Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bye Buster, Off to the UK

Today we took Buster to the kennels as we leave Shannon at 6.15 in the morning to go to the UK. Noreen, the owner, was amazed at how huge Buster has become. He seemed to settle ok and we had bought a roast bone from the vets on the way for his stay. She has a large, enclosed area of wild ground and we put him in there with another couple of dogs and left him playing happily. It's so quiet without him here though.

Danny, the 13 year old son of our neighbours down the road, will feed the cats for us. They're much happier at home and can go in and out of the cat flap. They'll think it's a holiday without the dog.

I'll try and blog from my son's house, though I may not be able to download the photos. If I can't, I'll leave it until I return.

Jim and I managed to do some more trimming of the large living willow fence and have now done about half of it. We have that to finish then another longer fence which runs at right angles to the one we are on at the moment. We didn't manage to trim that one at all last year, so it'll be a big job.

I have a Christmas fayre to look forward to in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday. Also I had some books I'd bought from Rima over at The Hermitage, delivered to my son's house, so I have those to pick up and browse. What fun.

Sadly Luisa is still in hospital with her bad asthma. Antibiotics, nebulisers and goodness knows what else. K also has the cold so isn't feeling at her best either. Come on Rachel, keep going!

Can you remember this little puppy we found at the beginning of June?? So cute and tiny:

Baby, look at me now!!

See you all next week.


Son1 said...

Ahh I feel your sadness at leaving the dog. Looking forward to seeing you. We hope you'll have a good time. Sorry in advance about the work (as ever)! xx

The Weaver of Grass said...

I am sure Buster will be fine in the kennells - our dogs love it and treat it like a holiday camp. Hope you enjoy your stay in UK and that the weather is kind to you.

aims said...

It is very quiet and lonely when a pet is gone. Very quiet.

My thoughts have been constantly on Luisa and DK - wishing them both a quick recovery. Asthma - so damn scary!

Enjoy yourself. Just think how happy all the animals will be to see you again upon your return!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Sweet little Buster! I hope he has a lovely holiday. Have fun at the Christmas fayre! I wish I could go with you!

BT said...

Thanks Jason, I had a lovely time as always though I didn't see enough of you!
Hi weaver. Will blog about my stay!
aims, we're back home and the cats have licked me to death! They are both in Buster's bed right now. While the dog's away......!
Thanks Pamela, looking forward to picking Buster up tomorrow lunchtime.

mansuetude said...

that Buster is a shimmering beauty!