Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Catch Up, Christmas is Coming...

Gold and Black Baubles in a shopping Mall in Galway.

Oh life is just too busy at the moment! The weather's been very frosty, so I've taken more photos which take time to sort out, crop, etc.

Galway Trip

Jim and I went to Galway for the afternoon on Wednesday. It was damp and cold, but we still enjoyed it. I love the shops when they are all decorated for Christmas and took a few photos with Jim's camera. I managed to get a few Christmas presents too, but still need one more shop before I'll finally finish.

Unfortunately, when I was heading round a corner, I slipped and fell and took a lump out of my knee! I didn't think I'd done much damage as I was wearing jeans, but when I inspected, there was blood everywhere! However, since then it has healed pretty well thankfully. I must be getting old!

Here are a few photos from Galway:

The river runs through the centre of town and it was a raging torrent. The light was fading but if you click on the photo, you can see the flow under the bridge.

This was taken on the other side of the road and the river had huge waves! It made me feel weird, as if I was on a boat, looking down at the water.

I think that says Happy Christmas!!

Pretty blue trees

These fabulous clocks were in one of the many splendid shops in Galway

Together with these fantastic Santa decorations. I wanted them!!

Inside one of the shopping malls
This shop had huge baubles in the window - I thought they were amazing.

Another of their windows.

Yes, they even had a Marks and Spencer!

Supermac's, the Irish MacDonalds went to town with their lights.

The gold and black baubles in the top photo were my favourite. The shopping centre they were in contains Tescos.

Do click on any of the photos to see all the details.

Our Temporary Bedroom

We have been sleeping in the spare bedroom for a week now and it's lovely and warm and comfortable. Jim had a bit of trouble sleeping one night as did I another, but we seem ok now. Here is a photo of the bed, lampshade and curtains:

The teddy by my side of the bed was a 60th Birthday present from our friends Ivor and Maureen.

I'm not so keen on the large mirror Jim has put on the wall, especially when I'm getting dressed.

Theatre Visit

Tonight we went to the theatre in Ennis. The play we saw was performed by the Druid Company from Galway. We had previously seen this company perform a play called The Cripple of Inishmaan and it was brilliant, so decided to take the opportunity to see them again. The play tonight was 'The Gigli Concert' by an Irish playwright, Tom Murphy and is thought to be his greatest work to date.

It was a much heavier work than the previous one we had seen, very wordy and quite tough to watch at times. There were only three characters, two men and one woman and all the acting was quite superb. This is a brief synopsis of the play:

The Gigli Concert is widely regarded as one of Murphy’s masterpieces. It deals with seven days in the relationship between dynamatologist JPW King, a quack self-help therapist living in Dublin but born and brought up in England, and the mysterious Irishman, a despairing construction millionaire who asks King to teach him how to sing like the great Italian opera singer Beniamino Gigli.

There were moments of high drama, comedy, passion and pathos. All three characters had invented stories around and about themselves and these fantasies unravelled as the play progressed. I found some of the dialogue hard to hear as the songs of Gigli were often played whilst the actors were speaking and with my hearing difficulties, that didn't help. However, it was a super evening and a fine production which I am glad we made the effort to go and see.

A Few Other Photos

When I took Buster for a walk to the lake the other morning, it was as smooth and clear as I have ever seen it. I will post just a few of the 'reflection' photos I took as a result.

This is a joiner of Lough Graney. Please click on it to see the details and reflections.

The edge of the lake was frozen and Buster couldn't understand why he couldn't drink from it as usual. I had to throw stones in to break the ice so that he could have a drink!

Tree Reflections.

Lough Graney

Buster reflected.

Flagmount Reflected in Lough Graney.

The ice at the edge of the lake.

I could have taken photos all day except I was cold, especially my hands. I took loads of frozen leaves and grass and frozen posts! I think this particular post has gone on long enough though. I do hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and keeping warm.


Lynn said...

I so enjoyed your lake photos. Would take them any day over the over commericalism of the Christmas shopping scenes. What opposites they are in calmness vs chaos.

Sorry you fell and hope you are well now from it.

soulbrush said...

another feast of photos, loved them one and all,now is not the time to be falling about the place (before the xmas eggnog?) please stay on your feet and have a wonderful christmas and happy creative 2010 dear friend.

Leatherdykeuk said...

What fabulous photographs!

BT said...

Thank yo so much Lynn, I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos, I was particularly pleased with the lake ones. I am trying to stay upright now!!

