Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where are you Buster? Saturday 22 November 08

Buster hasn't returned tonight. Worry worry.

Almost midnight and he's just come barging through the door, full of life and soaked to the skin. I gave him a right telling off I can tell you. Blooming animals!


Webradio said...

That's the life !

See You later !

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Whew! The title of that post scared me! Cheeky Buster. Give him a hug for me!

BT said...

He is so naughty. Thanks for caring Pamela.

lol, Webradio.

DJ Kirkby said...

That was a scary sentence to read! Glad to hear he came back, wonder what he was up to? xo

BT said...

Goodness only knows DJK. He disappeared about lunch time today and returned late this evening again. I wish I had a camera strapped to him!!