Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Frosty Morning 16th December 2009

A frosty leaf on a stripy stone

Gosh, 16th December already. Jim and I are heading off to Galway for a spot of shopping in a little while. Jim's taken Buster for a walk to the lake so that he won't mind too much being indoors for the rest of the day.

We have moved into our spare bedroom. Hoorah! It's wonderful and cosy in there - and warm. The bathroom is next to us too, which is great. I have all the Christmas decorations done and yesterday Jim finished the last bit of tiling around the bathroom door, which he couldn't do until the carpenters had done their bit. It just needs grouting now. Phew, another room finished.

I took some photos a couple of mornings ago of the frosty garden and have only just sorted them out! I'll post some of them anyway, I'm quite pleased with them.

Frosty campanula leaves.
Weird wood on the wall

Leaves dusted with frost

Red leaf.
Martin's frosty field and Lough Graney looking so cold.

Alchemilla Mollis looking beautiful as ever.

Red dog wood in front of the shed.
Striking contrasting colours.
Buster on the frosty grass.
Can you see the pink of the lupin in the bed on the right? Crazy flower!
Weird tree roots.

Frozen fungi

Metal on a frosty rock.
BlackJack all fluffed up on the window sill.

Brrrr, it makes me feel cold to look at. I took one or two photos of the decorations too:

It's grown some more decorations now, and some 'icicles' too.

The kitchen diner. Sharp eyed among you might spot Mildred's card! And my alphabet ATC.

Across the top of the old fireplace.

The fireplace in the snug. Not a very good photo!

And just to finish with, 2 happy cats:

Jim's back from his walk, so I'm off for now.


Bea said...

Awwwwww that last picture of the two cats cuddling is so sweet. Your house looks lovely and so festive.
The photo of Buster standing in the field should be blown up and framed. It looks like it could be a painting.
Lovely photos of the frosty morning.
Well done! :)bea

Heather said...

Your frosty photos are so beautiful Gina - they'd make a very inspirational book. So far we have just had cold and wet, and no attractive frost on the garden. I read the gardening articles which suggest we leave seedheads and dead bits because they look so lovely in frosty weather. Well they look b..... awful in wet weather! The one of Buster would make a lovely greetings card. Your tree and mantlepiece look fabulous - your house must have a lovely cosy festive feel to it now. Hope you and Jim wont be too tired to enjoy Christmas by the time you've finished everything off.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hope you had a fruitful Christmas shopping trip and that you returned to a warm welcome from Buster and the welcoming Christmas lights.

DK Leather said...

ooh what fantastic pictures! I LOVE the wierd wood, wierd roots and metal on log pictures especially; brilliant.

Wonderful to see your Christmas decorations as always :D xxx

jinksy said...

I do like your frosty photos - best way to appreciate a cold morning!

Leatherdykeuk said...

That first picture is superb!

Lynn said...

All that frost is so pretty...lovely photos all and the snuggling pets just adorable.
Happy Holidays.

BT said...

Hello Bea, I'm glad you enjoyed this post and the photos. I loved that photo of Buster too. When I get my printer up and running I'll have a go at it.

Hi Heather, Thank you for the lovely compliments about my photos. Ha ha, I know what you mean about soggy seed heads!! lol. The house does feel warm and cosy. We're not going too mad now we're in the bedroom. That was our main aim before Christmas.

It was a good trip Weaver. Galways is a lovely town with pretty lights around and the river was running so fast it almost touched the top of the bridge's arches. Amazing. Buster went totally bonkers when we came home! He gets beside himself! We have put lights in the garden now and they look beautiful. Little white ones wrapped around the contorted willows!

Thank you K, I thought you'd like the ones you picked out!! I know you! Glad you liked the decorations. How's your Lina decorated tree??

Thank you jinksy, I must pop over to yours.

Thank you Rachel, Jim liked it particularly but thought I should crop the top a bit.

Thank you so much Lynn. Don't the cats look comfortable? They're ruined of course, as is Buster!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I think you could frame all these amazing "frost" pictures. They are really good. Your tree is so very pretty. Just think how far "Harriet" is from home there on your wall!!! I wish you and your entire family the most wonderful Christmas!

DK Leather said...

lol the Lina tree is pretty good! Just a little more chaotic than usual ;-) heh

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks warm and welcoming inside with all your pretty decorations. Buster and your kitty looks cold out there. Brrrrr.

BT said...

Hello Mildred, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. Harriett is far from home, isn't she? lol. Thanks for your lovely wishes.

I'm sure it's lovely, K!!

Hi Lisa. It is all warm and cosy and Christmassy! Tooo cold outside in the frost though.

Jason said...

Snowing like bejesus here now. The place is looking lovely, as is the tree!


BT said...

I saw all the snow over East Anglia on tv last night (that was coming your way). Jack will love that. Snowman time?? lol. xxx

Golden West said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Jack frost and all! Stay warm and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

BT said...

Thank you Golden. It's a bit cold here tonight though but no snow. You take care too and enjoy the season.

Carol said...

I love your frosty photos and your tree looks stunning!!

C x

BT said...

Thank you Carol, I took loads more yesterday!!

prashant said...
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