Monday, December 7, 2009

New Christmas Tree, 7th December 2009

In one month's time, all the decorations will be down! Now there's a thought.

Today Jim went off to teach the silver surfers in Ennis and I waited in for the carpenter. He didn't come. I left a terse message on the builder's answerphone but haven't heard from him. I was so upset that later on, Jim rang and left an ever terser message. Grrrrr.

Real or Artificial?

I have always been a 'real' tree fan, in spite of the needles all over the floor. However, this year we decided we would take the plunge and buy an artificial one. I know it's not the same and you don't get that lovely smell, but it'll help save the planet a very tiny bit. Well, when we opened the box, this is what we found:

Hmm, where do I start?

Now this has to be the strangest photo I have ever taken. Jim seems to have sprouted horns!! He was bemused by all the tree pieces too.

I thought it looked a bit bald!

Oooh, that looks better. The decorations will come down from the loft tomorrow, then I'll photograph it again.

It's 7' tall and, as artificial trees go, I think it's rather splendid.

Nativity Time

It was Jack's nativity play at Play School today. He was one of the three wise men. Sam took some photos on her mobile so I'll share them here:

Jack in green far right.
Jack was singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and playing the triangle. Who says boys can't multi-task??

Jason and Kitty watching Jack.

Back home, I just love the following photo of Jack making Kitty laugh:

Isn't it brilliant?

Yesterday, our friends Ivor and Maureen had a big family turkey dinner. Jason, Sam, Jack and Kitty went, together with Jason's uncle David, his wife Sue and various others. Sam took this lovely photo of David and Sue with Kitty:

Pretty in pink.

Jim and I have been painting the spare bedroom, which we will then move into as soon as the skirting board is done. It'll be so lovely to actually get into one of the rooms properly! Also, the room we sleep in now will be Jim's office and he is naturally anxious to move in there. We have to do quite a bit of work first, but at least we'll be able to get started once the bed's out.

My daughter K is in New York this week with her partner Luisa, visiting Luisa's 93 year old Dad. Apparently he's very frail now and the visit is a bit tinged with sadness. At least they are able to go.

That's about it for today. Short and sweet. Happy Monday everyone.


priti.lisa said...

Hi Gina, You sure have a full life! That silly buster makes me laugh everytime! That is what cool about animals. They don't care how foolish they appear, they just do it!
I like the tree with just th top...very Zen-like :)
Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Who needs instructions with Buster to help???ha That is a beautiful tree, nice and full and I like that the branches are low to the floor. Can't wait to see the ornaments. I guess Sandy and Black Jack will assit with that part! Lovely photos of Jack & Kitty. Thank you for sharing. I hope the carpenter shows up soon. How very frustrating to drag this out with the holidays just around the corner.

Bea said...

Nice fat little tree. Ours is a very skinny one. No smell but that's what they make pine candles for.
Tried to post a comment on yesterday lovely pictures but it just wouldn't take. sigh So, if this goes through your photos were great a usual. Kitty looks like her Daddy. Jack was perfect as a WISE man. May he grow up to be one, too. :)Bea

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Is there anything better than a laughing baby??? What an adorable photograph! And I think your Christmas tree is gorgeous! Don't you just love this time of year!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Jim looks super with horns!

BT said...

Hi Lisa, Buster is one crazy hound!! Hmm, perhaps I should have left the tree as it was!!

Lol, Mildred. I shall bring the decorations down today. Such fun. Last year we just had a small tree on a table so as not to tempt the dog and cats. Goodness knows what will happen this year. The carpenter has PROMISED to come tomorrow. We shall see.

Hiya Bea. Aha, pine candles, good idea! Jim bought the 'Tesco Finest' tree!

I think Kitty does look like her Daddy! And Jack - wise?? Not sure about that! Certainly enthusiastic. I asked Sam what Jack's 'present' for Jesus was (Gold, Frankin.....etc) and she said 'A sandwich wrapped in tin foil' lolololol. I guess it's practical!

Hello Pamela, laughing babies are such fun and make everyone laugh too. I'm glad you like the tree, wait until it's decorated! I love Christmas too.

Rachel, I thought he did too!!

jinksy said...

That tree will take some decorating... Hope you have a ton of glitz!

Jason said...

Oh dear, how frustrating re the carpenter. I juts wish the wouldnt say if they are not going to come.

The tree looks brilliant. Ours has been going for years!

Lovely pics, I told Jack you were proud of him and you sent a hug. He was great. Couldnt stop dancing as usual!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Don't worry about Jim sprouting horns, they're only little ones and they do look rather dashing.

Heather said...

My, how that tree sprouted branches so quickly! It's a lovely shape. I was always a keen fan of real trees but got fed up with bald branches and full Hoover bags before Twelfth Night. Once you get the decorations on you can hardly tell the difference. Lovely pics of the grandchildren. Hope the workmen turn up soon and Happy Decorating!

BT said...

Jinksy, you have no idea how many decorations I have. Boxes of them!!

Thanks for telling Jack. I bet he was fab. He's so full of the joy of living. Carpenter promised for tomorrow.

I loved your comment Weaver, it made me laugh!

I know Heather, also every time Buster sweeps past the tree he'll knock of the odd 100 pine needles but not with this one. Carpenter promised for tomorrow.

kj said...

bt, you seem so content with your life. it's a pleasure to see.


BT said...

Thank you kj, sometimes!! Today it's sunny so it's lovely, we do get a bit fed up with the rain.

prashant said...

I hope the carpenter shows up soon. How very frustrating to drag this out with the holidays just around the corner.

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