATCs for a swap we are doing in the textile section.

The Green Elephant

Each one is an animal and has a poem on the front or back.
The Seal named Saul

This seal named Saul
Loved to play flip ball
In the ocean blue -
It matched his hue.

And lastly:

The Mystery Animal

Am I a cat or a spotty dog?
A mouse or even a slimy frog?
Could I be a short giraffe?
A short giraffe? You're having a laugh!

I hope you like them.

Now I have to make some textile beads for another swap. The last time I made some, at college, Jim nearly collapsed with laughter!

Well Progress

No we still don't have our water connected but hopefully tomorrow. Oliver, the water diviner, is coming tomorrow to do that part of the process. In the meantime we had to dig a trench between the old and new wells for the water and electricity to run along. Jim hired a pneumatic drill, which was so heavy I could hardly lift it and between us, we managed it.

Jim drilled while I scooped out the stuff from the trench. Drill drill, scoop scoop. Both our backs ache now! Still it's done. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

The top of the well, all sealed off.

Some of the thick sludge left by the well drilling. We moved about 10 barrow loads before we could start digging!

Buster was here.

The Garden

Our hanging baskets are just filling out so I photographed them:

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


DK Leather said...

whoo hoo! Glad you loved the card too :D Lina will be thrilled when I show her you blogged the ATCs, so pleased you enjoyed them. It was indeed my first ever, I had lots of fun making it though!

I'll bet you're exhausted from the well work, but gosh it'll be lovely for you both having a good and steady water supply at last.

Super hanging baskets too! :D xxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ATC's. I know Jim appreciates the pups getting his pants! Your hanging baskets are so very pretty. Wishing you a good weekend.

BT said...

Thanks K. I could eat the card!! The ATCs are now in front of my on my wall. I was a bit tired but I'm ok now.

Jim did the hanging baskets!

Hiya Mildred. Ha ha, Jim did think it was quite funny too! Glad you like the hanging baskets. You have a good weekend too. xxx

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your atc trades are marvelous. I hope you have water soon. How inconvenient. That Buster is a cutie. I hope that lab doesn't get mean with him. I about cracked up laughing when you said they took Jim's unders to play with. You do have a livley household.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fabulous flower baskets! None of our dogs plat tug!

(ps Lina will be 13)

BT said...

Thanks Lisa. That Buster didn't come home last night. I'm so worried. Never a dull moment here.

Thanks Rachel, silly me. I thought she was older than that. Now plat tug had me puzzled - aha - play tug!!

Shirley said...

Your hanging baskets are gorgeous! Care to share your formula?

Shirley said...

Thank you for visiting and following my blog! Great idea with the empty pot.

I was wondering what you planted in your hanging baskets. I see what appears to be geraniums and lobelia but don't recognize some of the others.

They look sharp!

Heather said...

Love the pics of Buster and his pal. The ATCs are such fun and your hanging baskets are gorgeous. I am hopeless at planting them up and never get the effect I want. Hope the water is on soon.

BT said...

Hello Heather, I'm glad you like the photos of Buster and Max (it wasn't Jake as it turned out)! They are funny together. I had fun making the ATCs and I think K and Lina did very well. The baskets are doing so well and at last we've had some rain which has perked up the whole garden.

PAK ART said...

Those flowers are beautiful! Hope the water works out as you hope!

BT said...

Thank you Patty. The water is running - a bit murky at the moment but it should clear soon.

priti.lisa said...

Love your ATC's, both from the girls AND the 3 you made...I love that you added poetry. Of course the giraffe catdog is my favorite:)

BT said...

Hello lisa, good to see you. The ATCs are fun, aren't they? I'm glad you liked them.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Have just got round to reading you Gina after a few busy days. That last hanging basket is super. Jim sounds to have been busy which is why he doesn't seem to blog much on Twisted willow - I look out for him.
Love the ATC's - especially the ones with the little verses.

Greenearth said...

Love your site and what you are doing. On July 14th am beginning a new meme `We Can Wednesday' at my site A Green Earth and would welcome one of your posts.

BT said...

Thank you for visiting Greenearth.

Mim said...

so glad buster has a best friend - what else does a dog need?

love the ATC's and hope the water gets flowing soon.