Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Frozen In - What a Difference a Day Makes

A gorgeous Robin standing on the ice.

Snow and Ice

We have been off line since yesterday so I've only just been able to post. We had snow - yes snow on Sunday, then yesterday it froze and today it's even worse, with temperatures hitting -7 last night, which is very cold for Ireland. We have been using extra pellets in our wood pellet boiler as a result and supplies in our barn have become depleted. Jim rang to see whether we could get a delivery. They said there were 15 deliveries before us and they couldn't guarantee it before Christmas, so Jim decided he would have to risk it and go and collect some.

To get to the main road from here is a mile long track/road and the half up to the road is up hill! It was ok going out as the temperature had risen a bit and the worst part, as you have to stop at the top of the hill to see whether you can move out onto the main road, was slushy, so Jim managed that ok. He had to drive pretty slowly all the way. The weather forecast gave freezing temperatures up until Christmas Day, so Jim decided he'd do the shopping on Monday in case we couldn't get out again.

I took Buster for a walk and the snow had frozen on the road. We hardly made any footprints at all. Buster can't understand the ice and why he can't drink from the buckets as he usually does. I took one or two photos of course!! I didn't dare cross Kevin's yard to get down to the lake side as a stream runs down it and it was solid ice! It seemed to get dark so early, I guess it was about 4 ish and Jim hadn't returned. I was a bit worried but he turned up about 5 armed to the teeth with Christmas food!

It's started snowing now!

He had managed most of the journey without mishap except the last part, just before the turning to the long road to ours, where a tanker had got stuck. Lots of people helped, someone fetched grit and a tractor pulled the tanker away. Then Jim couldn't get the Doblo moving up the hill, so it had to be pushed and away he went. The track to ours was by then frozen solid and he said he just slid most of the way! How frightening.

We think we are now stuck in until it warms up again. It's just not worth risking the roads, that's if we could get out to the main road! Talk about climate change.

Jim took a few photos of the snow falling on Sunday:

Buster licking up the snow. He thought it was wonderful.
The barn behind the snow. Roses on the left!!

Snow on The Deenery steps.

Buster in the snow.

Compare my frog, in the top picture he's all frosty and underneath, he's wearing a snow hat!

The barn patio covered in frozen snow, taken 21st December, 2009.

Frozen snow on stones.

The road to the lake with Flagmount sprinkled with snow behind.

Melting ice on the road. Do click on this if you have time - the patterns are amazing.

Bracken with melting snow.

Feed the Birds

We have been feeding the birds daily. We have 2 feeding stations and today Jim put a coconut out, which the tits particularly love. I managed to take some photos of them feeding yesterday:

A goldfinch enjoying the nuts

This is the face of a goldfinch, they have a lovely red band round their beak, which is so cute.

A Great Tit and a Goldfinch's tail!

A blue tit, another of my favourites.

Latch Hook Rug

Yesterday evening I finished my turquoise latch hook rug. I'm quite pleased with it, although I'm not sure where it will end up:


My son Jason and his family have had a lot of snow in East Anglia, UK. I stole these photos from Jason's Facebook album:

Beautiful Jack with 'Chilly the Penguin'. He made it with his Daddy.

He looks so excited, doesn't he?

Jack on the settee, warming up his very cold feet!!

I can't wait for a Jack hug in January. And a Kitty one of course.

Decorating Progress

Jim is busy painting my room, which is having yellow walls. He is concentrating on the wall where my computer goes, so that I can move it in there. I can't wait. I have already varnished the skirting boards and door surround.

That's about it for now. We have received some gorgeous Christmas cards, including one of/from Poppy and family. I will photograph it and show you tomorrow!


Cindee said...

I'm glad you are stocked up and safe now. Relax and enjoy the feeling of not having to go anywhere. Make a big batch of home-made soup, work on your crafts and enjoy each other's company. I do hope though, that you thaw out before long because I know you can go stir crazy when cooped up for too long.
Merry Christmas.

Bea said...

Yup, Yup, snowing here again. We woke up to two more inches on top of the 18" we had. You stay nice and warm and enjoy your new studio space. I'll send you warm thoughts from my vacation. Love ya, :)Bea

The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad you have got the snow too Gina - wouldn't like you to feel left out! I am glad that Jim is painting your room yellow - I have my kitchen in yellow and it is always sunny whatever the weather outside.
Love the frog's snow hat.
Hope you got my christmas card of the farmer and his sheep.
Have a wonderful Christmas - and best wishes to all your family.

marianne said...

Wonderful Winter pictures BT!
Hope you are enjoying your time BT without all that work in the garden.
Enjoy this Holiday season!


aims said...

It's amazing to me that your world comes to a stop with a bit of snow. We are experts over here having lived in it all of our lives.

However - that being said - yesterday's snow kept me from going out on the roads. I just don't drive in the snow anymore thanks to some idiot scaring the hell out of me while he played at donuts.

We will try today. Still have Christmas shopping to do! And groceries to get. We are just not in the mood this year at all. My health has put a damper on everything around here which is too bad for the others that live here.