Hi dearest Soulbrush, I'm happy you enjoyed my photos too and am trying to stay on my feet!! Thank you for your good wishes and returned with extras to you!

Thanks Rachel. Glad you liked.

Heather said...

Wonderful pics of Galway - the river looks very full. Those black baubles are very glamorous but I'm a boring old traditionalist. Your bedroom looks very cosy. Live theatre is such a treat - I love the rapport that can build between cast and audience. Beautiful Lough Graney pics - the reflections are just perfect.

Jason said...

PS. Walking stick for Christmas?

The spare rom looks very nice. Sounds like you have been having a great time. I was thinking of you yesterday listening to my Irish Christmas CD :-).

What a beautiful clear day in the pictures, looks great.

PPS. You have a hold in your knee? ;-)


Look out for our fab snow penguin on facebook. x

steven said...

hello bt! the lake scenes are stunning. i love reflections and those are simply beautiful! i love the way you post - newsy, pretty, and you write as if you were talking to the reader. so cool. have a lovely christmas and see you in winter!!!! steven

Bea said...

Ok, you be careful chickie, falling is NOT good.
Great Christmas pictures. I actually gave in and ran into a big department store the other day, just to experience the Christmas magic of the displays. Then I ran out again.
When you get a chance and if you want to share can you send me two photos you have taken? Lough Graney and Flagmount Reflected. I REALLY, want to do something in fiber with these for you. Nothing huge but something for your new bedroom walls or the guest room.
Buster, stay away from the ice you will freeze your tongue to it.
Ok, be good, stay warm. :)Bea

Golden West said...

The picture of Flagmount reflected in the water is outstanding! And I love all the Christmas lights and displays - thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

I love the reflective pictures of Buster and Flagmount.....absolutely stunning!!

C x

BT said...

Hello Heather, I love live theatre, especially as I used to act a lot on stage myself. I am a bit of a traditionalist with my baubles too! But I love the shop displays.

The spare bedroom is cosy indeed! Our proper one is much bigger but needs stuff doing to it first. I was very pleased with my reflection pictures.

Jason, good idea!! What a clown, mind you, I saw another young lady fall over too, so it wasn't just me! An Irish Christmas CD eh? Sounds fun. A hold in my knee, yes! Full of suitcases now. lol. Crazy. Fabby penguin photos. Jack is so beautiful.

He steven, thank you for the compliment, it means a lot coming from you. I write as I talk! It just comes out. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Hi Bea, I will try hard not to fall again! Old age creeping in! I laughed at you running into a department store, then running out again!! lol.

It would be so wonderful to have some fibre art from you Bea, you are too generous. I will email you the photos, is that ok?

It's snowed today and Buster was fascinated, just licking at it all the time. What a nutcase he is.

You stay warm too, it's much colder where you are I think.

Thank you Golden, it is one of my favourites so far. I love Christmas decorations, mine and anyone else's. xxx

Thank you Carol, it really is lovely when people appreciate my efforts. xxx

Bea said...

Email is fine Gina. You can put them right in the email they don't have to be attached. I'll print out a picture and then do something with them in January. SURPRISE! :)Bea

Mim said...

I love Galway, I worked there for a few years - about 2 weeks every other month and was based in Boston. I was there when that mall first opened - what excitement that was.

Poor little Buster, doesn't understand the laws of physics!

DK Leather said...

oh wow, what wonderful pictures of the frozen lake, reflections and of course the Christmas decorations!

LOL re the cases comment ;-) Hope your knee feels much better now, was expecting a poorly knee picture too!

Love and miss you, hope your Christmas is wonderful and looking forward to seeing you soon!! xxx

BT said...

Oh I attached them Bea, I hope that's ok!!

Hiya Mim, fancy you working in Galway and Boston isn't far from us at all. Amazing. Buster doesn't understand much at all!!

Hi K, glad you've enjoyed the photos. I didn't like to take a knee photo, it looks a bit horrid! We shall have a great Christmas, as will you I'm sure. I'll be there before you know it! xxx

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you are having an enjoyable holiday. Buster is the cutest dog. I hope you are feeling ok.

Stampmaiden said...

Fantastic photos, BT! I'm always amazed at the amount of great images you provide for us. What a treat!

BT said...

Thanks Lisa, it's cold here but we are warm inside now, thank goodness. Have a great holiday yourself.

Hiya Linda, I was thinking about you yesterday when I came across some of your wonderful ACTs. I hope you're fit and well and enjoying the holiday, when it arrives with you!! Love and hugs, Gina xxx