Sunday, December 6, 2009

Catch Up 6th December 2009

Jim's been to the UK and returned with a car full of more stuff. We bought a load of bedroom furniture a long while ago and then never assembled it, so he's brought all that for our bedroom here. It's been kicking about so long I'll be amazed if all the bits are still there.

30th November! I found some photos I'd taken when Jim was trying to change the light in our new bathroom from a little puny one to a big manly one! Buster has become very clingy since Jim last left and just wouldn't leave him alone.

Buster 'helping' Jim!!

Buster is at this precise moment, driving me nuts by bringing his ball to me, dropping it underneath my desk then whining because he can't reach it!! Then he jumped up and put a large paw on the keyboard. AAAAH! Jim thinks it's all highly amusing! He's taking photos from up above. Very helpful.
Back to the abortive light fitting. Buster was in one of those 'fall asleep standing up' modes.

When Jim got up to fix the light, Buster resorted to the stool. Crazy dog.

When Jim got off the stool, here comes Buster.....
Asleep in an instant.

Jim went back to the UK on Wednesday, 2nd December. On Thursday morning Ann Broderick rang me to say there was a coffee morning in Feakle. Of course I was car-less, so Ann came to the corner by Hilary's house and picked me up. It was cold and wet. I have no idea where we ended up in terms of location, but I guess it was on the outskirts of Feakle, a small village about 20 minutes drive from us. There was a 'new' lady there, another Margaret and the spread, provided by the hostess Mary, was amazing as usual.

L - R. Margaret, Margaret, Helen, Mary, Ann and Me (Another Mary took the photo). If I forget a name, I try Mary or Margaret first!! As well as the food you can see, there was a fabulous apple crumble. With whipped cream. Very good for the cholesterol.

We couldn't stay too long as Margaret (one of them) had to get back and we had picked her up. Ann gave me a lift all the way home and came in and had a look round. I was a bit mortified as Ann's house is huge and beautiful and there isn't one thing out of place. Mine is - well - a bit of a tip! Still, she's lovely and I'm sure she understood!

The carpenter hasn't been able to continue with the skirting boards and door frames as his nose operation has caused him 2 nasty nose bleeds, one of which was quite serious. In the end they had to give him another anaesthetic and do something to stop it. So, he brought a friend along, another carpenter, who said he'd finish the job and would come on Friday. Did he turn up? Of course not!! Hopefully, he'll come tomorrow (Monday) and get it done so that we can decorate and actually move into it. What a Christmas present that would be.

One day, Hilary turned up to see if I was OK and she said it has taken longer to build our extension that it did to build her whole house! Mad.

Christmas Cards

I made and wrote lots of our Christmas Cards and Jim took them to the UK and posted them, as many of them are to people who live there. We haven't many more to write and most of those are Jim's friends so he'll have to do those.

It's been like a production line!

It has rained pretty much every day while Jim was away. Apparently it's been worse in the Worthing area. Today the sun shone on and off and I managed a few photos before the hail came down!

The wind machines on the hill were quite clear for a short while. It was very windy today so they will have been working overtime.

In our garden, the stream is still running every day. It does look pretty though.

Now that the trees have lost their leaves, we can see Lough Graney from different parts of our land. This view is across our grumpy neighbours' land.

The cottage and extension from the back. You can see how wet the ground is.

This holly tree is covered in berries. I expect the birds will eat them when food gets in short supply.

The red willow stalks look particularly striking in the sunshine.

The seeds of the rose-bay-willow-herb have stuck to the plants with the damp, but they make a pretty sight.

Finally, a panorama of Lough Graney from just outside our gate. Look at that blue sky. It wasn't there long.

Hot off the Press

Jim's just emailed me the photos he took of Buster being a pain - again. Please excuse my filthy clothes, papier mache and decorating have helped me achieve that dischevelled look!

What a helpful pooch he is!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

That Buster keeps me laughing! What a lovely morning coffee you had with friends. I love all the photos you shared also. We have had rain, cold temperatures and snow flurries yesterday. Harriet barked at each and every show flake! Hope your week goes well and that all your extension work will be ready by Christmas.

Bea said...

Poor Buster, he doesn't want to be ALPHA dog when Jim is gone. What a character he is. Hey, you could weave that red willow, it's beautiful. Love the stream but then you KNOW how I love stream pictures. You look soooooooooooo happy with the ladies. Wonderful pictures. :)Bea

Bella Sinclair said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Oooohhhhh my goodness, Buster had me howling with laughter! That crazy dog! Sleep standing, WOW. Oh, that is too adorable.

Your cards are beautiful! You certainly have been busy making them. And you look so cute at the computer! Hahahaha, oh crazy Buster.

Have a wonderful week! Hope the carpenter shows.

Leatherdykeuk said...

What a fabulous catch-up. Love the Buster shots and the cards, and how lovely to have tea mornings :)

Jason said...

Oh looks a fun coffee morning. Yes, lots of rain here, well for us. Good for the garden! :-)

Willow looks lovely. xx

BT said...

Oh Mildred, I laughed at Harriet barking at the snow flakes! How funny our animals are. The carpenter hasn't turned up this morning and I'm fuming.

Hello Bea, Buster is mad, that's official! That red willow would be wonderful woven, that's true. I'll tell Jim! The coffee morning was fun, if too short.

Hello Bella, I'm glad you found Buster as crazy as we do! He really is a one off. Eeer, carpenter? Not so far. AAAAAAH!

Thank you Rachel, I'm glad you like my cards. I was quite pleased with them. Oh, coffee/tea mornings are great - these Irish ladies are just so funny.

Hello Jason. I would miss my coffee mornings now. I'm so glad I met Ann. The willow is fabulous, would make a good fence.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your cards are gorgeous. That Buster just thinks he should be the center of attention.

soulbrush said...

red willow stalks are aaesome, and boy oh boy i love that buster of yours, he is a little darling!

Heather said...

What an old softy Buster is - he's just saying 'love me Mummy, love me'! The coffee morning looked so nice and friendly. Hope the carpenter is better - how unpleasant for him. More beautiful photos of your lovely surroundings - I love those willow stems.

jinksy said...

A helpful hindrance, by the look of it!

aims said...

I wonder what's up with Buster?

My house is upside down as well Gina. There's hardly any moving around and I've been putting down baseboards and painting forever it seems. It's all the fiddly little things that get you when you are trying to 'finish' everything.

Once the upstairs is done I can get my craft room back. But then it will be time to sand the dining room floor and varnish it and put down the baseboards there too. Then on to one of the living rooms. Sand and varnish and paint.


The final thing is the kitchen. We've been putting it off and putting it off. Since I do most of it myself and I'm feeling old. It's getting harder and harder to get up from a kneeling position. Know what I mean?

BT said...

Hello aims, Buster? He's just nuts, that's all!! I'm sorry you are in a mess, too. At least your state of chaos won't last a year, hopefully!!

I know just what you mean about getting up from kneeling. Impossible!! Wishing you well, BT.