Have a wonderful Christmas Gina!

Heather said...

At least you are snowed in with all your shopping done! Good old Jim - glad he got back safely. Lovely wintry photos and your rug looks beautiful against the wood floor. Keep warm and have a lovely Christmas.

steven said...

bt the photograph of the road to the lake with flagmount in the background is beautiful! i love seeing snow in the uk. it's minus nineteen outside right now. snow, ice. but the sun's shining! hurray!! have a lovely evening. stay warm! steven

Carol said...

Yup, snowing here too!! White Christmas this year?

C x

BT said...

Hello Cindee, good to meet you, I've just visited your blog. I like your 'cooped up' advice! Especially working on the crafts. I'll try.

Hi Bea, you may have gone by now but thanks for your comment. 20" of snow? Wowee, that's proper snow. Have a fabulous holiday.

Hi Weaver, I've just done a 'catch up' of your blog! I did receive your lovely Christmas Card thank you. Marvellous wintry photo of the farmer, sheep and lots of snow. I love it. You have a wonderful Christmas too. Keep warm.

Hello Marianne. I am enjoying staying in and keeping warm! It's the longest time I haven't gardened but it's been too cold to garden. You keep warm and enjoy Christmas too. xxx

Hi aims, it is funny how snow affects us, ins't it? But here in Ireland it is quite a rare occurrence. It's the first real snow we've had since we've been here. The UK is just as bad! I'm sorry to hear your health hasn't been good. I do hope you manage to enjoy the holiday and work up some festive cheer.

Hello Heather. Thank you for the compliment about my rug. We do have lots of food but I haven't finished my present shopping for Jim!! He'll just have to have some after Christmas and I'm sure he won't mind. Keep warm and have a wonderful Christmas. xxx

Steven, minus nineteen? That's just hideous! It's minus 8 here and that's just soooo cold! It's by far the coldest it's been for several years. I'm glad you liked the 'Flagmount' photo. I only picked a few of the over 100 that I took!! lol. Thank heavens for digital photos I say. Do have a wonderful Christmas with your family. xxx

Hello Carol, it could be, but it's supposed to warm up on Christmas Day. Typical!!

priti.lisa said...

Hi Gina, Cheer up, summer is only 6 months away! You do write the most beautiful, interesting posts and have way too many things to comment on. I do have to say, you and your camera make a great couple. Fantastic photos. I am glad you are stocked for a long winter's night. I am wishing you very, merry blessing for the new year. Love to you and your beautiful family, Lisa

DK Leather said...

oh nom, pretty pictures :D
I love the frog, he's brilliant!!
Also the melting ice picture particularly, super.
I hate being cold with a passion, bought myself a new big fluffy zip up to the neck jumper while I was in Tesco last night!
Love you so, look forward so much to momma hugs in January xxx

Stampmaiden said...

BT, love your photos. Very winter wonderland images. I have NEVER EVER seen roses in the snow. How cool is that?! Thanks for sharing your part of the world with me. I've enjoyed visiting you often and look forward to more visits in 2010. Merry Christmas and fantastic happenings in the new year!

Jason said...

Ohh snow! Looks very pretty, we still have lots. -16 in Scotland last night, been upto minus 6/7 here at times. Nice to have a a white Christmas. Only had to dig the car out once yesterday on my travels, otherwise lots of rallying and sliding about, most entertaining!

Sounds like Jim had some good adventures!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas in you new and improved place. xx

Leatherdykeuk said...

What fabulous pictures you take, Gina.

soulbrush said...

your photos are excellent, you should think of a purely photographic blog, a photo a day!yup, london was in gridlock mode yesterday with the snow, tee hee it is so funny, one of the capitals of the world come to a standstill...anyway, have a warm and cheery xmas and a very happy and healthy 2010. xxx

BT said...

Thank you Priti Lisa. I love taking photos, as you must realise!! I'm glad you enjoy my blog and thank you for the compliments. Do have a brilliant Christmas and happy and healthy 2010. xxx

Aw, DK, thank you. I look forward to the hugging too! I hate being cold too and it's been lovely having our new wood pellet boiler, especially as it's been minus 7 here. Brrrrrr.

Thank you Linda, I love your blog and you too. You are so talented. I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog and hope you'll enjoy it in 2010. I'll do my best! Have a wonderful holiday.

I'm a bit fed up with the ice, Jason, as it's stopped us getting out and finishing the shopping! Still, it all looks very pretty. I laughed at you being a rally driver. I know you will have a wonderful time with your beautiful family. xxxx

Thank you Rachel. You do too!

Thanks, soul. I have enough trouble keeping this blog up!! I should move into my new studio tomorrow. Whoopeee! Have a great Christmas soul and a fabulous 2010 too.

ADrian said...

Amazing to see all the snow and read of the storms and havoc, it was 40C here on Wednesday! Christmas eve and Christmas day a more manageable 25C, about the hottest you want it to be when you're roasting Christmas dinner for people! My advice would be stay warm and drink lots of eggnog.

Heckety said...

Your photos are just beautiful!