Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fri and Sat, 28th and 29th November, COLD

Phew, shiver my timbers! Winter has come, frost and cold and therefore a very draughty home for us! We've discovered draughts where we've never felt them before! Still, Stanley's been going pretty well so we're not doing too badly. Every day we saw up some wood for the evening to keep us warm.

Poor Jim is still full of cold/sore throat/cough and various other germs. Still, he soldiers on manfully.

We've both been attacking the brambles by the long living willow fence we've just finished trimming. Actually it's quite a satisfying job. It looks an impossible amount to remove but we plod away hour after hour and day after day and the wretched brambles eventually give in. I feel a few bonfires coming on...

We're sure Buster is calming down a bit since he had his 'bits' removed. It's been a few weeks so the testosterone should just about have gone by now. He is so loving and lovable.

I've still been card making in the evenings. Just need to write them now. Tonight I decided to have a change and put a layer of papier mache on a bin I've been making. Very satisfying it was too.

Jim now has my old computer since my new one sprang back into life so I don't have to share anymore. Much better. (Jim having a coughing fit upstairs). He is off to the UK for 2 days next week for a meeting so I hope his cold disappears before then.

Jim's daughter Ali's baby is due soon, so he's hoping it will arrive when he's there! Fingers crossed.

Tonight I had a phone call from my youngest son Ben, who is at his Dad's house in Derbyshire. It was lovely to talk to him. He runs a bar in Puerto Banus, near Marbella, but says it is just dead out there at the moment. This credit crunch is taking its toll. I do hope he managed to make it through the Winter. He couldn't believe Woolies has gone under. I think that is so sad.

Keep warm everyone.


Leatherdykeuk said...

It's cold here too :(

BT said...

Keep warm then!

The Weaver of Grass said...

These are troubled times BT but then we have had them before and survived. Don't send you snow over here to the UK - at present it is frosty and sunny - lovely weather. Like you we have our logs to keep us warm. Hope Jim's cold is soon better - mine is hanging around too.

Sam said...

raining here! dont worry about wollies apparently theo is in talks to buy it!

DJ Kirkby said...

No Man flu in your house? None here (ever) either I am happy to say. Very cold and wet here. xo

BT said...

I hope you're improving too, Weaver. Jim's cold just seems to go on and on.
Good news about Woolies Sam!
DJK, nothing annoys Jim and me more than people saying they have flu when in fact it's just a cold. I have had flu twice in my life, the 'Asian' flu and 'Red' flu as it was called. You know when you have it, it knocks you out for 2 weeks solid! Not a few days. Fingers crossed I never get it again.

Son1 said...

Hi, Its sunny here, I have terrible flu also. ;-)