Sunday, November 30, 2008

30th Nov, Baby on the Way, Birds

Jim's daughter Ali is now in labour, since 2.30 this morning, and no baby yet. She gave in a short while ago and has now had an epidural. Wise woman. We know she's having a girl and I'll post news as soon as I hear. Looks like it could be a 1st December baby.

So it's been a waiting around day! We did saw some wood for Stanley and brought some wood down from the area where we've been working and I did some papier mache on the bin I am making.

Jim took some lovely photos of the birds on the nut feeders. He fetched my camera because he had seen a grey wagtail in the garden. This is the first one we've seen here, they've all been black and white so far. It was quite a way away but you can still see it in the photo.

The grey wagtail

A cute Coal Tit

I particularly like this one of a coal tit landing. Look at the little foot of the one on the left! And the bird on the right looks as though he's wearing a mask

These 2 goldfinches look gorgeous in the sunshine

A great tit peeking round at us and one below showing off his plumage

We watched the results show of 'Strictly Come Dancing' and poor Christine had to go. She was the weakest but it's always sad when anyone leaves at this stage. Only four couples left now. Come on Tom!

Kenneth Brannagh starred in a series of 3 detective stories called Wallander. The first one was tonight and it was truly excellent. Each of the 3 is a separate story, so watch next Sunday if you get the chance. I think he is one of the very best British actors of our era.

I saw him as Richard III at The Crucible, Sheffield and he was quite simply mesmerising.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Good luck, Ali.

BT said...

She needed it Rach. Baby born at 3.30am, girl, as they knew. No name yet!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hope the baby is here by now and that all went well.
Lovely bird table photos. We have had long tailed tits to our sunflower hearts this weekend for the first time = very exciting.
Agree about the results of S C D - they are all good now so it is sad whoever gets eliminated.

Son1 said...

Great tits.

Bring back John Sargeant.

BT said...

Baby born at around 4am! 26 hour labour! Poor girl. An hour in surgery afterwards. It's a girl, but they knew that. No name so far!

Glad you like the photos. We have a lot of long tailed tits around but not to the table. You can hear them twittering. Must grow some sunflowers next summer, if we get one!
I don't want anyone to go from Strictly now!

BT said...

Son 1, you do know how to lower the tone! John S was a menace.